1. kool

    which is best "router & modem" or "ADSL2 + with router" ? Need suggestion under Rs.1500

    Hi guys, I have BSNL UL 1445 combo unlimited plan of 2mbps (after 20 GB ,speed reduced to 1Mbps). I am using Siemens C2110 modem & TP-Link WR740N router. from 6 years, and i keep my modem ON all the time. I rarely switch off modems once in a week. I use desktop PC by LAN cable and all...
  2. A

    new router needed

    Please suggest good adsl wifi router with .. - ability to control bandwidth to other devices on the network - have something like Guest Access - WPS button I have a desktop, 3 android phones 1 printer 1 laptop and a tablet connected on the network (all may not be on at the same time, this is...
  3. C

    Need a new adsl router

    I need a new adsl wifi router for my mtnl connection as my dlink 2750u has died (after 3 replacements).As for budget 2k~4k max. Now as for my requirements : 1.) Good range coverage for 900 sq ft area 2.) No dlink recommendations pls. 3.) Firmware updates should be easily available. 4.) need...
  4. rickenjus

    No internet conn

    I have TD-W8968 v2 (It has an internal modem). Since last two days, I am unable to connect to internet. I see that Internet LED on my router is off but ADSL LED is on. Status page of my router Any idea guys? EDIT - problem solved, mod please close this thread.
  5. S

    [Need Suggestions] Non Adsl WiFi router for 1900 sq feet home

    Hey guys, i) Need a good Router for non Adsl broaband connection. ii) Area of the house- 1900 sq feet iii) 6-8 devices to be connected iv) No intention of modding/CFW running on the router BUDGET- 2k I could only find these two as reliable options- 1) TP-LINK TL-WR740N 150Mbps Wireless N...
  6. B

    D-Link DIR-605L Wireless N Cloud Router + Cable internet

    I recently purchased this router from Amazon for my home. I have joister broadband in Pune. I don't need a modem for using this connection. The connector plugs directly in to my laptop's ethernet port. After getting this router, i followed the suggested steps: Inserted the cable in the...
  7. P

    Adsl router needed with usb 3.0 for streaming movies from 3tb hdd

    hello guys, I am currently using bsnl broadband (1445 plan) and my router is almost dead thats why i am here in the search of a new one. Requirements: 1. adsl router 2. good range (2000 sq.ft home) 3. usb 3.0 (want to stream media from 3tb wd hdd and its a big priority) 4. should be...
  8. D

    ADSL in spite of DSL router?

    I have a MTNL broadband at home right now which works with TP-Link W8961ND which is a ADSL 2+ Modem Router. I am changing my broadband to a local service provider and their service guy said that this modem+router wont work with it and I will have to buy a new DSL router. Is this true? Can't this...
  9. Anindya

    Is it possible to use ADSL router with cable internet?

    Hello Friends, I had a Dlink Dir 600 router which had become dysfunctional after 5 years of service. Thus I have bought a DLink DIR 2600U router+modem. I missed the ADSL part while buying it. :razz: Now please guide me whether it is possible to use this router with the RJ-45 jack of cable...
  10. mitraark

    DLink 2750u ADSL Router for Cable Internet

    Have a Dlink 2750u ADSL router which I intend to use for Cable Internet , input is a RJ45 cable, static IP Any one knows how to bypass the DSL ATM COnfiguration page and directly setup using static IP?
  11. N

    Interfacing nighthawk with adsl modem

    Hi, i am buying Netgear Nighthawk model for internal LAN connections. i already have a adsl model of 150mbps from airtel. as netgear do not have tri-band models in adsl, i have to buy a router. the issue is if i interface tri-band 2 gbps bandwidth router with 150mbps adsl modem, what...
  12. B

    ADSL router Asus or TPLink?

    Hi guys, i am looking for an adsl modem for bsnl. Right now i am using utstarcomm wa3002g4 modem/router. My issues with it: 1)It doesn't have upnp. 2)Connection drops at least once an hour. DSL is stable but, internet is not. 3)We have power cuts here, and every time power comes back on the...
  13. @

    [Want to Buy] Looking for a modem and a router

    I am looking for a modem and a router. PM me your offers. Should work with BSNL, it uses ADSL. If you have only modem or only router, still contact me. Thank you!
  14. R

    Urgent_Need ADSL Plus Router_Long Rage_Torrent Support

    Hi Guys, I have BSNL Broadband and an Old Beetal ADSL plus Router however i am living in a Three Story Building and thats why not getting enough signals on all floors. I want it to have inbuilt torrent support, USB Port for HDD and Long range. Torrent Support and Long range (all three...
  15. vidhubhushan

    Positive Experience Snapdeal - Lucknow - TP-Link 300 Mbps Wireless N ADSL2+ Router (TD-W8968)

    Snapdeal - Lucknow - TP-Link 300 Mbps Wireless N ADSL2+ Router (TD-W8968) URL of product : TP-Link 300 Mbps Wireless N ADSL2+ Router (TD-W8968) - Buy @ Rs.2210/- Online | Date of purchase : 06-03-2014 Tracking ID / Order ID : 1787586896 Your PIN Code : 226016 Courier...
  16. V

    Need suggestions to buy an ADSL Wireless router

    Hi, please suggest an ADSL wireless router for a LAN with 50 users. it should have MAC filtering to block internet for some systems. i checked Dlink DSL-2750U, TP-LINK TD-W8968, and netgear N300 but non of them supports MAC filtering. Digisol DG-BG4300N has this feature, but is that brand...
  17. K

    ADSL Wifi Modem Router required for BSNL Broadband

    Guys I have a BSNL broadband connection and my default router is on its verge of death;though used for 6 years! Need a wifi router+modem(basically I am not cool with networking but need whatever best suites for BSNL ADSL connection) Budget 2500 Rupees Broadband Compatibility ADSL 2+ Range...
  18. F

    Will this router configuration work ??

    I want to install two routers from one ADSL internet connection using this configuration The LAN 1 Port on ADSL router will have local IP and this will be WAN IP for Wireless Router. It should work right ???
  19. RCuber

    Need ADSL+Gigabit Router

    Guys, I need a ADSL Router with Wfi , preferably wireless N. Need to cover atleast two walls. Budget up to 4-5K Suggest from Linksys, ASUS and other high quality ones. im fed up of DLINK/NETGEAR/TP Link(Can't trust it) Gigabit Ethernet a Must. I already have a DLink ADSL Router +...
  20. T

    How to connect a Cable modem to a wireless router ?

    I recently got YOU broadband plan in Pune .Now as usual the connection is through coaxial cable .and they gave me a cable modem of cisco build . Now the modem does not has a inbuilt autoconnect method .That is we have to log on with manual broadband connection ,it does not have an inbuilt...
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