35-140mm or 28-105mm?

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i'm in a dilemma, i've gotta choose between these two cameras...
the Canon Ixus 850 IS and Canon Ixus 950 IS .
One has a specific lens of 28-105mm, which is termed as a Wide Angle Lens, and the other has a lens of 35-140mm. Now i'd like to have a Wide angle lens but its focal lenght is till 105mm, duz that mean that its zomm is shorter than the 140mm one?
i dunno? cud u ppl exxplain plz??!?

some One Reply Plz....
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Cyborg Agent
If wide angle and long zoom range in a compact body are important to you, you might consider Panasonic's TZ3. It has a 28-280 mm (10x) zoom range. It uses a superb Leica lens, and Panasonic's image stabiliser has always been regarded as the best.

However, no camera is perfect. And Panasonic cameras have higher-than-average noise.
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