1. sandyss

    Can you tell me a good tablet?

    Can you tell me a good android(3.0 and above) tablet with the following features.. 1. a good processor (above 1 ghz ) dual or quad core 2. atleast 1 gb ram 3. 7 to 8.9 inch screen 4. a good rear facing cam(also any front cam) 5. nvidia tegra preffered 6. long battery life 7. atleast 16 gb...
  2. M

    CPU heating issue

    I have just changed my MoBo (as in my signature). I had to remove and re-install the processor (for obvious reason) and I used Cooler Master X1 Extreme Fusion as TIM. But I found that the temp. of the processor always remained at mid-40s to mid-50s centigrade - even in this winter. Under load...
  3. NiGHtfUrY

    Android phone >8k for games and internet

    I know there are many posts regarding this topic but my pc is fried and i am posting this from a cybercafe and i dont have much time to research and i trust this site so it was my first instinct to post here. BUDGET= Less than 8k strictly. Purpose=1)Games.Not angry birds and tempe run,i...
  4. C

    Selected Dell XPS 14, wants to know ur opinion

    Hello Friends, I want to buy ultrabook. Features I am looking for are: 1. FHD 2. Dedicated GPU, can play two years old games. 3. Good battery back up. 4. decent speed. 5. weight as much less as possible 6. Future proof for atleast next three years. Wants to know your opinion on this. I don't...
  5. R

    Need a UPS

    My rig is: i5 3570k Sapphire 7970 Seasonic 620w psu 19 inch monitor tft 1 hdd Budget:upto 5.5k Need atleast 10mins backup.After sales service should be good.Will be buying online,so plz provide links. Sent from galaxy s3
  6. C

    Tablet Or laptop under 10K

    Need Tablet Or laptop Under 10K Purpose Watching Video Songs. PowerPoint Presentation & other MS office Work ScreenSize Atleast 7 Inch Budget As Mentioned 10K Call & net Functionality is not necessary.Just good processing power for video songs. If it comes with good speaker then...
  7. A

    suggest me best laptop

    hi 14-inch display with backlight Im looking a laptop in this below configuration Intel® Core™ i7-3612QM Processor (6MB cache, up to 3.1 GHz) HDD - 500gb DDR3 RAM - 4gb or more. DVD RW bluetooth and WIFI inbuilt with hotspot high qulaity webcam atleast 2 mp built in- mic, speaker(Dolby...
  8. V

    want to buy a new audio device

    is there any audio device which i can connect to my pc,laptop,smartphone,tablet....something like a boombox...or any good quality speakers which can be connected to all the above devices not simultaneously but atleast one by one!!!i would really like to know so please help....
  9. V

    My new CPU cooler: Corsair H80

    I was tired of my old CPU heatsink since it was taking a lot of space & wasn't providing satisfactory results so I bought Corsair H80 CPU cooler this week. The temps have reduced by atleast 10-15 degrees celsius & hasn't taken up space too. Atleast now I can push my 2500 more to 4.5GHz too.
  10. Hrishi

    [Want to Buy] MP3/MP4 player under 2.5-3k.

    Hi , I am looking for a portable MP3/MP4 player in good condition. Budget :- Under 2-3K INR Max. Under Warranty : Preferred but not mandatory. Memory : Atleast 4GB. Location : New Delhi. I need something that has excellent sound quality and good battery life. Payment : Cash ...
  11. G

    Tablet fr e books

    I am preparing fr civils. I have lot of e books to read, i am finding difficult to read on my lappy, so plannig to buy an affordable tablet. These r my requirements, Battery life ---- atleast 5 hr Wi-fi Good storage memory shoult read pdf ,doc files MS office files or atleast pdf , with...
  12. bajaj151

    VFM Ups for my rig

    Config : MSI 890GXm G65 1055T (3.75 Ghz) Corsiar 4*2 DDR3 1600 Sapphire 7850 OC 1*500G HDD Corsair VX 550W DVDRW Haf 922 (2*200MM + 2*120MM ) Hyper 212 EVO (2*120MM) Requirement : Atleast 15 Min. Backup Budget : Minimum possible Alternative : If available, please suggest It's...
  13. Abhishek Nama

    Laptop at a budget of 65k.

    Hi Guys!!, Please suggest me the best laptop for the budget of upto 65k. Requirements: 1. Screen: Atleast a 15". 2. Resolution: Atleast 1600x900. However an FHD screen is favorable.:-D Usage: 1. Gaming. 2. I watch a lot of HD movies. 3. Work. 4. Studies. Any suggestions are highly...
  14. R

    buying PMP below300

    hi guys i want to buy one cheap mp3 player for around Rs.300. with good battery back up of ATLEAST 5 hours.please help me. plz provide the site where can i get it.
  15. M

    NEED HELP for a gaming rig!!

    Guys i'm from pune and doubt if there is any place where i can configure my own laptop.. i'm basically looking for a gaming rig and please do not suggest "Alienware M17X" .... my budget is upto 90,000 INR max....I'm looking for the following config: 3rd Generation i7, ATLEAST 8 GB RAM...
  16. M

    BUdget Gaming PC

    hi guyz, i was looking to buy a new laptop, my older one died after bearing intense workload from me for 6 years i am conservative about few things: 1) atleast 1.7 GHz + 2) 1 GB ram or more 3) keyboard without the right side numpad 4) under 30k, preferably nearabout 25k 5) preferable DOS (as OS...
  17. cacklebolt

    Budget Gaming rig (20k-not flexible at any cost)

    i am sorry digitians for posting another budget gaming rig thread( my third).. but finally my dad seems to be relenting and promising me an pc upgrade i want to play games like Batman Arkham Asylum,City,GTA 4,NFS the run,Fifa 12 ,13,COD,assasins creed,portal,Dirt series i will also watch...
  18. Ironman

    Suggest a File Hosting with the following Features

    I Need a Free File Hosters with 1.Total Upload Storage Atleast 100 GB [IMP] 2.Remote Upload (of password protected site) [IMP] 3.No File deletion after some days I Need One , Now Suggest ................................................................................................... AFTER...
  19. S

    Motorola Defy Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus

    Hello friends, Planning to buy a mobile below INR 15000, Got confused between these two, Please suggest me which one is better if you are using any one of them. This is for India. I never used any moto phones so a little confused for defy plus but i like it's features. Any other phone will...
  20. Empirial

    AMD Laptop CPU Query

    Hi, How is this AMD Dual Core A4 3305MX Acceralated Processor (1.9Ghz, 1MB L2 Cache). Is it atleast comparable to Intel Pentium B960? Thanks! Guys, Please Reply
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