1. furious_gamer

    Vice City on Windows 7, No Audio?

    Yesterday i tried to install GTA:VC on my Windows 7 64 bit, everything installed fine and when i start the game, to my shock, audio is not working in game. The one of the reason i installed VC is because of it's radio's stations and voice acting, now WTF!!! I even googled the issued, bit of no...
  2. akash22

    64-bit os

    can i use my 32 bit soft in 64 bit os
  3. doomgiver

    high capacity PMP

    i wish to buy a high capacity personal media player(aka "ipod", thank you, uneducated retards, for depressing our collective intelligence levels) im considering something like the ipod classic, but i donot know whether it comes in less than 160 gb or not.(i donot want 160 gb, its a bit too...
  4. utkarsh009

    upgrading friend's pc

    actually 2 of my friends require pc upgrade. budget of first one being 30k and second one being 50k. but their requirements are same 1. What is the purpose of the computer ? ( Note : If you are planning to say multimedia, you will have to be more specific as all types of systems are capable...
  5. R

    Any problems in Videocon Zeus

    Videocon Zeus is the new Android phone with good specs. But at the price available and goodies available in the box it looks a bit fishy. Please tell me how is the phone?
  6. IronCruz

    Help for Photoshop

    Hello. I'm looking for Photoshop tutorials. I need tutorials like from basics i.e tools it's functions and then slowly little bit more and so on...
  7. tkin

    Suggest a Gaming Mouse

    hi guys, I'm sick of cheap mouses(this iBall one lasted 2 months, woohoo :evil: ), so please suggest a good gaming mouse. Budget is 2,000/-, can stretch to 2,500/- if mouse is exceptionally good. Looking for: 1.Solid performance(as usual). 2.Atleast 2 side buttons. 3.DPI Switching is...
  8. papashango_cs

    best OS for gaming ?!

    AMD phenom x4 945 | MSI HD 6850 | 4gb 1333 ddr3 --------------------------------------------------- hii, im going to format my windows 7 ultimate 32 bit OS, i messed up alot of things :P, thus it needs a format ! when i check the properties of my system , it shows INSTALLED MEMORY -...
  9. papashango_cs

    HOW TO GET bettr fps ?! HELP PLEASE !

    hello ! i am a bit dissapointed with my rig, i expected A LOT BETTER performnce ! im getting 20-30 fps in gta 4 on HIGH settings (NOT MAX [resource usage 900/1005] ) here is my config , amd phenom x4 945 3.0 2 X 2 gb corsair 133mhz ddr3 MSI hd6850 1gb 500w psu windows 7 ultimate 32 bit -- i...
  10. R

    checking if motherboard support virtualization

    hello, everybody i have got a gigabyte motherboard G31M-ES2L expresses chipset and i need help in this. i need to know if this motherboard support virtualization or not. i need to run red hat Enterprise Linux 6 x64 bit OS it. thanks beforehand to anybody who helps.... ans wishing...
  11. sky90

    All in on PC.???

    I want to buy a all in one pc for my office works. A little bit of multimedia use and no gaming. Which will be the better option. HP or DELL or Lenovo.
  12. sukesh1090

    The best strategy games

    guys can you list the best strategy games ever made and should also have atleast little bit graphics.thank you.
  13. blademast3r

    Has anyone purchased anything from deltapage?

    Hey guys I came across from another thread. Has anyone bought anything from them? Their prices seem good. Howz the service?? And payment system?? The site looks a bit badly designed to wondering if its a scammy thingy :P
  14. bajaj151

    Techcom Bluetooth Dongle not working !!

    I bought Tech-com SS-BT-819.. Driver on CD not working....I need Win7 64 bit driver... Tried Windows Update.
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