R u a game addict!!!

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Hi Gamerz......:D
we all like computer games....but r we addicted 2 it so much............

Well I admit dat i was (& think still now ) addicted 2 games...I still remember was playing continuously 4 almost 8.5 hours....& @ dat time my parents were out of town....otherwise they wont allow me 2 play at dat stretch...

So...do u love 2 play @ dat much level....;-)


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I have a "thing" for RPG games... played Little Ninja Brothers in NES for two days straight... my friend and me. 5AM to 12PM He lived next door so no problem.

Played Final Fantasy IV for one continuous day (24 hrs!!)

Played Final Fantasy VII for two continuous days, just 6-8 hrs sleep inbetween. The satisfaction after beating Sephiroth and Genova was unbeatable :)


so what? i played 12.5 hrs while parents were at home. completed Gears of War on PC in one day, as it saves dissapear:D


Initially I too thought that the saves disappeared but the fact was one had to manually select the profile. :D
Anyways till my +2 I used to play on my PS2. On it I had average playing time of 8hours and maximum record of 14hours(My parents were home).
Now I'm in my 3rd year of Engg. and got my PC in my 2nd year but the $h1t too has increased so can't play games for such long hours now, at max. 3 hours :(
Now my vacations are slowly approaching and time to buy the PS3 and GTA4 too so will be wrecking Liberty City till the wee hours of the morning.:cool:


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I have mellowed down a lot.Earlier I used to fanatically play for 8+ hours.Since I got my job it's been 2+ hours on & off.One weekends or on work off's It can stretch upto 5-6 hours.I used to be a heavy game addict but now just can't find enough time to adjust all those games that I get for the PC.Seems like they are just becoming a part of my collection.:D


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Okay here is my history.. (was born in 1977)

1. 1988 -- Saw the game boy..fell in love with it.
2. 1988-90 -- Played Mario/Kung Fu fighter on coin operated consoles.
3. 1990 (late) -- Saw the NES (Known as Samuria)..a 8 - Bit system.
4. 1991 (First 6 months) -- begged parents to buy me a NES.
5. 1991 (December) -- got the NES. Was only allowed to play on weekends.
6. 1992 -- Optician diagnosed me positive for spectacles...to much gaming.
7. 1995 -- Saw DOOM for Windows system. Almost fainted..it was so so cool.
8. 1997-2003 -- No gaming..to busy with college and work...
9. 2004 - till today.....play a lot of games..FPS is my favorite..can go to around 2-3 hours at a time. Usually when I get back from work..I hammer it out..on my favorite FPS..love them.

Wish I could put in more time..to this constructive activity...it is too much fun. Due to gaming..I try to stay updated with lates PC news...keep my system optimized to max...follow forums like this..for more information.



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woooooo i played 7.5 hours today itself........ i m engg student and day after tomoro i got annual exam!!!! so................ otherwise..................


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so what? i played 12.5 hrs while parents were at home. completed Gears of War on PC in one day, as it saves dissapear:D

it disappear if u dun have signed in to a profile. Just unplug the net nd create a profile nd do the creating profile. Then u can save nywhere. Also can choose difficulty level at each level.[works with local version too thats y u ve to unplug the lan]:D
Saw a TV video game thingy at friend's home some 10 years back at Naani's place:D,got it the day I returned home.Used to play continously for long hours with a friend of mine.During vaccations,I used to finish one game a day as the option to save games was not there.Killed this one,bought a new one.I killed almost a dozen of these!One day my dad brought home his office lappy,saw a game on it and was not ready to leave it at any cost:DInstalled many games on it and played like crazy until I found that the newer games won't run on P3,Windows 98,128MB RAM.Got my first PC in December 2003 with some ugly config.Pawned it for a year or so then added a Nvidia Geforce 2 Card to play LOTR LOL!In April 2006,got another PC with P4,6200 TC,1GB RAM.Then upgraded to Pentium Dual core,8600 GT,2 GB RAM and not I own the Gaming Rig in my signature.My brother is also a crazy gamer like me:D


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im also one of the most most addictive gamers.
every day, i spend 5 to 6 hours (day or night) daily

But games are spoiled lot of important sections and irrecoverable time in my life and i am lost lot of things for playing games.. i have spent thousands of thousands (in the period of 1994).. now i feels about that.

My advice to all my friends is, plzz dont wast lot of times to spend on serious gaming.. They are only an imaginalbe things to spoil our valuable time.

But, My fav games in my 14 years flashback..

1. Contra
2. Mario
3. Islander
4. Kung Fu
5. Star City
6. Bomber Man
7. Battle City
8. RAlly X
9. Tetris
10. Arkanoid

some of the name of the nintendo games have been forgetton. but they are all playing with me in my dreams.

my favourite game of the 20th century is DOOM 3


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My advice to all my friends is, plzz dont wast lot of times to spend on serious gaming.. They are only an imaginalbe things to spoil our valuable time.

This is true..gaming time should be planned out..and prioritized. Then it is more fun. It can be taken as another hobby/pastime..like painting..listening to music..sports....! And honestly...it does add creativity to ones self ..playing games..and appreciation of technology..!!

Some of the games..which are deeply ingrained in me till date:

1. Mario 1,2,3 (the one with the flying tail)
2. Contra
3. Super C
4. KungFu
5. Castlevania
6. StreetFighter Series
7. Vigilante
8. Silk Worm
9. Bomber Man
10. Islander
Managed to get the emulater versions for 1,2,3,4,5,6....last year. So the gaming experience lives on again...!!!!!!


^This pp; are right. I lost by single margin on my History paper in last year's final exam and came at 2nd rank. If i had studied rather than playing Resident Evil 4 (my addiction that time on PS2). I wud have gotten first rank :( Well these is nuthing compared to other damages gaming can cuase. But on the orther hand its beatiful pass-time and hobby and makes us aware of the power of technology!


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i was introduced to computers when i was in 4th std i did the basic course the usual ms paint and balh blah etc then later i learned foxpro.
then dave, prince came into my life. and they seem to have some kind of effect on me. that was back in 94 when there were 486 pc's. and the big floppies.
any ways from then on till now i play games.

i get headaches, and irritations when i do not play games for long time.

so i think i am addicted to games.


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^^you share similar story,
I learned DOS and basic while playing pacman, dave and prince :D
We used to hide games in DOS by creating dir with special ascii codes..lol
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