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Dual Band Router Required Urgently


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Hi guys
I want to buy a router mainly for my laptop( i download lots of torrents) and mobile. I came to know about dual band routers. I was wondering whether i will need a dual band router .
Please suggest a router with a dual band(if required) and high transfer speeds (not 150 Mbps. i found a dual band router with 150Mbps transfer speed but did not purchase it as i was skeptic about the transfer speed. Again, will 150 Mbps suffice for torrent purposes?) High Range coverage not important but preferred.
Budget max 2.5k
P.S. what is the difference between routers and modems?
P.P.S. Please advice fast as i have to return my shitty mtnl router(Yes airtel, four Mbps :) )


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internet connection speed is different from router speed & in India where most can't even get a truly unlimited 8mbps connection at reasonable rates this isn't even an issue.router speeds matters only if you frequently move large data over wifi.e.g.almost daily transfer of 50gb or more from 1 laptop to another laptop/desktop.modem is required for internet connection provided through a telephone line(bsnl,mtnl,airtel,reliance) while only router is needed for all other types of connections.


Right off the assembly line
So I should not make dual band my priority? Please suggest routers with modem accordingly then.. cheaper the better but with good support
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