1. K

    How to setup Netgear n300 with Mtnl adsl ?

    Hey guys I am a newbie in networking, I have 1 mbps unlimited plan, Recently I brought the ntgear n300 wireless router, Can anyone tell me how to properly set it up I tried many things but it is not working. Adsl is showing the router but router is not letting the internet traffice pass, I also...
  2. sygeek

    Looking for an ADSL router compatible with a BSNL connection under Rs. 2400

    Basically, topic.
  3. R

    Confused about WiFi router to buy

    I am planning to get broadband ADSL connection. However I am confused about the hardware to purchase for it. I want to go for a separate WiFi router and ADSL modem so that the WiFi router can then be used separately with other kinds of connections as well. This cheap and good model DLink...
  4. Faun

    12V 1A 2.1mm Power Adapter

    My Linksys WAG120N Power Adapter seems to have died as it's not working on either of the ADSL routers I have. Only power LED glows intermittently in both ADSL router. I hope my WAG120N is not dead because connecting the power adapter to other ADSL router resulted in same symptoms but the other...
  5. S

    Wifi Router For Playing Games/Sharing

    I live in a multi storey flat and all my friends too live in the same building. All we want to do is share data and play games. So we zeroed in on wifi adsl routers. But we are worried about signal strength and other issues like lag, speed. So we have pooled in Rs.5000 as we are five*...
  6. ajayritik

    Need to setup beam cable connection on ADSL Beetel wireless router

    Guys I have a beam cable connection which I want to connect to my laptop wireless. I have an ADSL Beetel router from my previous Airtel ADSL connection. Can I use this router to connect to internet wireless to my Beam cable connection. The little whatever I read it says I may not be able to...
  7. B

    help connecting adsl wireless router

    i bought a used adsl wireless router d-link dsl-2640T. i'm total noob in case of routers. can you please help me to connect it to my adsl network? currently i'm connected through a adsl router that bsnl(type 1 i guess) provided me. i want to replace this router with new one. please explain...
  8. T

    WIFI ADSL modem+router or WIFI Router

    Have 3 computers at home, want to connect all of them together to the Internet. I have a DLink ADSL modem but it has only one LAN port. Also as my laptop has WIFI, want a wifi router/modem as a cheap solution !! Thanks....
  9. sujeet2555

    Adsl modem reset by itself

    i have utstar 300r adsl modem and window7 .the problem i am getting is for 2-3 days my network says unidentified network,public network and yellow ex. mark between pc and modem. after so much trying and no net access,i somehow...
  10. mohanty1942

    ADSL Router: Permitting only specific MACs

    I have a 4 port ADSL router ( TPLink-TD8841 ) used for Internet access. The modem is configured in PPP-O-E mode (userid & pw is set in the modem itself). I want that except two laptops(mine), no other laptop or desktop should able to access internet from the router. For which i want to deny...
  11. N

    ADSL modem Options

    Hi. I am upgrading from a single port ZTE modem to a new ADSL modem with Wifi and 4 RJ45 ports for connecting 2 pcs and several mobile/laptops to internet. I went thru the digit comparison in July 2011 issue( 76) where I decided on Dlink DSL 2750U. Shocked!!! The price mentioned is...
  12. rahul_jaiswal31

    Weired speeds!! Urgent help needed

    I have bsnl bb ul499 plan. I am getting upload>download!! How's this possible? I mean upload speed should be less than dl in adsl. Is this prob of my modem?? Help needed urgently. Suffering from very slow speeds. :sad:
  13. Terabyte

    Need a wifi router

    I need a Wifi + ADSL router for using at home. My budget is 2-3k. Also should Wifi G router suffice or I should go for Wifi N model? Thanks!
  14. baiju

    Internal ADSL Modem

    Is anyone using akeeo adsl pci modem? I bought one but it is not working. It installed correctly but when tried to connect it says phone line disconnected. Help appreciated.
  15. rahul_jaiswal31

    cheap adsl modem?

    Hey frnds! I want to buy really low cost adsl router cum modem. Please suggest one. It'll be better if can brought online Thanks in advance
  16. rahul_jaiswal31

    Adsl modem

    Hi guys! I wanted to have a broadband connection from bsnl. For that i need a modem. I don't want the bsnl's rent basis modem. So if you have a good adsl router and modem, please get in touch!
  17. bhushanm

    Why can't I post in Bazaar?

    I read through all the rules and such and couldn't find anything that would explain why I can't post in the Bazaar section. I am moving and I need to offload some of my stuff to those who need it/ will use it. It ranges from old mobile phone chargers to the latest CPU power supply unit, ADSL...
  18. S

    ADSL cum Wifi Router

    Hey Guys, I want to purchase an entry level ADSL + Wifi router. My budget would be not more than 3500. I was thinking of the Linksys WAG120N but the problem is the range as it has an internal antena! I need a ADSL cum Wifi router having the best range possible as router performance is not...
  19. H

    how to connect adsl modem to non adsl wifi router.?

    I m having a broadband connection which provides me an adsl connection. I m having an adsl modem and non-adsl wifi router. I tried connecting the Ethernet output of the modem to the router but it didnt work. Please help me configuring n connecting the modem to the router. Thanks
  20. W

    Siemens C2110 ADSL modem connection problem with BSNL

    I have a problem with my Siemens C2110 ADSL modem with BSNL broadband connection. My modem used to work correctly until one bad day I decided to install Linux Mint 9. God knows how I messed up my settings, now whenever I try to run Win XP or Win 7 in my other Harddisk, it does not connect to...
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