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I recently brought a Sony Vaio VPCEH128FN and am so disappointed with the viewing angle of the screen that I dont feel like using the laptop atall. This is my first laptop and before this I was always into desktops and my desktop LCD gave a much better viewing angle. With the laptop, even a few inches of head movement and the colors & brightness changes drastically.

I basically took this laptop so that I can edit my pictures on the go but this doesnt look like an option any more as editing pictures on this laptop would mean destroying them as the colors are never accurate.

Just wanted to know if this is the same with other brands like Dell & HP also or is this a specific problem with Sony Vaio? Moreover, is there a way to make this better?

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It is mostly same for all those cheap TN panel.
Dell inspiron and hp dv6 has pathetic screens.
It is good to know that atleast some one noticed how bad these screens are.
They are practically unusable for editing pictures.
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