1. sujoyp

    Need a wifi Router which can use USB dongles

    Hi guys ...I need a wifi router for my tata docomo dongle so that my lappy,handset and tablet can acess the internet. budget 3k max please suggest:mrgreen: thanks
  2. Gauravs90

    Reliance blocking file sharing websites

    Hi guys... When i opened mediafire instead it opened a page which says that "This website is blocked". I'm using reliance gsm 2g network to acess internet. Is there any way i can bypass it... I don't think it is illegal to ask this question on this forum...
  3. A


    please suggets best dvd playuer under rs 4000.00- i have acess to only samsung/lg/sony models where i stay
  4. C

    unlocking a folder

    plz help mw im transfgering data frm my old hdd but the acess is denied ...i had not put any passwords to the old hdd
  5. niku_19jan

    hw 2 share net between lap & pc

    i hav bluetooth dongle & net connection in ma pc. nw i want to acess net in also has bluetooth. i heard i can acess net on laptop..if pc n lap has bluetooth devices. is it possible, if yes thn plz guide me.
  6. S

    Java apps on 6233

    hi, i have installed a few java apps, which require acess to my memory card so, i wanted to give "always allowed" acess type to the apps, but suprisingly this option is greyed out, and only "ask every time" option is available... pls help.
  7. C

    My drives wont let me acess them

    Hi there.... well hers the story.... everytime i try to acess my drives that is my D E F drive i always get this error "acess denied"... well after i formated the C drive i was able to double click n get the drive to open up directly...... but the other drive i have to open up by going to the...
  8. bkpeerless

    cant acess net from all machene 24 online

    i have 2 computer in one of them i have brodband net of 24 online. but i often have to change the pc and when i do i get a massage that "u r not allowed to acess from this machine " .so i have to ask the servisce men and then they allow me to aceess . is ther any way i could acess the net from...
  9. S

    Comodo blocked IDM

    Installed comodo firewall today and WTF do I see. IDM can't "acess" the Internet. I've given it full priviledges but still. May be too noobish question but I really need help. Oh! btw, comodo never said IDM wants internet access permission. I've given full acess to IDM but still :(
  10. S

    Windows 2000 not detecting 6070 as a modem

    Re: Fedora Core 5+Nokia 6070+CA 42+AirTel GPRS frnds i m unable connect my 6070 to my comp to acess airtel gprs my processor has some internal problem so xp sp2 does not loads in it,so i have connected d phon in WIN 2000 with sp4 but the problem is when i try to acess internet it says no...
  11. G

    Wireless Networking

    An Office with 7 Computers, can be connected with wireless lan, within a radius of 5 mts. Is it necessary to have Acess Point. We dont want internet facility. If AP is not required, what are the advantages of AP ?
  12. Ron

    Want to downlaod the website which can be updated regularly.

    hey, how can I download this website especially its forum and the tutorials which can be updated regularly. So that I can acess the information by being oflline. Ronak
  13. nach p

    Corrupted file system

    Hi guys, My 80 gb have 5partitions of 16 gb. On C:/xp and on next Fedora.while removing partition from disk management instead of choosing d drive clicked on Logical drives so lost all drives and now am not able to acess that part.While installing Xp it shows raw partition cant acess that area...
  14. M

    How to acess NTFS parttitions in Damn Small Linux...

    How to acess NTFS parttitions in Damn Small Linux.... I booted from the DIGIT CD. i want to acess the files and folders of my HDD( i have Win Xp sp2) and write some file on to a cd...How to do that..
  15. R

    what is the use of java when things r easy in ASP/php

    I am hobbiest programmer, i learn different softwares, one question always comes to mind, why do people use java technologies like servlets, sockets, jsp etc when this things can be easily done with ASP using ACESS or orcle/sql server database. I dont understand what is use of Java especially...
  16. G

    gmail drive

    can anybody tell me... y ain't i able to acess gmal drive, i installed it and every time i try to log into it, it says "login failure , unknown username or bad passwod, and then it says verify ur interent connection". well am able to acess my inbox in gmail so i don't think their is any problem...
  17. eagle_y2j

    Plzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me out of it!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am having a system with win xp on a 40 gb hdd having 4 partitions i.e. c,d,e,f all things were going fine but few days before on starting my computer i got some message that one of the file of os is corrupt & i need to reinstall it so i installed a fresh copy of win xp pro on c drive and i am...
  18. E

    Windows XP & NTFS

    For some reasons I need to format my Windows XP SP2 Box. But I have a dilema that some of my partitions are on NTFS and some on FAT32. If I format Windows will then I be able to acess the NTFS partitions.. I guess not.. Then how should I go about it.
  19. S

    How to configure PC to acess net via Nokia 6600

    How to configure PC to acess net via Nokia 6600 by using a blutooth adapter. I have already purchased a new bluetooth adapter and installed the necesarry software and drivers that comes along with this. But can anyone let me know what settings I need to follow to access net via GPRS on my PC
  20. C

    BSNL Bfone

    Hi, I want to apply for BSNL Bfone. Please give me some details about how it can help me to reduce the internet acess charges.I use Dialup Netone to acess net. Usually i pay 7.50 in peak hours and Rs. 15 in off peak hours to acess net at local call charges.If i take Bfone will i be able...
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