India among countries with worst internet connections


India among countries with worst internet connections

Does your internet connection feel slow? Well, most probably it is. A report by Akamai, which manages an internet content delivery system used by hundreds of major websites across the world, reveals that despite 3G rollout in 2011, the overall state of internet connections in India continues to be poor with average speed of just 0.9mbps. This puts India at 114th position in the list prepared by Akamai on the basis of average internet speed in quarter 4, 2011.

In India all 3G connections are sold with a promise of an internet connection with a speed of at least several mbps. But it seems the reality is different. And with the growth in wired internet connections lagging behind, the average internet speed in the country remains poor.

In comparison, China is 86th on the list with the average speed of 1.5mbps. Brazil has an average speed of 1.8mbps. For Asia-Pacific, Akamai said "India remained the only surveyed country within the region that has an average connection speed below 1mbps".

The report says that South Korea has world's best internet infrastructure with average speed of over 17mbps.

For India, the Akamai report reveals the speed has gone up by 13% in the last one year. But at the same time, the country has just 8.4% internet connections with speed of over 2mbps. In comparison, over 20% internet connections in china offer actual speed of over 2mbps.

The number of internet connections that have less than 256kbps speed is even more alarming. Akamai report states that nearly 27% connections in India have less than 256kbps speed. Only four other countries in the world - Libya, Nigeria, Nepal and Iran - fare worse than India on this parameter.

Incidentally, many internet service providers (ISPs) in India continue to define a connection with a minimum speed of 256kbps as broadband connection. The number is abysmally low and web activists and users argue that at a time when services like YouTube are part of life on the web, the minimum speed should be improved.

After consulting with various ISPs, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India had raised the minimum internet speed to 512kbps from January 1, 2011. But ISPs in India continue to sell connections with a minimum speed of 256kbps as broadband internet. Also most of the ISPs sell the broadband plans where only a limited amount of data can be downloaded at higher speed. Once the limit is reached, which in many cases is as low as 3GB per month, the speed is reduced to 256kbps.

In its report Akamai also listed 100 cities with fastest internet connections in the world. None of the Indian cities are on the list.



Firecracker to the moon
Not at all surprising.India needs to change to fibre optic cables and provide good connection.Maybe this will happen by 2020


Not fiber optics, even fixed connections and less loose joints in the cables should do a lot more better..


Always knew internet connections are bad in India..but never knew this bad..lowest in Asia-Pacific region..that's shameful!!


Firecracker to the moon
^^ Exactly.India has the worst Internet plans.I just think its because Of the Lame People In TRAI.
Whats the USE OF 4G when the limit is 6gb.(Ok good speeds still 6gb)then 144 kbps WTF!
144 KBPS=15 KB/S(Cant load any of the present webpages fast)


Damn thats nothing.. I have the BSNL UL750 connection.. My friends and I are shocked even if we get speeds of 160 KB/s.. I just re wired the joints I could and now I get speeds of 117 KB/s.. :(

still better, earlier I used to only get 25 KB/s and yes I own a BROADBAND CONNECTION..


In the zone
Not at all surprising.India needs to change to fibre optic cables and provide good connection.Maybe this will happen by 2020

It already happened in 2010,, My Internet connection speed from Beam Telecom , Once I reach FUP. I get around 4-6mbps still it Rockz....



Cyborg Agent
This is because most the misniter and babus are not technically sound and most of them dont know how internet and computers work, they dont even use internet. hence they are not worried about this as the only thind matters them is money and promotions.

It will take another 10 to 20 years to reach average speed of 1 mbps, by then the other conoutries would have gone far ahead and the contect wouold be more demanding.


In the Zone
This is not a new information. Everyone in India who use internet on a daily basis get to know this sad fact sooner or later. And I don't think this messed up situation is gonna change in near future.
IMO the present pathetic speed with heavy tariff imposed on Indian customers will only change if broadband internet become some kind of mainstream necessity like the mobile phone service. Only then companies will compete and invest heavily on developing the necessary infrastructure and lowering cost of usage.

And I don't see that happening as 50 % of population has nothing to do with internet and majority of the remaining users as I see it are more than happy with the pathetic speed available on those stupid 2G/ 3G mobile "broadband internet". :( .
(Also a major portion of users I see only care if their internet conn. is fast enough to update their stupid facebook status.)
And most importantly this is the situation of India which is one of the leading countries when it comes to software development/ engineering.


Destroy Erase Improve
Staff member
Since the government cannot censor all of the net, they try to make it an ordeal for everyone.

I mean, all the top ISPs provide pathetic plans and bandwidth, only the local ISPs provide better (if not superior) connections.


BMG ftw!!
1. India have small amount of international bandwirdh.
2. Most of those international bandwidth is being wasted in government sector (offices etc.) and thereby creating the very high artificial need among general users and thus forcing operators to provide internet at a very high rate.


Firecracker to the moon
And some people in india when you ask them what your internet speed they say 100 mbps.
And many many people get fooled by MB GB Term. They dont know the difference they fall for all sorts of marketing ideas
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