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Hi Guys,

I have BSNL Broadband and an Old Beetal ADSL plus Router however i am living in a Three Story Building and thats why not getting enough signals on all floors.

I want it to have inbuilt torrent support, USB Port for HDD and Long range.

Torrent Support and Long range (all three floors) is must have for me, Budget is 3-5k.

I saw some Routers only on ebay who has 9 DBi antenna or 2* 5DBI antenna.

- Is it possible to use router only with my present Beetal ADSL plus router for increasing the range as well as to have torrent support?

Please help.


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by inbuilt torrent if you mean official inbuilt torrent support like in asus rt n13u b1 then you are severely limiting your options as far as range is concerned.recommended way to do this is by getting a router with good range & dd-wrt support & then install dd-wrt firmware(kind of like new OS for routers) & install a torrent client but the procedure is a bit complex & involves basic understanding of command lines & such.any good wifi router has 2 5dBi antennas now-a-days.for dd-wrt supported devices check this:


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except asus rt n13u b1 i don' think there is any other wifi router with official built-in torrent support in 3-5k price range.there are however many wifi routers in this range which support dd-wrt & thus can support torrent too but the procedure is a bit complex & you will face issues sometimes.here is a starting guide to give an idea:
How to Install the Transmission BiTorrent Client on Your Router (DD-WRT)
unless it is absolutely necessary you would be better off with a dedicated 24*7 downloading rig based on intel atom kit in the long run which will cost ~6k to built & provide you with much more flexibility & very less power consumption.
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