1. patkim

    Does IDM auto resume broken download?

    I have tried Internet Download Manager (IDM)app. It’s good and stable but I notice that it does not auto resume broken downloads in case it happens mostly when the internet connectivity is lost for some time just in case. In such a case I have to manually resume the download. Is this expected...
  2. K

    Lava V5 a great smartphone under INR 15000

    Hey everyone, if you are looking for a good smartphone under INR 15000 then you can give Lava V5 a try. I was doing some research work and found its features quite impressive. 13 MP camera with fast auto focus, 4G support, 3 GB RAM and lots more priced at INR 11,299. Check this phone folks.
  3. Revolution

    Unable To Stop BlueStacks from Startup

    Hi, I'm using BlueStacks and OS is Windows 7. I tried msconfig & services but failed to stop BlueStacks from auto startup each time I turn my PC on. Is there any way ?
  4. beingGamer

    Move games to other folder - Steam

    Hi, i recently bought GTA V on steam. and installed it in 'f:\steam\Grand Theft Auto V\' I didnt know that steam creates separate folders for games in steamapps\common so the problem is, when I install any new game, its installing in in below path J:\Steam\Grand Theft Auto 5\steamapps\common...
  5. webgenius

    DSLR newbie: Looking for help

    Hi guys, I bought a Nikon D5200 last week with 15-55mm kit lens and 8GB class10 SDHC card with camera bag. I have never used a DSLR before, but interested in enhancing my photography skills. Need your help with these questions (please don't laugh at these questions, I'm too new to DSLRs)...
  6. sling-shot

    Android application data sync in Firefox

    I have disabled auto sync in my Android phone. I have been using Firefox sync since the beginning happily. However it looks like the newer version of Firefox sync uses this auto sync setting for syncing its data. How can I setup my phone so that only Firefox is allowed to auto sync and no one...
  7. Gollum

    GTA V coming to PS4, XBONE and yes PC too this Fall

    UWzV0AFXukI PC 3DBrG2YjqQA
  8. H

    GTA Soon Coming To PS4, Xbox One and PC.......

    Source: Engadget Rockstar has also released a teaser:- 3DBrG2YjqQA
  9. N

    Semi Auto Washing Machine Under 12k

    Hello Dear Friends, Our old BPL washing machine is giving some problem and thanks to rats, its more now. Luckily, we shifted to first floor and no more rats but one decided to sneak in and cause trouble. So, we decide to buy a new one and I will be getting some money from...
  10. kool

    [BSNL 2am-8am NU ] how to set auto connect in Windows 8.1 Pro ?

    Hi guys, On windows 7 , I was using BB SCHEDULER to auto connect BSNL pppoe connection at 02.10am and auto disconnect and shutdown at 07:45m. Now i've installed Windows 8.1 Pro yesterday. And this BB scheduler is not working , it dont connect. Even after setting program compatibility mode it...
  11. funskar

    Anyone using Bsnl wimax & need auto connect config or firmware contact here

    Anyone using Bsnl wimax & need auto connect config or firmware contact here .. Just tell the model name of your wimax outdoor cpe & screenshot of the admin login .. I will provide auto connect config or firmware ..
  12. axes2t2

    [Android] Office app which installs on sd card.

    Samsung Galaxy Ace user with only ~30 mb phone memory left. Also is there a way to do that auto upload camera photos other than setup dropbox ?
  13. RohanM

    Rockstar releases the official gameplay trailer of Grand Theft Auto V

  14. A

    Any Video file To MPEG

    I have Sony Bravia, and want to play Movie on it using Pen Drive. My TV Supports MPEG format. Problem is that when I use convertor like Free make Video Convertor and others, by the specification mentioned below, the sound of the movie is not audio-able at all, but the movie plays. Frame...
  15. rhitwick

    Need UPS having auto shutdown facility

    Guys please suggest an UPS with auto shutdown facility. Long back I had APC Back UPS which had this feature to connect with PC via usb cable but latest BackUPS models have no such measures. Please let me know if you know any particular model either from APC or from any other brand.
  16. R

    Free Auto call recording software

    I have LG GX200 java mobile. Although it has a voice recording software but I want a free Auto call recording software which can record all the incoming & outgoing calls as this internal software can't do it automatically. Regards
  17. Shibaprasad

    Canon 18-55 kit lens question

    I am new in Photography. I just purchased Canon 600D with 18-55mm kit lens. I have some problem with my kit lens 1. In daylight macro shots aren't sharp.[settings - aperture 5.6 priority mode] 2. On 45-55mm kit lens performing very bad with indoor photos and videos where light source is cfl...
  18. G

    is there any ios application for auto call record? please suggest i need one

    hello friends is there any ios application for auto call record in apple iphone i really need .....doesn't matter wherther it is paid application or free
  19. mohityadavx

    Camera Help

    Hey! I have a Sony DSC H55 the reason I had bought it was simple that I am no photographer and wanted to just shoot and Voila it be done but I dont know whether somebody in the family has messed up with the settings or something else Now even in the Intelligent Auto mode if its inside the...
  20. theserpent

    Yet another gang rape

    Delhi Repeats in Kasargod: Bantwal Girl Gang-raped Twice, One Held God please kill these people
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