1. Vyom

    Query about RX 480 and MSI Gaming App functionality

    So its been about 2 months I am enjoying my RX 480 GPU. (Ma 1st eva gpu), and I had this query for quite some time. So I am throwing this out here, in a hope that someone knows the answer. My GPU supports 3 modes of operation. 1316 MHz / 8100 MHz (OC Mode) 1303 MHz / 8000 MHz (Gaming Mode) 1266...
  2. mati17

    Please Advice Me on Xiaomi's "Mi Redmi 2"

    Dear All, Want to buy a smartphone under 7K. Some one suggested me to buy Xiaomi's "Mi Redmi 2" online thru flipkart. I found it on flipkart but got double minded by reading one of the following review about the phone : Hardware : Camera : Works fast. Best for the price Processor ...
  3. patkim

    How can I prevent facebook app from running in background?

    Does anyone know how to prevent Facebook from running in background on Android phone. On Redmi 1S no matter what I do it keeps coming back and hogs 50MB of RAM. As a last option I plan to uninstall the same, however before that checking if there's any remedy, pl. help. Thx.
  4. ico

    what moderation action should we take?

    Considering no two people in this forum can't have a civil discussion together, I've decided to open this thread. Now, this is the thread I'm talking about - * Background: Both users have a background of petty arguments...
  5. D

    What After B Tech ?

    Hello all this is my first post in forum hope ya'll be nice to me :p I do know that things like these are to be decided on our own and nobody can exactly TELL you what to do . But ive seen lotta people getting good POINTERS from fellow members here when i GOOGLed my dilemma hence posting...
  6. mikael_schiffer

    Ideal temperatures for Laptop-Is this too high?

    its been almost a year since i got my fan cleaned. However, i am out of warranty so i dunno should i clwwan it myself or should i ask somemone else to do it for me - - - Updated - - - Thats while surfing youtube on Chrome browser, 2 tabs open. No other tasks running in the background.
  7. mitraark

    Google Play enable background data

    I disabled Background Data a few days back for Google Play somehow, I can't turn it back on. On Google Help it was written, Go to accounts and sync, turn it on from there. I did not find any option there, not even in the Gmail account options.
  8. Chetan1991

    Need software for complete bandwith monitoring and control

    Hi everybody. I use Idea netsetter for internet access and it costs Rs 250 for 1GB. At such rates I cannot afford to let Windows 8 waste away bandwidth in the background. It isn't setting the connection as metered connection either. Is there any application to monitor bandwidth usage, with...
  9. Y

    Burning TV shows to DVD with metadata

    I have downloaded some TV shows and would like to burn them on DVD, the end result I would like is that when DVD is inserted it should display menu and other information about the show/episode just like it does in a purchased DVD set alongwith background poster. Can this be accomplished without...
  10. bee

    BROTHER IN ARMS : ROAD TO HILL 30 ======== background music but black screen==== HELP!!

    when i open the game i can see the starting ubisoft and gearbox trailer but then theres this blank screen with music playing in the background i so want to play this game please help
  11. bestpain

    I am not able to understand docomo

    I AM NOT ABLE TO UNDERSTAND DOCOMO AD.. one of their add was "wind in my hair" facebook post ....and latest add is that docomo theme is played in background and the actors seem to fear something......... bahut gussa aata hai dekh kar....
  12. P

    Developing Geolocation based app

    I read on the past devworx> edition about Geo-location based application and I was thinking about exploring the area and do my BTech final project on it, but I have only the basic idea and know nothing about its requirements (coding background), will I be able to develop something as its...
  13. Professor X

    LED TV Issue

    I have a 1080p samsung LED TV which I purchased last year. The issue is started this morning that whatever channel I watch there comes a background overlapping of previous channel, there is a light image comes in the background and contrast is also changed a lot. I also tried USB videos and it...
  14. theserpent

    Slow Boot-Up and some more things.

    Hey i have Win 7. The boot up takes lot of time even to see the Loading(Blue background) thing. And Some times the screen suddenly goes black.and then shows up again Any idea of the problem? thanks
  15. Sujeet

    Zorin:Linux OS That Looks and Behaves Like Windows 7

    Source:Zorin is a Linux OS That Looks and Behaves Like Windows7 Get It Here:*
  16. D

    Editing scanned logo

    I have one logo - round annular shaped- with letters written on the annular space in TIFF format. I wanted to put it on web page in such a way that the background of the web page which is also a JPEG image shows through it. How can it be done?
  17. K

    Is this Pixel error/defect in my new Asus IPS ? pls help !

    Hello all.., Making this new thread with much haste & anxiety.. Got my new 23" Asus IPS LED panel for 17k just about a week back. I did notice this on the very 1st time I switched ON the monitor but ignored it as I'm completely new to the LCD/LED world.. (been with CRT's for past 18 yrs) What...
  18. A

    Is my crt failing me ?

    This is with regards to my 17" samsung syncmaster 753s. Been noticing 2 strange things. . occasionally, the monitor puts itself off and comes back again (within a couple of seconds mostly) . i've been noticing some refreshing problems. (not sure if I have to call it that way). for eg, when on...
  19. C

    Best Option For Taking HD Videos For YouTube

    Hi All, I want to take lot of HD videos for youtube. It will be mostly still videos focusing on a person. I will make the background white by overexposing the background with strong fluorescent lights. I don't think lighting would be an issue since it will be taken indoors and I will...
  20. B

    Best settings for Canon SX130 Power shot

    Can someone tell me how to get best settings for Canon sx 130 like How to capture photos making background blur Panorama ,best macro mode shots
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