1. SaiyanGoku

    India has lowest average broadband connection speed in APAC

    Nothing unusual here.. Source:India record lowest broadband connection speed in Asia-Pacific region at 3.5 Mbps in Q1: Akamai
  2. SaiyanGoku

    India has lowest internet speeds in Asia

    This was expected No surprises there: India internet speeds the lowest in Asia – Tech FU Failtel and other ISPs with retarded FUP limits and post-FUP speeds. :mad:
  3. rickenjus

    Network which claims to be the fastest in India actually ranks 147th globally by download speeds

    Bharti Airtel the largest operator by subscriber base in India has been in the news lately due to its boastful advertising of being the operator with the fastest network in India. Airtel has put up an open challenge where it offers to pay the lifetime bills of anyone who demonstrates a network...
  4. lywyre

    [Must Read] Lee Kuan Yew's views on India and China

    Nobody could have said it better. Read more: Lee was disappointed with India - The Hindu
  5. I

    Cheap PS3 Headset

    I need the cheapest headset (wired or bluetooth idc) compatible with PS3. PC compatibility is a bonus but can do without if price is cheaper. I don't really need high quality or anything, an average one will do as it's use will be limited to occasional chatting in some games. Any suggestions?
  6. S

    Post your internet speeds!

    Hey all! After reading this depressing article ; *www.thinkdigit.com/forum/technology-news/181064-1-4mbps-india-has-slowest-average-internet-speed-asia-pacific-akamai.html , i decided to check the average of internet speeds for TDF users. So please post / poll your speeds. Shiva
  7. A

    [Want to Buy] durable mobile hand set

    I am looking forward to buy a new mobile phone all that I want to spend is Rs.8000. I don't need a very high profile phone just for regular use with average audio and camera features and also Wi-Fi connectivity. Suggestions are deeply welcomed...
  8. ssdivisiongermany1933

    At 1.4Mbps, India has the slowest average Internet speed in Asia Pacific: Akamai

    The new State of the Internet report for Q3 2013 has been released by Akamai and it makes for very bad reading if you are an Indian. While the global average connection speeds have risen 29 percent year-over-year to 3.6Mbps in Q3 2013, the average connection speed in India is just 1.4 Mbps. That...
  9. P

    Solve my problem

    Every night torrent goes down. dont know why. I am getting average 250 kbps. from last 3 days I am getting average 30 kbps. & max 73 kbps . Its happens after 22:30 hrs every night and automatically recover after 11:30 hrs. I thought it was broadband problem So I recharge my mblaze with night...
  10. clickclick

    Need help with my acer overheating issue

    Model- Acer Aspire 5738G Purchase- Feb 2010 Battery replaced- March 2012 Warranty- out of warranty The laptop overheats and the average CPU temperature is 78 degrees Celsius and average motherboard temperature is 72 degrees celsius, hdd is between 45-55. Since last week i have been using it...
  11. sumonpathak

    HWBOT Country CUP 2012

    Well gentlemen...its time to fight for your country coz the Country Cup 2012 has started... lets see what they have in store for us I have something planned...and since this is for INDIA i would urge all of you to cooperate forgetting our differences..lets show the world that we can do...
  12. M

    Asus Padfone the 3 in 1 Innovation !!!!

    I just saw this in news I dont know if any thread open for this so I am posting :) 3 In 1 Mobile + Tablet + Docking Station........ 16 hours + 60 hours + 102 hours.........Standby time (as per asus) OS: Android (4.0.3) Dimensions: 5.04 x 2.57 x 0.36 (128 x 65.4 x 9.2 mm) Weight...
  13. D

    Laptop for 30-35k

    Well I've just been admitted to an MBA College, So my basic need will be Ppts, movies, internet surfing. I am not a hardcore gamer but would like if the system allows me to play GTA [Am I being to optimist here?]. to sum up Budget - 30-35k INR. Country - Buying it in India. Screen Size -...
  14. P

    CR2032 best battery company

    My CR2032 CMOS battery have run out of it's charge, in my DG33FB(It has been 4 yours since I have bought my computer, so it is quite obvious!). I want to know which is the best company to buy this CR2032 battery, and what will be it's average cost?
  15. masterkd

    India among countries with worst internet connections

    India among countries with worst internet connections Source
  16. theserpent

    Intresting Facts

    WTF is that true Share all kinds of facts here
  17. bubusam13

    Webcam Advice

    I need a webcam for normal chatting with my family members. No need of HD chat. Taking into account I use a data card with fluctuating speeds :-( 512 Kbps average should I go for good branded webcams like logitech, creative etc or cheap desi brands will do ??
  18. R

    Post-graduation (BE)/ SAP career advice

    Can anyone explain the career path if I train in SAP? Is there a better alternative. I'm an average academic performer. Any recommended institutes for such courses.
  19. mikael_schiffer

    Am i being scammed by BSNL?

    I am using BBG Combo ULD 1350, 4 Mbps upto 20 GB, 512 Kbps beyond 20 GB I stay in Patna, Bihar However i am having severe problems with the speed. For example, i pinged store.steampowered.com i got Average ping of 530 to 560 ms My speed test result- How do i know if i have crossed...
  20. V

    Bike for 85K...Help me out

    Guys... I am looking to buy a bike this Diwali and I have set aside a budget of 80-85K. I am 6ft tall with an average built. I have selected Avenger 220 and Pulsar 220F. Please help
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