1. S

    Need help in buying a 24 inch and a 32 inch TV

    Hi Guys, As topic suggests I want a 24 inch and another 32 inch TV. The budget for 24 inch and 32 inch is 15k and 24k respectively. Those two are separate budgets and can be stretched for 1-2k more. Am not experienced much about ports and stuff but I would want maximum angle viewing(don't...
  2. giprabu

    Your opinion/suggestions on Micromax 32B200HD Led tv

    Hi guys.. I'm planning to buy a 32 inch TV @ most possible cheapest budget. My requirements are decent colour reproduction and good viewing angle. HD ready is not a problem as we'll watch it from above 7 feet distance... Please share your opinions on the Micromax tv....
  3. Omi

    SGSII Display Problem

    I recently had my display replaced due to the yellowish tint and now today when I got my mobile the yellowish tint was not visible in this display But this display looks like the colors are washed, the display feels inferior to what my original was. Now the catch is will they change it again...
  4. go4saket

    Bad Viewing Angle???

    Hello! I recently brought a Sony Vaio VPCEH128FN and am so disappointed with the viewing angle of the screen that I dont feel like using the laptop atall. This is my first laptop and before this I was always into desktops and my desktop LCD gave a much better viewing angle. With the laptop...
  5. Scott274

    New Samsung LED SA300 Tilt & Viewing Angle

    Migrating from a CRT, I just brought this monitor, Samsung LED S19A300N (SA300).. * Installed the monitor stand & everything as per the instructions in the manual and...
  6. deepak_ds

    Good LED monitor

    Suggest me a good PC LED monitor within 8k.. It should have a good viewing angle and contrast ratio.. :|
  7. kool

    I want to buy TV. Budget Rs.10k, m bored with 14" TV from last 9 year

    Hi friends, i want to buy a TV for my home. From last 9 years i'm watching programs on my old 14" color TV (BPL) [:(] Now i want to change to any 21" slim TV. My budget is Rs. 10,000 and please clarify me that what are these things in TV like LED, LCD, SLIM tv..? Many people says that LCD TV...
  8. Davidboon

    Is This The Xbox 360 Slim ??

    look at what i got from the TeamXbox forums *] as the site quotes: We received an interesting tip that we thought we'd share with the group. Windows expert and all-around bon vivant Paul Thurrott recently previewed Microsoft's new Arc mouse on his personal...
  9. Chetan1991

    VB sourcodes ,anyone?

    Has anyone made sourcecode in VB to make an imagebox move in circle, or get bounced by certain angle depending upon incident angle, velocity etc?
  10. Zangetsu

    Is it possible

    We all know dat it becomes difficult 2 control mouse when the screen is rotated 2....90/180 degree...;) So IS there any software using which i can rotate the screen 2 any angle but mouse pointer remains normal(I mean default mouse navigation:D)
  11. A

    35-140mm or 28-105mm?

    i'm in a dilemma, i've gotta choose between these two cameras... the Canon Ixus 850 IS and Canon Ixus 950 IS . One has a specific lens of 28-105mm, which is termed as a Wide Angle Lens, and the other has a lens of 35-140mm. Now i'd like to have a Wide angle lens but its focal lenght is till...
  12. morpheusv6

    Crt Vs Lcd

    I am currently owning a 17 inch flat CRT and am thinking of upgrading to an LCD. But considering the price factor?(of >20 inch LCDs) and the issues like poor constrast ratio, viewing angle, brightness,etc.(as compared to CRT), should I go for the upgrade to an LCD or just a larger screen CRT...
  13. S

    Game vids from director's seat.

    I wanna make some game vids but not from the camera angle that I had used. Wanna make then look like trailers :D so I need a tool so that I can control the camera angle in the replay.
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