Need help with wireless adapters for screen mirroring


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Does using Wi-Fi on a 5ghz band help in better screen mirroring than 2.4ghz?
I'm currently using a 2.4ghz Wi-Fi dongle on pc for casting (to fire tv) and I see some lag in cursor movements and screen transitions.
Will upgrading to a 5ghz dongle be worth it?
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Maybe it will, might be the bandwidth is getting used up completely or most likely the dongle doesn't support good upload speeds. Mirroring using a 4G dongle isn't usually a good idea.


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Check with various resolutions like 480p/720p etc & if lag is still there then it might also be that hardware of dongle is weak. If lag is not there then there is a chance(nut not certainty) that using 5GHz band will improve the situation.
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