1. A

    Need help with wireless adapters for screen mirroring

    Does using Wi-Fi on a 5ghz band help in better screen mirroring than 2.4ghz? I'm currently using a 2.4ghz Wi-Fi dongle on pc for casting (to fire tv) and I see some lag in cursor movements and screen transitions. Will upgrading to a 5ghz dongle be worth it?
  2. Aniruddh Joshi

    Need advise for Activity Tracker (Compatible with iOS)

    Hello, I have recently started Biking (Bicycle) and I am using Strava app to monitor my activity however, since there is no way to monitor heartbeat rate, I am looking for suggestion for an activity tracker band. I am not looking to buy Chinese products. It would be great if the band has...
  3. R

    Suggession for Router (with DDWRT /openfirmware support)

    Kindly suggest be Cheap VFM Router which supports Open-firmware like DDWRT while checking cheapest Dual Band router i could find is DIR-816 Wireless AC750 Dual Band Router 1849Rs but doesn't support ddwrt D-Link Wireless AC750 Dual Band Router Kindly suggest me a Cheapest VFM...
  4. H

    Wifi issues for Dlink AC750 DIR-803

    Hey Guys, I have been using Dlink AC750 DIR-803 D-Link Wireless AC750 Dual Band Router for the past two years. Lately I have been facing wifi issues. I use the 2.4 ghz band for my mobile phones, laptop and PS3. The 5.0 ghz band is for television. And the desktop is connected via lan port on...
  5. bee

    Mi Band 2 review

    I got the Mi Band 2 recently. Here is my full review and my first video for my channel * I would love to hear your feedback
  6. C

    Long lost MP3

    Hello everyone, I am not entirely sure if this is the right place for this but here goes : A long long time ago - when Digit was still Chip (we are talking pre mp3 era), the team back then released a special CD set filled with freeware, videos and free music. One of those free mp3 tracks...
  7. G

    What Reliance Jio gains in a spectrum pact with R-Com

    What Reliance Jio gains in a spectrum pact with R-Com - Livemint
  8. G

    Yu band availability?

    Hello, to all of you. Is anyone know about when the YU Band start to sell in India? GEEKCOMPUTER_GEEK
  9. $hadow

    Xiaomi mi band review.

    A band for the average joe Disclaimer: I am using this band for about 10 days now and can easily state my views on many aspects of this band I got this for 999 form mi website. The band is a two component device one is the band itself and other is the main device which works as the main...
  10. S

    wi fi router supports DD-WRT.

    I need a good wi fi router which supports DD-WRT,and has 2 usb ports budget is 5k. i am thinking about this one TP-LINK TL-WDR3600 N600 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router - TP-LINK: or this one...
  11. F

    Dual Band Router Required Urgently

    Hi guys I want to buy a router mainly for my laptop( i download lots of torrents) and mobile. I came to know about dual band routers. I was wondering whether i will need a dual band router . Please suggest a router with a dual band(if required) and high transfer speeds (not 150 Mbps. i found...
  12. rst

    Help me choosing the broad band connection

    I am fed up with the 2G plan of tata docomo ,idea etc. I want to shift to broad band connection. Suggest me good broad band connection(BSNL.Airtel ,Reliance or any other). 1)I don't want any connectivity issue. 2)want to use 80GB per month 3)budget 2k per month for internet 4)speed atleast...
  13. H

    Rock Band for PS3 in Bangalore

    hi, Im planning to a buy the Rock Band set for PS3 in Bangalore...any suggestions where I can get it. Tried looking at flipkart but its not listed there. Thanks ~N
  14. K

    Not able to decide on Single Band Router or Dual Band Router ?

    Hi Everyone, I am confused on should I be going for a Dual Band Router (2.4 GHz & 5 GHz) or a Single Band Router (Only 2.4 GHz) I am on a speed of 512 KBPS -1 MBPS. I might at the Max use 7-8 devices simultaneously (but very rarely) which one should I go for ? Single Band or Dual Band ...
  15. N

    Belkin N600 Dual Band Router - Feedback from current users

    Hey there everyone. Does anyone out here personally use the Belkin N600 Dual Band Router ?(Latest version, the piano black one). I am planning to get one of these. Retails for 3500 and I read quite a lot of reviews. Lots of mixed responses. No reviews by indian users. It would help if routers...
  16. T

    Airtel has launched 4 Mb/s broadband service

    Airtel has recently launched 4mbs broad band service. Broad band plan starts at 899 /month. This plan is known as impatience plan and at present this service is available in only these areas. bangalore Mumbai Noida Delhi Chennai Gurgaon Check the airtel site here.
  17. Raaabo

    Musicians Corner V1: Cover Band Edition

    Since there seem to be so many musicians in our midst, I thought it was a good idea to maintain a thread for us to upload pics of our instruments, songs, and have other discussions that non-musicians would find boring :) Maybe we can start a virtual band later ;)
  18. L

    How to configure outlook express

    I have my email ac in hotmail,I use BSNL broad band for internet,i dont know how to configure outlook express.Please help:
  19. P

    Which is best broand band for rural areas?

    Friends my friend wants to buy broad band connection and he is rural area in southern india any body tell me the best plan suitable for rural areas and Tell me advantages.
  20. P

    bsnl broad band 2mbps Is dead slow in ubuntu

    Friends i have Bsnl broad band internet its very slow like a dial up connection can you tell me how to fix this
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