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  1. D

    need Scheduler and e-diary....

    hello guys I'm looking for a scheduler and E-dairy app which can do the f0llowing: 1) i want to create schedules for every hour 2) it should alert me for schedules 3) must have password feature to protect the app 4) can easily take backup of my schedule( in a .doc or in email) 5) it...
  2. theserpent

    Red alert 3-Online Help pls

    Hey where can we play red alert 3 online other than there own(Gamesspy) and garena? Pls,Is There any other client where we can play ra 3?8-)
  3. ajaybc

    Android Calling problem in Uninor Network

    I am using a Dell XCD35 (ZTE Blade) on Cyanogenmod 7.1 (Android 2.3.7) and is having a Uninor connection. The problem is that whenever I am trying make a call the stupid discount plan alert from Uninor just pops up and this minimises my call which is really annoying. I consulted with the...
  4. ajayritik

    Getting alert C: space is less and need to remove data

    Recently I find that I get an alert saying C: is full and data needs to be removed. I don't remember installing anything recently in the past month but I'm not sure why I'm getting this error. Earlier I had 1 GB of free space before I started getting this alert and had not installed anything or...
  5. B

    logout confimation with jquery alert?

    hey all, i wanna make a confirmation alert box (jquery i suppose) then when triggers when someone click log out. on cancel it stays there but on ok it destory the session and cookies and logout. anyone help me out me wid that?
  6. Q

    SMS alert

    SMS alert to Mobile How do u send an SMS alert to mobile phone whenever u receive an email... Can this be done with php?
  7. go4saket

    WINDOWS:AstInfo Virus problem...

    Hi Guys! I am using Kaspersky Internet Security 7 in my PC and every time I start my PC, I get the following virus alert. Although I choose the option of "Delete" every time, I still get the same alert next time I start my computer. Is my PC still infected and how can I clean it?
  8. ajayritik

    Need help as PC acting weird

    In recent time my PC iss acting weird. I have observed that after switching on the PC for couple of minutes it hangs up and I'm unable to do anything. I have to eventually restart the machine using the reset button. I don't know what could have triggered this problem. Though couple of weeks...
  9. A

    autocad alert?

    :mad:iam an autocad users and in one drawing now a days autocad alert me while i opend the drawing,"Educational plot stamp detected,if you continue with this problem the drawing will be plotted with the following banner"," PRODUCED BY AN AUTODESK EDUCATIONAL PRODUCT".this kind of alert shows me...
  10. N

    Fake Security Alerts (Spyware Alert)

    I am getting this weird security alert, saying that I must install some "Spy Security Tool", my desktop wallpaper has been changed and I cant restore it. Every time a pop up window appears saying some files are under risk. Task manager has been disabled. So, what can I do..?
  11. sabret00the

    Need to install a good mail alert program for MS Outlook 2003

    I was googling for a good mail alert software and found bettasoft mail alert. But though for posting this query before downloading it on my office system since I wasnt sure if it's a good software or a malware. I would appreciate if you guys and advice me on this regard since it's very...
  12. ring_wraith

    SE reminders.

    Hey. I have a SE w810i. I need to keep reminders but the reminder just plays a breif sound and shuts up. I would really like it to work like an alarm clock that displays a message or in other words like a nokia phone's reminder. Can I do this? Also, how can i change the alert?
  13. S

    Receive Hot Stock Alert!

    Receive Stock Alerts Join Emerging Growth Alert Newsletter ! By joining the team at Emerging Growth Alert you will be in position to receive stock alerts profiling stocks about to move or already in motion. Our alerts are sent in time for you to research, investigate and make a decision...
  14. blueshift

    Help-Setup an email account

    I want to setup an email account for my SE W300i mob. Theres a page on SE site itself to configure the mobile settings. I just want to know whether I will be charged for this. After I setup an account I suppose I will get a message alert when I receive any email. Also can I create multiple...
  15. D

    windows security alert

    How do I get rid of windows security alert notification on the taskbar?
  16. A

    system alert info needed

    A pop up is residing in the system tray showing tool tip system alert. a message is displayed stating some heavy virus activities are being spotted in my sytem.tried out many anti virus spam and adwarebut no results.Please tellme something if anyone knows. windows xpsp2 it takes me to...
  17. mr_fanatic

    How to: Get rid of Windows Security Alert

    Hello Dear Friends, Can anyone suggest me on how disable the annoying taskbar notificaion Windows Security Alert Any suggestions and help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  18. S

    PC Probe problems. Help !

    I installed PC Probe 2 which was bundled along my mobo ...ASUS p5w dh dlx. According to the probe, 1. MY CPU FAN Speed is 1600+ and its stating it as ABNORMAL and showing it as RED ZONE alert. 2. POWER 2 Fan (Dont know what exactly this is) is running at 3k+ rpm and stating it as ABNORMAL...
  19. ashu888ashu888

    Irritating Norton Alert

    Hey guys, Whenever i try to diable my NAV adn NIS 2005 so as to play any games (offline on my PC), i keep getting this pop window every 15 Seconds in b/w the game so please tell me how to get rid of this. How can i disable this alert. Here is the screeny: Due to this i cannot play any of...
  20. A

    Yahoo Mail Alert for Indian service providers possible ?

    Friends, Can any one of you please confirm it whether the free Yahoo SMS Alerts in the mobile phone for any incomming mails in your Yahoo account be activated with the Indian Cellular service providers ? Actually, I am confused after I tried to activate the service, it didn't said...
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