1. C

    How do Amazon Basics in-ear earphones sound?

    Has anybody heard these? AmazonBasics In-Ear Headphones with universal mic: Electronic how do these sound?
  2. swatkats

    #SayNoToFreeBasics - What Facebook won't tell you about FreeBasics

    WHAT FACEBOOK WON’T TELL YOU 1 -There are other successful models (this, this, this) for providing free Internet access to people, without giving a competitive advantage to Facebook. Free Basics is the worst of our options. 2 -Facebook doesn’t pay for Free Basics, telecom operators do...
  3. Harsh Pranami

    What to do in semester break???

    Hi friends. I just gave my 3rd semester examinations. I'm pursuing BE in cse. Now I have a long one month holiday before 4th semester begins. I want to utilize my holidays for something useful. I was wondering if I could take some course in java or some other language. My basics in C and C++ are...
  4. ankush28

    [guide] basics of android

    basics of android contents:- 1. History/ change log/ android versions 2. Terms/ slangs used in android world 3. Useful links for buying/ rooting/ modding 4. New users-guide to Android. more coming soon...
  5. A

    Help regarding some subjects

    I am a student of ECE. I got selected in TCS. They have asked to prepare for subjects like UNIX, Web technologies, database concepts, JAVA. I have no idea about these subjects except JAVA. Since the time is too short, can anyone suggest me some good tutorials (mainly pdfs) or provide me some...
  6. ratul

    Career in IT Security, need guidance.

    Ok, so now my final sem in has started, and it's time for me to start building up my profile for the job.. I have the plans to go further in Ethical hacking, most probably in OS exploitation, VAPT, network security kinda stuff. I took a course in Networking Security, currently...
  7. donnawhite

    Need To Learn C++

    I have completed the basics of C language and it is simple to learn i think. Now i want to learn about C++ from basics to advance. Anyone help by a tutorial?
  8. sygeek

    Before you start learning to program

    Before you go start learning to program and brag about your 1337 skills to your friends, here is what you do first: Learn about the basics of your computer. Seriously, you can never become a good programmer without proper knowledge of what you're practicing it on. No, you don't need to be a...
  9. J

    Any LGA 775 processor

    As the title suggests I need a LGA 775 processor. Any LGA processor will suffice even old p4 would be fine. The proccy should be compatible with intel DG 35 EC motherboard. I want to resurrect an ancient PC for one of my cousin.The usage of the PC will be learning computer basics and some...
  10. The Conqueror

    [Harvard University]Video Lectures for Programming

    Sorry if it's a re-post but couldn't resist sharing this : This is CS50 OpenCourseWare More than 5 Computer Science courses ranging from basics to programming.
  11. astroutkarsh

    DSLR Basics

    DSLR basics with examples. Canon DSLRs and Lenses 101 - Canon Digital Photography Forums Though it is for Canon, but applies to any DSLRs.
  12. R

    A phn within 8k?

    Can any1 help how's the Samsung S5250 Wave525 - Full phone specifications its for a frnd he wants d basics gud battry reliability easy sms input loud spkrs & a nice cam
  13. E

    C but how ?

    just joined mca , being a non-comp student I dont have any knowledge about c programming . So guys could you please list of some good sites with lot of sample programs right from the basics , .
  14. amitabhishek

    Basics of networking

    This is a nice Cisco tutorial I stumbled upon. If networking interests you then this is a simple guide for basics courtesy; the networking giant.

    Request: OpenGL Tutorials

    Give me good tutorials to learn the basics of openGL. with ms visual C++
  16. mayanks_098

    *urgent* Plz suggest a book on JAVA

    Our Priyam Malhotra is in need of *URGENT HELP*. He has a JAVA exam tomorrow and hasnt studied a bit till now. Can you guys help in finding an ebook that covers these topics? summarize basics of java, OOP, classes, objects Bluej basics histroy of java javascript basics and basic...
  17. Thom_Yorke

    My Mom wants to learn basics of computer...How do i start teaching her

    Fello Hellasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss Recently my mother had decided that she will learn some computing which will enable her to do basics like Word Processing , Accesing Internet , Booking tickets ,playing songs and video etc... You know ...the basic stuff Now her...
  18. vamsi360

    GUI designing using qt4

    Hello friends.....I recently got interested in qt3 programming using C++ in fedora9. I just want to know if there are any qt3 or qt4 programming guys here so i could get help from them. I just started with a book which teaches basics of qt4. I also wanted to know if my move is right or not...
  19. gxsaurav

    How to learn basics of .NET & C#

    As you all know I am not at all a Developer or programmer but a designer, but these days while working with WPF there are many cases where I am unable to understand many thing releated to .net & C# programming. My developer team mates use terms about which I am a noob I need help. I need to...
  20. D

    External HDD, which one is good..? WD My Book, or Maxtor

    Hi Ppl, which one is a better buy Western Digital My Book 500GB or Maxtor Basics 500GB. Also tell me the expected prices.. Thanks, Anurag
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