Weired speeds!! Urgent help needed


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I have bsnl bb ul499 plan.
I am getting upload>download!! How's this possible? I mean upload speed should be less than dl in adsl.
Is this prob of my modem?? Help needed urgently. Suffering from very slow speeds. :sad:
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Happens with my UL750 sometimes. Dont worry until you get normal download speeds. If you are getting less download speeds ask BSNL to fix it


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i am a regular reader of digit magazine...
I have a serious issue with my reliance netconnect broadband+ modem..
as the signal bar shows 4 bars hence their is no network problem. The problem is that in the dialer the recieving speed goes to 800-900 kbps but my download speed is only 100-150 kbps. As itry to download any heavy file the speed sucks me... I had talked to customer care several times but every time they give diffrent causes so plz solve my problem... i will be thankfull to u all.. By the way thanx in advance
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