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  1. R

    Need to transfer messages from BADA 1.2 to Android

    My mum had the Samsung Wave S8500 running on BADA 1.2, and now she has bought the Sony Xperia P. She has some very important messages that need to be transferred before disposing Wave. Since she's on Bada 1.2, Kies is not offering the option to backup messages, so I can't even transfer through...
  2. S

    games for bada

    where to download games for bada
  3. H

    update for bada os

    does any one can tell me that is there any update available for Samsung wave 525? It have bada 1 as operating system, i want to update it to bada 2.
  4. V

    Bada 2.0 Samsung s5253 wave 525

    hi all, this is new thread for Is Bada 2.0 available for Samsung s5253 wave 525 ? i have not come so far any information about it but i know some where in forums they mentioned 1.2versin for BADA OS is available for above said.. Any comments and Clarification and details about BADA...
  5. thetechfreak

    Samsung to stop Bada development by 2013

    Latest rumours suggest Samsung will stop producing Bada devices by 2013. Full story here: Samsung to stop Bada development by 2013 - Mobile Phone | ThinkDigit News So another mobile Operating System is pretty much dead.
  6. cute.bandar

    Getting legit java apps for my samsung phone (BADA OS)

    Is there a legit repository of java apps for a samsung wave y phone (bada OS 2.0) I am trying to search for a audiobook player. but can't find any. There is nothing on samsungapps.com, so am looking if I can find some java app to do the same. I tried a few shady sites to get hold of some...
  7. Cool Buddy

    Want to buy Bada OS phone

    I was looking for a smartphone for my sister in the range of 7-8k. I have heard that Android is a bit difficult to use for the not so geeky type and in any case, my sister would not be needing so many features of android. Not taking Symbian into consideration, Bada OS is the only other choice in...
  8. P

    Bada 2.0 OS/ Samsung Wave 3 S8600

    No....seriously there is no thread for Bada 2.0 and no discussion thread for the new(?) Samsung Wave 3 S8600 :-x Well keeping that in mind I surely want your inputs on this new phone and the OS. I have zeroed many phones in the range of 10k - 18k and i found that Samsung Wave 3 S8600 could be...
  9. S

    Need Help With Bada SDK

    I am not able to install BADA SDK from october DVD. Can anyone tell me the steps to install it..????
  10. socrates

    Samsung Developers launches Theme Designer 2.0 with bada 2.0 support

    Samsung Developers launches Theme Designer 2.0 with bada 2.0 support
  11. S

    bada 2.0

    I am using a Samsung Wave S525 and its os is bada 1.1. So will it support the laetst bada 2.0. If yes how I can update the same?
  12. socrates

    Samsung to make Bada an open-source platform in 2012

    Samsung has announced that it plans to open its proprietary mobile operating system – Bada – to third party developers and device manufacturers in 2012, or in other words, make it an open-source platform, like Google’s Android operating system. Samsung to make Bada an open source platform -...
  13. socrates

    Bada 2.0 is hitting all current Wave smartphones in Q4

    We've got some great news for you, our dear Bada-loving friends. Samsung has just confirmed that it will be bringing the latest version of their proprietary OS, 2.0, to all the devices in its Bada lineup before this year has ended. Bada 2.0 is hitting all current Wave smartphones in Q4 -...
  14. S

    operating system update

    I do have a Samsung Wave S5253. It is using bada 1.1 os. Can i update it to bada 2.0? If yes, then how and will it keep my datas those are in phone memory or erase everything?
  15. giprabu

    Does Bada OS support swype feature..?

    I just want to know as whether Samsung Wave 575 and 533 models can be made to have the swype feature.. Through googling i came to know bada os v1.2 supports swype.. So, on what version of Bada these two models run ? and also which one is faster/smoother .. ? Budget 8.5k (max) .. and in...
  16. speedyguy

    App development using j2me or android?

    Please advice considering all aspects. Im beginner to both. WIll have 2 learn n work on it. Options are j2me, android or bada. Im not considering bada. But which one should i work on considering market perspective aswell as my learning speed and comfortability. I know java programming and...
  17. G

    samsung wave 525

    i want to knw is anyone knw that bada 2 will availble for wave 525 or not coz bada 1.1 is totally a disaster Please let me knw
  18. P

    samsung wave 533 vs corby pro-whose software is better?

    hi guys, i have been looking for a budget touch and qwerty phone. but after reading lots of reviews i am confused about samsung wave 533 vs corby pro. please tell me out of the two whose software (bada 1.1 or samsung's proprietary is better. and also which is the good one out of the two...
  19. ironfreak

    Alternative for Wave 525

    Upgrading from Walkman phone... -Requirements- **WLAN **Good music (when headphones are used, Im obsessed with WAlkman's :) **Touch screen No 3G required. I have SLR, so I don't care about mobile phone cam. Andriod will be fun. Should have decent battery. Budget 7000-7500 Use-...
  20. pauldmps

    Samsung tries its hand at poaching disgruntled Symbian devs for Bada

    Source: Samsung tries its hand at poaching disgruntled Symbian devs for Bada -- Engadget
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