1. TheMost

    Poll + How far is Bitcomet good ?

    Hi friends , I've been enjoying my stay in ThinkDigit Forums ... I learn't many , Indeed many .. I would also like to know about bitcomet ... I am a frequent torrenter and come across many weak torrents and so .. I have been using ABC (2007 -13 yrs ) and then over to utorrent(2009) and...
  2. saurabh kakkar

    Help Me two instances of Explorer :(

    Two instances of explorer.exe is running in my computer Kaspersky ,nod32 r unbale to show any Virus on my system My system is running very slow This is my HijackThis log file Help me
  3. ayushman9

    Firewall with full utorrent support

    Please tell me about good firewalls ,which works preety safe and will also allow me to use utorrent or bitcomet without any speed hindering or other problem.I don't care if it is retail not free.
  4. tango_cash

    how to see status of all the trackers in utorrent???

    i wanted to ask if there are more than one tracker in a torrent like suppose 4 trackers in a torrent.then how do i know the status for each tracker,like is it working or not or how many peers are connected from that tracker etc.i mean the detailed info info about each tracker. bitcomet has this...
  5. ToxicSerpentz

    BitComet Issues

    Using Windows XP with SP2 I use BitComet for torrents and i get a yellow status light message saying that listen port (220.224.**.***)is blocked.You can still download but the speed will not be very fast.Please check your firewall of NAT router settings. I have a Reliance Wireless Netconnect...
  6. L

    Torrents ovr lan??

    I created a tracker over my lan using the bitcomet tracker and also used bitcomet to download t files. But i dont get lan speed. I hardly get 400KB/s. WHat gives? My isp is Sify Broadband
  7. A

    Dataone Problem

    I have home500 plan. For the month Jan and Feb I was getting the download speed of 225 to 250 Kbps. But since few weeks my download speed does not exceed 100kbps. Can this be any software problem. I know that connection speed is upto 2Mbps (conditions applied) but still can this be non hardware...
  8. tango_cash

    what is the problem with bitcomet??why many private trackers don't allow it????

    hi ppl. i recently looked at the rules section of some private trackers(i did not have the invite so just passing time-u can invite me see below my post ). there they had a list torrent sftwrs they allow and not allow. bitcomet was listed as the one not to be used.they said it provided wrong...
  9. tango_cash

    how to find which torrent i have dwnloded

    hi i use bitcomet for torrent dwnloding. i want to dwnlod a torrent,but i think i already dwnloded it sometime back,i can't remember there a way by which i can see which torrrent i have dwnloded till now. one thing i would like to say is that i usually delete the torrent from the list...
  10. A

    Bitcomet + Kaspersky

    Hi friends, I m hvng KIS on my Vista drive. When ever i run Bitcomet the firewall(KIS) starts asking for permission for every connection it makes n so ultimately i have to switch off the KIS. Can u ppl help me with the process of adding Bitcomet as an exception in the firewall
  11. A

    Help needed for best Bitcomet Accelerator

    I have BSNL broadband Home-500 whose download/upload speed is 256kbps. I can download with this speed if I download any thing directly from any website but when I try to download with bitcomet it gives me 100kbps download speed and 35kbps upload speed (even if the health is very very good). Is...
  12. tango_cash

    how can i enque downloads in bitcomet???

    how can i enque dwnlods in bitcomet?is there any other client that has enque feature? hi i use bitcomet for torrents.i usually put one torrent to download at night.the problem is sometimes the torrent get downloaded fast and my p.c is left on unnecesarily and electricity wasted(although monitor...
  13. A

    low speed in bitcomet.....:(

    i am using bitcomet...... and when i download something i ma getting low speeds while i get much higher speed in p2p softwares like limewire..... and even if the torrent has many seeds and leechers i get low speeds..... but at the same time for some torrents i get good speed...
  14. shyamno

    Configure BITCOMET on Cable Broadband

    I am having 256 kbps Cable Broadband internet connection but while downloading through BitComet i usually have in and around 10-11 kbps. There is problem with firewall as I do not have any. I do not have any modem so how can I forward my port. Any other procedure to have good speed...
  15. A

    Internet Woes

    I have a DELL Inspiron notebook with windows media centre sp2. I use IE6. the dwnld speed shown by DU meter is abt 50KB/s and upld is 60KB/s still my web pages open quite slowly. I always use BITCOMET and dwnld a lot and get quite good speed in it. I have also scanned my comp for viruses and...
  16. rakeshishere

    µTorrent 1.6 Final

    Micro-Sized Yet Feature Filled Most of the features present in other BitTorrent clients are present in µTorrent, including bandwidth prioritization, scheduling, RSS auto-downloading and Mainline DHT (compatible with BitComet). Additionally, µTorrent supports the Protocol Encryption joint...
  17. P

    Bitcomet on dialup woes!!

    Hi guyz, i have dial up internet and i use bitcomet to download files soon i start bitcomet my browing and chatting speeds drops down miserebly......pages won't open and the download is not too fast also. Is there any resourse light or fast bittorrent client rather than bit comet PLZ HELP
  18. wizrulz

    Bitcomet Problem

    I am using bitcomet to down load a file of size abt 540MB now the problem is that the TOTAL download is showing 600MB TOTAL upload is howing abt 350MB and the percenatge complete is 90 % now if the file is 540MB and then how is this been shown???? can anybody answer??? also the space...
  19. arcticflare

    bitcomet uploads without consent

    I've been using bitcomet for a while and whenever i start a download a simultaneous upload starts up too. Is there any way to block these upload? I've tried looking in preferences and options but they offered no option whatsoever to stop uploads. Plz suggest.
  20. arcticflare

    bitorrent help

    I'd recently downloaded a prog using bitcomet. The file dowload was complete but the file had the extension as .daa instead of .exe. how do i install a file with this extension and bitcomet keeps uploading data without my consent. Is it possible to stop this uploads and plz help on how to open...
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