1. axxo

    Site worth $44,997 for sale

    A sub + free domain hosted site(* active 2 years before..then all of sudden like resident evil affected area no one was active and went down completely... Check for the website worth here *
  2. D

    W810i Virus Affected

    Hi everybody, My w810i(1.5 yrs old no free service) is affected with virus, Though i dont have any performance or functional problems right now, Whenever i connect my phone with my pc(avg antivirus installed),it dosent allow to connect bcoz of some virus in my phone. Iam not intrested in...
  3. vandit

    how to remove brontok virus?

    Can nebody help me....My pc has been affected by virus(probably brontok..) has disable regedit,!!!!
  4. Gigacore Adware!!!!!

    Hi guys i downloaded a small game from and found it was affected by adware. please tell me whether its safe to use or not.. and check whether it is really affected by download it... its just 208 KB...
  5. M

    a rather simple question

    Hi, i need your help once again, My windows seems to have (yet again) gotten some kind of malware from somewhere. there is a taskbar icon which cays "system alert: Malware threats" and then clicking on it redirects me to a web page asking me to install some kind of anti virus (paying them, of...
  6. Third Eye

    ZoneAlarm Must Be Updated Now!

  7. Third Eye

    Google Attacked by Hackers !

  8. V


    Recenty my windows was affected by a W32:Hidrag virus.I use AVG virus cleaner tool to remove this virus,but in the process of removing this virus it has also removed all the files that are affected with the virus including the windows apps such as regedit,disk cleanup,disk defragmenter etc.Is...
  9. S

    K750i VS W700i

    ppl i'm gonna buy 1 of these phones in the next week. pls tell me which one is better. has anyone used the w700i as it has soft focus how will be pictures affected. and what advantages do the w700i have over d K750i. prices tooo.. thanks in advance
  10. S

    annoying virus

    The system running win 2003 server is affected by W32RONTOKBRO@MM, especially one shared folder is affected by the virus and the symantec av installed ,gives so many virus detection notification that it is hard to work i have tried following av norton avg pro version nod 32 but none of...
  11. abhishek_sharma

    is my pc affected by a virus???

    i have win xp with sp2 installed on my comp, windows firewall is on. i use bsnl bb and have configured to make it always on. recently iam noticing 2 peculiar things...a pic file called UserImages.bmp appears in My Documents root folder...even if i delete even then it comes back after some...
  12. R

    mydoomvirus solution plz

    I run windows 2000prof. in a network with windows 2000 server as server.Whenever I connect to the network a message comes "your computer is affected by mydoom virus". I m using avast antivirus. plz help.
  13. K

    Pls Help

    I want to buy a domain for my blog. My current google page rank is 5. I want to know if I buy a domain will my page rank will be affected. Thanks in advance. *
  14. S

    DVD Player Features....

    Hi guys, I am thinking of buying a DVD player. Can you please suggest the features that I should be looking for ? Is a DVD player affected by the region locking feature that a normal DVD ROM Drive has? Thanks
  15. K

    A very good MOBO got crashed - CAN'T BELIEVE IT

    Hi, I am in Bangalore,INDIA. I have AMD ASUS A7N8X-Deluxe motherboard. Along with I have ATI RADEON 9600xt, amd 2600+ BARTON PROCESSOR, 512mb ram, 15 inch monitor, 80gb harddiskk, ATX cabinet, 500v UPS. (WinXP Prof) I bought this PC 5 months back last week, suddenly the display...
  16. A

    Help needed on virus

    I got this 2 virus on my win 98 machine i have cleaned it with norton, but please if any one knows more about it please post here ------------------------- W32.HLLW.pesin VBS.Redlof.A ------------------------- what it does is it harmful. i ran the file with that was affected with...
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