1. B

    LASIK surgery in bangalore

    Hi Digit ians, Have any of you (or your friends/relatives) done LASIK surgery recently ( 2008 ) in Bangalore. I would like to know about the following 1. Hospital 2. Quality of service 3. Cost
  2. S

    Config for 30K Budget

    Hey Guys , Need a Config for a budget of ~30K without a Monitor and Graphic Card ( as i have a 22" viewsonic and a Gigabyte 8800GT 512MB and also a dell 19" screen and 8600GT 1 GB , i can pair it up with either of the Combo). I need the system basically for gaming and Need help as i'm totally...
  3. tinku dhar


    well ... , anyone from bangalore got NFS UNDERCOVER PC version ? Holla !!!!
  4. paragkalra

    Anybody from Bangalore? - Please suggest some good Broadband

    Hello All, I am moving to Bangalore for 2 months on an onsite reallocation to client side. I am having Ubuntu 8.10 installed on my Dell Laptop - Inspiron 1525 with fully functional wireless drivers. So in Bangalore I wanted to subscribe to good Internet plan preferably broadband...
  5. M

    CAT 2009 Goes Online

    Common Admission Test (CAT) 2009 Goes Online Finally The new computer-based test (CBT) will be embraced by IIMs across Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, Indore, Kozhikode, Lucknow and Shillong, and will allow students to select a date convenient to them from a specified period of 10 days. “CBT...
  6. N

    xbox 360 games

    guys...where can i buy used xbox 360 games in bangalore?? plz reply asap
  7. the.kaushik

    How to register in * for Bangalore

    How to register add phone in * for Bangalore Sorry if a re post as Search is not working currently in this forum and need the answer very urgently. I want to add my phone at * I am in Bangalore. It says to choose SSA/STD. But i don't see anything...
  8. H

    Creative 2.1

    hello friends i'm Selling ma Creative SBS 2.1 370 speakers Reason- bought a creative M4500 Place- Bangalore Price expected- just 600 bucks bill z also der... Item will be sold only in Bangalore...
  9. a_k_s_h_a_y

    Fee Windows 7 and MS goodies, Bangalore only

    If you are in Bangalore and got your college ID card with you, Then don't miss the M$ Acad Devcon this Saturday at our college PESIT, Ring Road. You got to register, I guess you can do so on the spot. They are giving some DVDs free. As always. More at this site. * hv fun. May...
  10. A

    Gr.Card- 7600GS for 1500/-

    Hi I am planning to sell my BIG 7600GS -256MB PCI-E. 100% working condition along with box and CD's. Can still play even Farcry 2 with 30FPS. Reason for selling: Bought a new Palit HD 4670. Bangalore guys preffered r other wise i have to ship. Contact me @ 9886767571 only if intrested...
  11. H

    Abit P35e

    hi guys i want to sell my 7 months old motherboard abit p35e.....bought from bangalore n the dealer is tirupati enterprises....warranty as intact....... price - 3k+shipping location - bangalore reason for sale - goin for powerful IGP motherboard pics link-...
  12. L

    PC for Sale.

    CONFIGURATION: P4CPU/512MB RAM/810MB/iBall ATX Cabinet/Mouse/Keyboard There are no HDD. Please quote how much you are will to pay for this. I can deliver it anywhere in Bangalore. But I can include an IDE 250GB HDD at an extra cost if required.
  13. H


    hello guys..i want to sell my 6 months old sapphire hd overclocking yet..... reason---- getting GTX 280 price- 6k location- bangalore regards.......
  14. M

    anybody know abt printer cartridges?

    I am looking forward to refill my printer cartridge (canon cl-830 and cl-831) if any body has got it done in bangalore through any shops and is satisfied with it pls let me know the address of the shop and also the price u paid for it. preferably in south bangalore Also how do u stop the...
  15. K

    Hostels in Bangalore Near Koramangla?

    My Sister is currently in Bangalore studying Law at Christ College. Upto now, she was living in the college hostel itself. This year it seems, the college hostel is reserving 80% of the beds for MBA students and giving the Last 20% only to those who attend the church/chapel regularly. Since my...
  16. sridatta

    [FS] Desktop CPU (Pentium IV 3.0 GHz HT, 1GB RAM) {Bangalore}

    Hello Friends I am planning to buy a new PC, and hence selling my old one.. Here's the config Intel Pentium 4 HT 530J (3.0 GHz, 1MB L2 Cache, 800MHz FSB, LGA 775) 1 GB DDR2 RAM (2 * 512 MB, 533 MHz, Dual Channel) Asus P5GC-MX Motherboard (Intel 945 GC, with PCI-E x16 interface, 6 Channel...
  17. tinku dhar

    HOW MUCH WILL 2GB DDR2 RAM will cost for laptop ?

    i want to buy 2Gb ram .... for my laptop ... can anyone tell me the price fo ram in BANGALORE .... thnx in advance ;)
  18. M

    Laptop graphics card

    I already have a discrete ATI mobility readeon HD 3450 but not good for high end gaming. so thinking of changing it.Where can i buy graphics cards for laptops in India ( preferably Bangalore.) also the price? also is it feasible to replace repalce it by Nvidia cards?
  19. Baker

    redhat certification in bangalore

    hi i want to take redhat certification.... suggest me best training institute in bangalore...
  20. R

    Coming to bangalore

    me and my friends gonna visit bangalore from 11-16th if any of u living in bangalore can help me on how to go about the place it'll be great.
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