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Who me??
This not the substance abuse I am talking about!:p

Lately while doing some introspection of my online time (esp. during office hours) I have noticed that I frequently check few sites almost by minute and this site is one of them. I keep refreshing for new interesting threads, keep digging old threads, keep jumping thread by thread etc, etc. Some times I feel that it may just effect my productivity.

Am I addicted or I am just bored? Am I alone (doing this) or I have company:(?


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Usually, that means that you have no other work that you can think of in your leisure time. The case is exactly same with me. Usually, i am online for most of the hours as I need to look up programming manuals frequently, but sometimes, with no work, my fingers automatically type in '' on the keyboard.

I don't think this is addiction with me because my productivity isn't taking a beat. But since you are doing it in your office hours, I doubt it may be affecting you(unless you have a low workload at at your office these days!)

Also, just to confirm if you are addicted, try staying away from the forum for a couple of days. If you become delirious, feel confused, have mood swing in exteremes, etc(Withdrawal symptoms), then YES, YOU ARE ADDICTED.
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Yep I'm in the same league as you are. I found it hard to live without the net as I had run out of bandwidth. I had to keep waking up early mornings to surf the net. And even I automatically navigate to TD forum. But unlike Rohan, I do it the easy way. Just one click on my Firefox bookmarks bar and I'm here. :-D


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^^ same wid me :D
I am too addicted to net and this forum ...I check in office hrs every minute .....unless some workload is there :D ...after office... I go to room and check my torrent dload is completed..After that again checking digit forum...... Morning main bhi uthke I check first gmail and then digit ......God save me from dis addiction :)


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Feels good to know that I am not the only one. But excess of anything is bad. Having said that we do stumble on intresting stuff. Some of the shayaries were hilarious :). Good enough to perk your day. Looks like I will try to curtail this during office time.
So resolution from tomorrow quit smoking (courtesy Ramadoss :D), restrict surfing. Let me see if I can succeed.
Get a life guys,internet ain't everything.Everyone of us has got some work,study,work and all but with this addiction we find ourselves neglecting out duties.
At least I'm not addicted.
Last whole week I didn't switch my Mac on at all.Did a lil bit of surfing and chatting on the Phone only.
And and and ,how can you guys sit in front of the screens in the morning.It feels awkward.Once to check my DL status I turned the screen on and my Mom said 'subah hi chala liya?'Felt so embarassed !


During exam time i am addicted to digit. Ironic. But seriously true.
I get bored of the text books and login to digit. And forbid myself from programming and linux and practical computer science and logging into my own websites for work !! hehe LOL !! really.


Call me Sumit
due to hollywood movies addiction from torrents i really left my reading habit of novels :x..lemme see if i can revive that
It's not that I'm completely on the other side of the rope.Till 9th end I was a total addict,now I have gained some control over myself.
Now also I sometimes spend several hours on this forum searching deal ol' threads:D
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I too am addicted.
For a week or so, I have not got out of my chair, except for sleeping and err... other important activities.

Really, I feel too bad about this. But I can't help it. And I have a lot to study, especially in Physics and French, in which I don't even remember the lesson names properly! (Though I still find time for my favourite subjects, Computer Science & Maths, I love these subjects very very much.).


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I got no work to do at all right now. Festival holidays started. Spend around 8-10 hours on computer. Stay awake all night. Im ashamed. Im missing out on so many other things. I used to jog in the morning but not so now. I have to organize things in my room, go for shopping, get my ears pierced. :D Thats what I'm thinking since 1-2 months. But I dont even eat on time. :( :(
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