1. B

    Please Help- Buying advice needed on a WiFi Router...

    Hello Everyone, I just got a wired broadband ISP (D-Vois SSV) in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai with a limited plan of 12 Gb/month @ a speed of 10 mbps (Ookla speedtest results: D-9mbps, U-3mbps). Kindly suggest me a decent Wireless router for my WiFi purposes on a laptop and 2-3 android cellphones...
  2. ankush28

    WiFi router ~ 1k

    Hey digitians one of my friend want to buy wifi router as of now he have ADSL 2+ DSL 2520 D-link router And he ia using MTNL connection. Suggest a good router in that price ... i have one in my mind * is...
  3. M

    ADSL light goes off and on frequently...????

    i m using iBaton ADSL2+router for BSNL Broadband.. since last few days modem ADSL light goes off frequently after 15 min , 10min and gets on in 2 min... so to fix that i tried few options 1) directly connect line to modem 2)borrow modem from friend also change the splitter 3) reset...
  4. jackal_79

    Setting Wi-Fi at home to access broadband

    Hi, i have a BSNL broadband at home. Iam using teracom "Type -B2 ADSL 2 + CPE/Router ADSL Basic-2" modem /router currently. This is kept on my upper room.I would like to purchase a Wi-Fi router and access this broadband connection downstairs. Is it possible? If so which is the right VFM Wifi...
  5. C

    How to Set up WIFI connection - BSNL ADSL broadband

    Hello to all, I need help and assistance in setting up WIFI at my office. I have BSNL ADSL connection broadband . The modem which i currently use is ADSL2+ router I ball Baton. (mode no: iB-LR6111A) . It is not a WIFI router . So, I have found a good WIFI router (not brought yet)...
  6. M

    Long range adsl router needed

    hey guys, i am looking for a long range adsl router for mtnl broadband. max budget 6k i should be capable of handling range of about 2500 sq ft.
  7. abirthedevil

    Need a basic router

    Hello guys I need a basic router to setup wifi in my house to share between maybe 6 devices max, my internet connection at the moment is an ethernet based connection. Also I was wondering say if I switch over to an ADSL service later on and if I should buy a ADSL router, will it work with my...
  8. A

    ADSL Router with External Storage Connection Option

    Hello, I am looking for a ADSL Modem + Router with the USB port option to connect the external hard drive or pen drive.. Is there any ADSL Router available with these features for price range of 2500 to max 3000 rupees? Thank you, Regards, Akshara
  9. shreymittal

    Difference between adsl and dsl router??

    Difference between adsl and dsl modem router?? Because i am changing my broadband provider from airtel bd to nextraworld fiber cable bd the agent of nextra bd told me that adsl2 modem router will not work with fiber bd and i have TP-LINK TD-W8961ND 300Mbps ADSL2+ Wireless with ModemRouter??
  10. Renny

    Reliance ADSL and Metro Ethernet query.

    I hope this is not a repeated query... Anyway, I ditched BSNL and have applied for Reliance Wired broadband, I was told sales guy will contact me in 2 days, then I realized that there is something called Metro One provided in addition to ADSL. 1. I need a dynamic IP connection (switch...
  11. R

    Need ADSL Router [BSNL connection][Pref DD WRT]

    Need Router (2) [New QUERY ABout ADSL Modem] PURCHASE COMPLETED ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NEW QUERY Now Every1 need advise...
  12. CommanderShawnzer

    MTNL Compatible ADSL Router

    Anyone know about a good MTNL Broadband Compatible ADSL Router?? since i dont want to pay rs50 a month for MTNL ROUTER can i use wi-fi using this router?
  13. zonejvm

    Accessing USB drive plugged to a ADSL WiFi Router

    Im using a DLINK aDSL modem , its a Wifi router with a usb port behind it which i believe is for connecting USB hard drives and pendrives to be shared over the network. I would like to know how to access the contents of the USB device (after plugging it to the router) through a) an android 4.0...
  14. ithehappy

    Can I use my ADSL WiFi router with Cable broadband?

    I'm thinking of ditching BSNL and switch to a Cable broadband. The only issue which is bugging me that how would I use my ADSL router (NetGear DG834G) and it's Wifi connection with it? You know, in cable broadband there is that jack, some RJ one, goes straight into your PC cabinet, so I was...
  15. P

    how to use adsl modem with Hathway BB

    Recently I shifted my home and in the new locality I am unable to get any ADSL 2+ BB provider. I am having an iBall Baton ADSL2+ router (iB-WRA150N ver 2.0) which has now became obsolate due to unavailability of ADSL 2+ connection. The only provider available in my locality is HATHWAY BB but...
  16. v.Na5h

    Telnet help to change pppoe mode to bridge

    Guys i need to change pppoe to bridge using telnet i need this to do ip change as reboot(pppoe) takes a lot of time and the dialer(bridge) is much better heres the deal now how do i change the protocol how to access that option what does "--" in '--protocol' mean how does this...
  17. T

    DLINK ADSL Link Drops Too Frequently during POWERCUT -Using Invertor-- Options Needed

    DLINK ADSL Link Drops Too Frequently during POWERCUT -Using Inverter-- Options Needed Hello My case: Have a DLINK 2640T Wifi Router cum ADSL Modem with BSNL broadband ( In North india) This which works fine with normal electricity (ADSL remains static; Even with normal voltage fluctuations)...
  18. bbalegere

    Need to buy a ADSL modem/router

    I have a BSNL Broadband connection. I have been using Huwaei MT841 ADSL Modem(supplied by BSNL). This modem giving me some problems. So I want to buy a new ADSL modem with good Wi Fi Which ADSL modem would be suitable? I would like to buy an ADSL modem with Wifi, preferably from...
  19. quicky008

    How to setup Dlink 2520 ADSL router for PPOE connection

    I've recently purchased a Dlink 2520 router for my BSNL broadband connection.To configure the modem,i used the setup wizard that was provided in the accompanying driver disc.Now whenever i turn on the modem,it connects to the internet automatically. Earlier,i used a siemens adsl modem that had...
  20. S

    Best ADSL Modem+router with wirless?

    Hi I want to use broadband connection in home.i need to purchase modem ,i have two option tplink ADSL modem+ router and Data link ADSL modem +router. i am confuse which one is best for me.what are the factor's will help me to purchase right modem. Thanks
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