1. Skud

    Easter Bunny Bundle from Acronis

    Looks like the concept of bundle has really picked up. ;) Acronis is offering 7 high quality software in form of Easter Bunny Bundle with a HUGE discount thrown in. The software are:- Acronis True Image Home 2012 Malwarebytes Anti-Malware PRO SPAMfighter Pro Photomizer 2...
  2. S

    Linux after Win 7

    Well one of my clients HP DV4 notebook came with pre-installed win 7 home premium. He installed Fedora core on that to have a try. After that, neither Acronis nor gparted can access the hdd not tell of any other bootable disc. What to do ???
  3. anish_sha

    How to create a RECOVERY DISK using Acronis True Image

    i just wanna create a recovery disk including my windows OS with all the drivers and softwares installed as of now, it should be exactly like the recovery disks we get along with a laptop.pls help me how to create it, i just installed Acronis True Image, but confused how to create it.. someone...
  4. N

    About Backup of C & .bkf file...How to convert .bkf file to bootable?

    Hi All, I have a notebook of HP, running XP Media center edition with SP2 in my C Drive. I've another 4 partitions, so total 5 partitions including C. Everything works perfectly. Sometimes, I got trojan virus or another virus which affects my whole OS, so I have to format C drive and again...
  5. P

    Image-Backup Doubt...Plz help.!

    Hi all, I want to Image-backup of my 'Windows 2003 server ' And i am having 'Acronis True Image Home' The 'Acronis' is not support 'Windows 2003 server' I am having Two OS in my system ( 2003 and XP) Shell i take Image-Backup of 'Windows 2003 server ' using 'Acronis' in Windows XP. Thanks,
  6. New

    Apronis true image problem.

    Hi friends.. I have installed Acronis true image software and also made one boot disk. Problem is whenever i try to restore the image using the boot disk i get an error like this "Acronis true image has not found any hard disk drives". Please help me to restore my drive. Thanks in advance..
  7. Gaurav

    what should i do.

    i was about to download and install Mcafee antivirus from aol site (it's free to it's members), checked on the mcafee website that certain programs are not compatible with mcafee, which includes acronis trueimage (i have installed this on my machine since 2005) I was having mcafee...
  8. almighty

    back up???

    Hey mates :) I ve some s/w and bought it with "one use licence key" the key is given me,acroding to code which is generated by that s.w when i installed .... Now i am going to format my pc soon . and dont wanna to loose the keys.... so i need a s.w which can make image for all my s.w...
  9. Q

    This will help anyone Here....?

    Emergency Boot-CD is a bootable CD for IBM, PC or Compatible Computer. The CD-ROM contains utilities useful for repairing computer problems and PE (Preinstallation Environment) if you want to install a new Operating System. So what's New in this version: ********************** **...
  10. M

    multiboot cd\dvd

    hi i want to know how i can multiboot XP and acronis true image and acronis disc director suite from 1 cd or dvd plz help i want to make it with easy boot i have created the menus etc. plz let me know the rest of the things :confused: :confused: :confused:
  11. M

    multiboot cd/DVD

    hi i want to know how i can multiboot XP and acronis true image and acronis disc director suite from 1 cd or dvd:confused: plz help i want to make it with easy boot i have created the menus etc. plz let me know the rest of the things:confused: :confused:
  12. CadCrazy

    Hard Disk is not detected in Acronis True Image

    I want to make image of my hard disk. When booted from Acronis True Image 10 Home bootable cd , it gave error message No Hard Disk found. What wrong with it ???????
  13. Vyasram

    GParted Problem

    I have two hdds, 80GB ide and 160GB sata . I have ubuntu dapper installed in the 160GB hdd in a 20GB primary partition. Recently i accidentally deleted the swap partition it used with acronis dds( a primary partiotion on the same drive). I also have all sorts of files on both hdds and windows...
  14. s18000rpm

    Acronis True Image 7 Query

    Today morning i installed Acronis True Image 7 (free), after installation it asked to "RESTART the PC", ...i restarted, After the Restart when i selected my Account, it took more than FIVE Minutes to log-on (strange) & during this, there were Pop-up windows which one-by-one showed "Setting up...
  15. s18000rpm

    Acronis Disk Director Query

    I installed this Acronis Disk Director 10 Demo Version fron a DVD. I tried to RESIZE the C: Drive in my HDD, whose Total size is 32.1GB, with 21.6 GB of Free Space. Now i want the drive so that the C: drive's size will be 12.04GB & the new drive's (unallocated space) size be 20.6GB...
  16. Garbage

    Acronis True Image problem

    Hi guys! I've installed the Acronis True Image trial. It wows! Now I've just installed WinXP on another drive. 'n I've created a Backup of that partition (in case I want to restore my XP) But the backup size is abt 800 MB.( not fitting in a CD :-( ) What can I do now? Can I create a...
  17. J

    Acronis True Image 7 "FREE"

    It is learnt that Acronis is giving free the serial no. for True Image 7 after you register. I would like to know whether it is true and also how good is this older version. the link is
  18. anandk

    Spl Ltd Offer : Get Acronis True Image for Free !

    Acronis is giving away FREE an older version (V7) of its class-leading imaging program. this version may not have the fancy features of the latest version, but it's still a great product. you have to register to get a serial number. Once registered you need to login to download the software...
  19. S

    Acronis Installation Problem

    Hello Everyone!!! Friends I am facing a big problem. Recently I got an Acronis True Image 9 CD from my Friend. The Problem is that whenever I try to install it on my pc after few steps it asks for the name, address, email id etc. after that when I click on next button Message box...
  20. A

    OSes not showing up.

    I have three Operating Systems in three different drives viz. C-Win 98SE, E-Win XP SP2 and G-Win XP. However, during booting I am not getting any trace of the OSes on C and G drives. I've used Acronis OS Selector but to no good result. Acronis is also not detceting the additional OSes. But, I'm...
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