1. C

    Where do i buy Alcohol ?

    Where do i get isopropyl alcohol for cleaning thermal paste from CPU ? I asked some shops from yellow pages, they said they don't sell it now as it come in big barrel, etc.. Anyone know shop in Kochi, Kerala that sell it ? I searched for online shops, look like no one sell it online.
  2. mediator

    Marks & Spencer apologizes after saying Muslim staff may refuse to serve customers pork and alcohol

    Read More : Marks & Spencer apologizes after saying Muslim staff may refuse to serve customers pork and alcohol - The Times of India Fore reference : Secularism implies that religious practicies shall not interfere in the workings and the progress of the state!
  3. MetalheadGautham

    Wine without Alcohol

    There are quite a few companies (eg: Fre) in the US who sell wines that have their alcohol content removed but the components that benefit health are retained. Is there any place I can buy such wines in India ? (Bangalore in particular)
  4. Rahim

    Free alternative of Alcohol 120

    As you know, i use Linux as my OS. But my buddy wants an CD/DVD emulation software for Windows like Alcohol 120 but it should be FREE. He wants to make isos of his political magazine CDs and read it on his PC. Which software should he use? Remember it should be free and not pirated...
  5. ionicsachin

    Isopropyl Alcohol for cleaning proccessor

    Hi cud anyone tell me denerally whr do we get isoproplyl alcohol....the one which we use for cleaning proccy before aplying thermal paste
  6. iatb.gourav

    How To Save Wet Cell Phones ?

    Found this on a blog. Can be useful at times. How to save a wet cell-phone? After having a few terrible monsoons in India, (and floods and tsunamis and all sorts of crazy things…) the question “How to save your wet cell phone?” is close to everyone’s heart! Wet cell-phone! Here we have given...
  7. phuchungbhutia

    Cant install Daemon tools or Alcohol 120

    I cant install daemon and alcohol emulators . . Msg appears which says need to restart to install . . Even tried restarting and installin . .
  8. trublu

    Alcohol 120% context menu vanishes

    I use Alcohol 120% for disc emulation.After installation,I get 2 options "Mount image" and "Unmount image" under right-click context menu of the virtual drive.But after some days,these options disappear.This happens everytime I install Alcohol.Is there any way to get back the options?:neutral:
  9. Vivek788

    Alcoholics Inc.

    I am a Alcohol 120% user for quite a long time... With the new system i had been reinstalling windows frequently.Now the alcohol i have with me is causing me lots of trouble. It doesn't allow mounting images to virtual drives(which i got after reinstalling it twice).I am also unable to install...
  10. A

    Alcohol Help needed

    Whenever i create mds file from a source DVD disc it is created for Approx 4.27 GB even if the DVD contains only 150 MB of data . WHY. I never used Alcohol in mine life but i tried and mounted the image successfully but why did the file comes to 4.27 GB Approx . Please do tell what to do...
  11. gau_pppu

    CD/DVD, burner

    some body plz tell me that how will I make data cd or data dvd, using alcohol "alcohol120 1.9.2" , is it possabla to make data cd using alcohol? if not plz suggest me a good cd/dvd burning software, other than nero.
  12. S

    making a damaged cd work using alcohol.

    How to make a damaged cd work using alcohol? or anyway to get complete data from that cd. plz help
  13. n2casey

    Copying a damaged CD

    I have original CDs of Kal Ho Na Ho. Prob is that its first disc has broken. Not completely but a little bit at the outer end. It just seems like a deep scratch. I tried to copy it with Alcohol 120% & Isobuster (ofcourse ignoring errors). Isobuster fails at 25%. Then I tried with Alcohol, & it's...
  14. go_gamez

    can an image mounted by any software be booted ?

    does any image mounting software..also support booting ?? like DAEMON TOOLS , POWER ISO ..ALCOHOL 120 %.. IF yes how is it done?? has any one done this before ?
  15. gauravakaasid

    CD images...

    how do i find out wat kind of copyin shub be done for a cd, if i wanna make 1:1 copy usin alcohol 120%?
  16. J


    can anyone tell me about alcohol 120% in brief..
  17. go4saket

    Help with Alcohol 120% needed???

    Hello friends! I have Alcohol 120% installed in my system and the software has created "I" drive in my system. Now every time I start my computer, I have that I drive activated. How can I avoid Alcohol 120% from running atall or creating any drives till the time I dont need them? Thank you.
  18. nishant_nms

    Alcohol 120% doesn't detects combo

    I am using Alcohol 120% The problem is that it doesn't detects my Samsung SM-352F combo drive. Plz help me. I when installed the software this combo was not present but after getting the combo i reinstalled it once again but it still doesn't detects it. I also tried the option to...
  19. L

    alcohol 120% problem

    hi, when i clicked on alcohol to insert one of the image file on to virtual drive, there was some error and so i planned to uninstall and reinstall alcohol 120%, i did so but there directory still existed and thee exe file was there. so i deleted the directory myself hoping to hv uninstalled...
  20. C

    Remove image list in alcohol 120%

    How do i remove an image file name from the list which is displayed when i right click on alcohol 120% virtual drive and select mount.
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