1. A

    FS: 2 weeks old Sony Ericsson P1i

    Hi guys, I wish to sell my 2 weeks old SE P1i for 20K Condition : Mint Accessories: all supplied by SE in the package that includes 1GB card, cradle, charger, USB cable,Headset and the spare stylus. Extra accessories: SE HPM 70 headphone Reason for selling: going for a Windows mobile...
  2. Gigacore

    iPod Bra Available!!

    Sorry for the idiotic THREAD TITLE, i coudn't resist posting this silly little iPod Accessories :D The Source says something like this: And once again sorry for the THREAD TITTLE.... And the link is here (no Nudity, no adult content)
  3. R

    Want To Sell Big 7600gs....just Cheap

    HELLO FRINEDS.... I WANT TO SELL MY BIG 7600GS GPU.. BECAUSE I WANT TO BUY 8800GTX SO . IT'S WITH BILL AND STILL 2.2 YEARS OF WARRENTY PENDING.... I BOUGHT IT 23/09/2006..... Product : BIG 7600GS Memory : 256MB DDR3 Interface : PCI-e Warranty : 2.2 year warranty remains with bill...
  4. Cyclone

    Picking up an MP3 player...

    I'm thinking of buying an MP3 player. Nothing fancy, I'm a simple chap to please. 1 GB seems to be enough for me. I went through eight to ten threads posted on this forum regarding similar queries, and since a lot of you seem to favour the Transcend Tsonic 610/630, I think its the one I'm going...
  5. M

    BIG 7600GS 256MB PCI-e w/2year warranty & Bill

    hey guys Product : BIG 7600GS Memory : 256MB DDR3 Interface : PCI-e Warranty : Yes,2 year warranty remains with bill Original Box and...
  6. assasin

    FS: Nokia 5500 Sport

    i'm selling my Nokia 5500 Sport which i bought on 20-12-2006.i've a valid bill so probs on warranty.bought the fone for 12.5k.deres no prob with the fone.selling it cuz i wanna buy N73.all accessories that came in box r intact. i'm expecting 11k.guys from kolkata or durgapur r preferred.
  7. rahull

    Brand New nokia 1100 Mobile(Mumbai Only)

    Brand New nokia 1100 Mobile I bought this in December 2006 It's R.s 1700 [revised] [for this forum members ony] It has not been used! Not a single scratch! With all accessories! Pm Me or Reply to this post !If you are intrested! I will not ship this item ,It's only for Mumabai...
  8. 56561

    where available mobile accessories ?

    I have a latest model of sony erricson mobile which can have headphone , exchangable covers , hands free device, memory card allllllllll . I am looking for a good place to buy all thne accessories .............. do anyone have any idea where I can find it in mumbai? i am espesially looking...
  9. R

    Nokia 3230

    Hi Im new to this forum, can any body help in troubleshooting Nokia 3230. I have cleaned Circuit board with Isopropellent disconnecting all accessories like keypad, camera and LCD. will it damage any components. Thankyou, Ravi
  10. N

    should i go for assembled laptop???

    Hi , I just want to buy a laptop , i just don't want to go for a branded one , Is there any possibility that i can get a assembled laptop with my own configuration? And where i can find all Laptop Accessories in punjab .
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