1. RCuber

    Airtel FUP Limit Warning

    I am getting this from past 2 days.. I have selected "you can continue as per your selected plan" but still the message comes back after say 6 hrs. its really frustrating as this page comes up in middle of browsing... :-x
  2. C

    APC 1100 VA UPS from PrimeABGB.... question about plugs at the back.

    Need to buy a UPS. Thinking of this one. Buy APC | APC Back UPS 660 Watts/1100 VA | Buy UPS Has anyone bought this very UPS from primeabgb? I don't want the input connections to be like they have shown in the image. I want normal input board. Where to buy?
  3. cute.bandar

    High back computer chair

    I am looking to buy a computer chair with a high back. Now some online stores are showing prices about 5k-6k , but my parents reckon , it should cost 2k-3k. Anyone here knows how much a decent high back computer chair would cost? Thanks
  4. coolest111

    Ngpay Experience

    Me and My frnd had a roller coaster ride...started with lot of excitement coz my frnd was getting new iPad (iPad 3) @ almost US Price.....As always we do a follow up check before buying anything online lye if product is in stock,colors available we were told by costumer care they had...
  5. M

    HD6870 Problem :(

    had just bought this gpu (HIS IceQ X HD6870 1GB) from a forum member not long ago. off late it had started freezing, resetting my pc while gaming, mostly graphic intensive games like nfs - the run, cyrsis 1 & 2. it also started heating & going to 80C+ at first as i consulted some forum members...
  6. A

    hTC xplorer issue

    guys plz help me. I have rooted my xplorer but every thing is on stock. few days back I got the problem i.e. 1. when I on the loudspeaker ,during fone calls, it works but when I try to off it didn't go to normal state. while on screen icon behaves normal. 2. am using downloaded stock ROM...
  7. A

    PS3 4.11 Jailbreak: How to??

    Hey guys, m searching how to jailbreak my ps3 v4.11...AFAIK its not possible till now...m doin it just to back up my original games and not to play pirated games. Thanks. __________
  8. A

    Jailbreak for PS3 version 4.11

    Hey guys, m searching how to jailbreak my ps3 v4.11...AFAIK its not possible till now...m doin it just to back up my original games and not to play pirated games. Thanks.
  9. N

    HTC Desire HD issue

    Hi, My boss tried to root his HTC Desire HD using this guide When i start the phone , its stuck at HTC logo screen with white background (its still same from last 40 min) Is there any way i can put stock ROM on this device ? I can confirm that recovery mode is working i think phone...
  10. gameranand

    Is there a chance to get my N8 back ???

    I lost my mobile. Well actually it was stolen from my house and so I filed a FIR for stolen property and they said that they will investigate but we all know that is full of BS. So is there a way to get it back ??? I have the lock code on it means that it will be locked if a new SIM is inserted...
  11. Nerevarine

    Lord of the Rings online

    Does anyone here play this game ? I used to play this a year back but now everytime I download the game client and install it, i get client_mesh.dat error.. I did some searching and have found that this error hasnt been resolved till now and it is quite common.. If anyone has a working client...
  12. A

    Confused...Size(32-lcd) or clarity (24-led)

    HI folks... after readin lots of infomative posts.....i have decided to register and raise the quesiton which is bothering me since last 1 week... I have gone through many articles...forums.....E commercie sites to gather info abt LED vs LCD...pros n cons.......cost vs benifit etc etc...
  13. T

    compatibility of Inverter with UPS

    Details : Now my sukam inverter has two modes UPS mode and W-UPS Mode ( Wide UPS mode) UPS mode output range - 185V ~270V ( as one can see very narrow operating voltage) W-UPS mode Output range - 115V ~295V ( Wide operating voltage- Good if power in your area, like my area, fluctuates )...
  14. @

    [For Sale] Samsung Focus *Like New* [unlocked]

    Temporarily removed. Will put back again in 4-5 days. Thank you.
  15. M

    Need help in sorting Display issues.

    Hi Guys, Recently after upgrade from 5770 to 560ti, I am getting issue in booting . It boots but before welcome screen the display is going to power saving mode nothing works. I tried resetting and restarting the pc by powering off completely and reset switch. But the only way i found it to work...
  16. H

    Timtara is a fraud company

    I have spend Rs.1600/- for a I-ball speaker. They are not shipping my product for more than 1 month. Can digit supporter tell me how to get my money back. Please help.
  17. G

    [For Sale] Sony Ericcson W8

    /mod Please post clear picture of cellphone piece like you have for charger and cables...not blurred ones.Thread will be closed soon if not done.
  18. Ayuclack

    [Praise] MSI India Service (DIGICARE) are The Best

    Recently I Got A New MSI Z68 GD65 B3 With Core i5 2500k ,,, The Problem With The MB Was That From Day one It Has Sound Problems ... Buzzing And All That Things....For 2 or 3 Months I Thought They Were Static ...As I didn't Used My PC Much Then.... But Recently The Sound Increased ...
  19. jkultimate

    Asus M4A 88T-M LE compatible 5.1 speakers?

    Hellow tech freaks, am going to purchase a 5.1 speaker set for my pc. Is my current motherboard have this 5.1 speakers support? I want two speakers on front and two on back and one sub. Please reply me. :-D:-D
  20. S

    No display :(

    Hello... Few days back i post an thread ''Need replacement'' of my motherboard (G965) for old Core2Duo E6400.. So, i bought Gigabye G41-Mt-S2.. as i didnt have much choice here in Guwahati.. :| Few days back i got an graphics card which looks like new from my brothers friend XFX 5750...
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