1. A

    Need help in figuring out actual price of system build

    Hello Everyone, Can you please help me in figuring out the actual price ofthis desktop from HP. OMEN by HP Desktop PC - 870-260in It retails for 1,40,000.I just wanted to know as to how much I would be overpaying by buying this system. I think this would be a good reference build at 1 L...
  2. A

    Internal HDD 3.5" - 1 TB , looking for actual market cost?

    My existing HDD 250Gb WD Blue (5 yrs old).. is not being detected by the bios. Plaining to purchase a new one 3.5" HDD - 1 TB - Lowest cost and wht will be the max. warranty I can get. Which brack should i go for ... Seagate or WD .. which one is more reliable ?? Online prices shows lots of...
  3. Sumeet_naik

    General Query Flipkart is offering Nexus 7 tablet for 9999rs

    Just wanted to pass this info fr people who were waiting for the same Nexus 7 Tablet Price in India - Buy Nexus 7 Tablet 16 GB (Actual Formatted Capacity will be Less) Online - Asus:
  4. RohanM

    Samsung said to release the Galaxy S5 in January

    According to Korean media outlets citing sources inside Samsung, the Galaxy S5 will see its official announcement in January next year. The earlier than expected release is dictated by the disappointing sales of the Galaxy S4. It appears that despite the excellent sales performance of the...
  5. RCuber

    Nexus 7 16 Gig WiFi @ Rs. 9,999 on Flipkart!!

    Go get it !! Nexus 7 16 Gig WiFi @ Rs. 9,999 Nexus 7 Tablet Price in India - Buy Nexus 7 Tablet 16 GB (Actual Formatted Capacity will be Less) Online - Asus: Nexus 7 32 Gig WiFi @ 12,999 Nexus 7 Tablet Price in India - Buy Nexus 7 Tablet 32 GB (Actual Formatted Capacity...
  6. The Incinerator

    DSLR Dilemma......

    Im planning to buy a DSLR before the festive season. Im crossed between buying the Canon 1100D with better 18-105/18-200 or a Canon 550/600/650D with stock lens at the moment and upgrade later. My question being a novice is how much actual difference is there between the bodies as far as Image...
  7. anagh.k1

    Shortcut Virus in Computer

    My friend has a pendrive which everytime it is inserted in his laptop shows the shortcuts instead of the actual file. I have tried autorun exterminator , malwarebytes anti-malware full scan which shows nothing & the command "attrib -s -r -h /s /d *.*" which works for a few seconds & shows the...
  8. R

    [Query] Seasonic PSU

    1) How many years Seasonic PSU actual warranty in India ?
  9. W

    1.5 TB hard disk

    hi every one , i want to buy a 1.5 TB harddisk.. can some one tel me wat is the actual price for it ?? and wil it be available for 4 to 5 grand ??
  10. Desmond

    Quest for Scares - Horror games discussion

    Hi, This thread is dedicated to all horror games. Ones which either satisfy your darkest fantasies or chill your bones. My personal favourites are Dead Space, Dead Space 2, Doom, etc. Though these are more action oriented than actual survival-horror (american sensibility of horror), the...
  11. aQi_g

    Custom ringtones on LG fathom vs750?

    I have LG FATHOM vs750 , i have installed a micro sd card in the fathom with a bunch of ringtones and mp3s on do i make the sounds my actual ringtones for the phone? instead of using the standard ringtones that come with the phone?
  12. A

    550 Ti or 5770

    I need to decide between the 550 Ti and 5770. I would mostly be gaming at 720p or 1080p at mid settings. Suggest me which GPU has the best bang for buck and also please tell me their prices because I can't actually find the actual price as my dealer has not seen the 550 Ti ever.
  13. P

    What makes flicker causes in 3d tv?

    I heard a lot about the 3d tv flicker, is it actually happen in 3D TVs only? If yes, then I would love to know the proper reason behind flickers, how it arrise and the solution as well…. A week before I was reading an article about the same concern on Wikipedia, but wasn’t understand the...
  14. S

    Monitoring my systems power consumption

    Hi Folks! Would you know if there is any utility available to chart my systems actual power consumption over a given period of time? Thanks!
  15. Pragadheesh

    Bug with Windows/Windows Picture and Fax Viewer

    Hi, Recently I copied few photos from my digi cam to my laptop. And what i found was, in Thumbnail view, the Image preview on the photos are different from the actual file. i.e consider if the Image preview on a file is image of a Forest, on Opening the file in Windows Fax viewer i get...
  16. bhushan2k

    iPhone 4G pics leaked?

    Apple is going to make iPhone OS 4.0 launch event very soon. But there is always no any news new for the rumors. With this announcement, some rumors also have started popping up about iPhone 4G looks and features as well. A Chinese website have captures pics of iPhone 4G and uploaded on it...
  17. Dark Core

    Doubt abt EDGE

    Guys I had used Airtel Mobile Office until a week ago [GPRS], I used to get speed of 3-7 KBps, now I have subscribed to BSNL EDGE Network, bt m getting the speed of 7-14 but the actual speed of EDGE should be 256/8=32 KBps na Is there anyone using EDGE getting better speeds m using Nokia 3110C
  18. quan chi

    prince of persia warrior within.

    hi friends. well i am unable to get the original dvd of warrior within.i checked some shops but they dosent have its dvd. nextworld is selling this game at 650 something when its actual cost is 299. now does anybody knows where on mumbai i can get the original dvd of warrior within...
  19. A

    FS: Seagate 160GB PATA

    Hi, I'm going to upgrade to a larger HDD. So selling this one which was mainly used to store my music and photos. No bad sector at all. Warranty till May, 2012. Asking price Rs.1500 + shipping at actual. Sorry for the crappy pics - taken with...
  20. M

    Q6600 problem

    So I have a q6600 processor and I have the program coretemp. Each core idles around 36-39c and maxes at around 45c. The problem is that it's showing that it's running at 1596.81 mhz all the time. The computer is about a month old and when I first started using it it went back and forth from...
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