1. V

    Nokia E71 ( Black ) Business Phone With Wifi

    Hey guys want to sell my 7 Months Nokia E71 ( Black ). Warranty : 5 Months warranty left ( Don't have the bill, But if u need i can give u the imei code you can check it with Nokia). Condition: 8/10. have use it with Pouch from the very first days and a Screen Guard as well. Accessories...
  2. V

    Nokia N97 - Light Used For sale (Mint Condition) 32 GB storage 5 Mp

    Hey guys want to sell my 2 Months N97 which i got as a gift from a friend of mine from Singapore. Warranty : No warranty as bought from Singapore. Have had no troubles with the phone. Condition: 9/10. have use it with Pouch from the very first days and a Screen Guard as well. Would have...
  3. johnjjx

    Visiontek 4870

    FOR SALE : Visiontek 4870 512mb price : 6.2k shipped Whats included : Original box, all accessories, no-local warranty (KMD Todphod and visiontek lifetime warranty applicable). Accessories include : DVI-HDMI adapter, DVI-VGA adapter, CF bridge, component cable. reason for sale : need cash.
  4. M

    Hell Load of Stuff!! take a peak

    Here is what i have to sell, all prices are fixed and non-negotiable, shipping is extra, and pm me if you want to buy anything Sony PSP (with accessories) -5.5k Cheers! MOD Edit: Read the guidelines below and post more information accordingly...
  5. harish_21_10

    Which 'used' phone? Touch Pro or Diamond?

    Hello everyone...i have been using O2 XDA EXEC till date but its time that i get another ph now..WM is what i would like to stick to... I went a local mobile market here in Hyderabad and came across: HTC Touch Pro(18k) - Looks new, 2-3months old, comes wid bill and all d accessories HTC...
  6. raksrules

    Nintendo Wii..... Queries

    I have Few queries pertaining to the Nintendo Wii. 1. How much does a pre modded wii cost ? 2. What added advantage does modding giving apart from the obvious (of playing *ahem* games) ? 3. Where can i buy a pre modded one in Mumbai? 4. If i am able to procure a Japanese version of wii at...
  7. S

    BTS-Sony Ericsson P1i-With all accessories & box

    WTS-Sony Ericsson P1i-With all accessories & box Selling Sony Ericsson P1i alongwith all the accessories i.e battery ,charger,head phone, data cable,1gb memory card,sync stand, user manual and software Cd with original box. for Rs.9000 location -Ludhiana-Pb.
  8. soyab0007

    Nokia N70 4 Sale

    i am Selling my Nokia N70. without Warranty Keypad Has Been Rough Accessories: Box, Data Cable, Manual and Charger
  9. J

    Online tech stores in India ?

    What are the reputed online stores in India from where one can buy computer parts & accessories ?
  10. dd_wingrider

    Any Shops In Bangalore To Buy iPhone Accessories

    If someone knows any shops in Bangalore where you can get iPhone accessories like screen protector and cover etc. please let me know. I tried looking on net, there are few good ones, but i would like to try one on iPhone before buying. I am ordering the Invisible Shield, but want to look out...
  11. soyab0007

    N70 Me For Sale

    I want to sell my N70 at Rs 5300 14 months used with all accessories and 1gb memory card Only for mumbai
  12. K

    40 gb ps3 with 1 game for sale

    40gb Play Station 3 For Sale selling 40 gb ps3 & voltage conveter . it is just bought from singapore japan. just played it twice or thrice. some scratches on outer body but all other accessories including controller are in brand new condition. asking price : - 15k + shipping intd than pls...
  13. K

    Used Xbox Accessories For Sale

    selling follwing used xbox 360 accessories 20 gb hdd - 3500 Rs 2 wireless controllers - 2800 Rs power brick adapter - 1500 Rs hd av component cable - 1200 Rs hd phone + ethernet cable - 600 Rs any one intd to buy above stuffs than pls pm me
  14. johnjjx

    Fs: leadtek 7950gt 256gddr3 extreme edition pcie

    Sellin recently rmad piece. As title says. In warranty arnd n yr or more left Cmes with al accessories n discs bundled. Price 4k.(non-negotiable). Extreme edition/std clocks core 600/550
  15. paragkalra

    Determining Cost of Computer Accessories

    Hi Folks, Does anyone know any Forum or any Website where we can determine latest cost of Computer devices like RAM, Harddisk, DVD Writer, Speakers, Mouse, Keyboard, Motherboards, SMPS, Monitor etc. Actually whenever I or any of my friend wants to buy any of the above accessories we are...
  16. S

    k750i for sale....

    I wanna sale my one yr old k750i with original accessories...for Rs. 5500. Delhi buyers preferred.
  17. krups

    Internal TV Tuner Card

    Internal TV Tuner Card with remote for sale. Very less used. It is in excellent working condition. Including all accessories and outer box. Price 850/- inclusive of shipping.
  18. C

    Super Quite ATI 2600 Graphics Card (256MB)

    Hi , I am selling my 2 month old ATI 2600 HD card as i am going for 2900 HD card. Price: Rs 5800 .. includes all the accessories and one free game CD Buyer should be from Bangalore Thanks. Sekhar
  19. T

    Used XBOX 360 Games and Accessories

    HI, I've got the following games to sell. 1) Forza Motorsport 2 2)Burnout Revenge 3)F.E.A.R 4)PGR3 5)Smackdown vs RAW 2007 PRICE:RS 1000 - 1500 ACCESSORIES 1)XBOX 360 Controller 2)20 GB Hard Disk 3)Play and Charge kit All accessories price negotiable LOCATION: Pune...
  20. iMav

    All Cellfones to Have Same Charging plug

    Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, LG, and Nokia have agreed to use micro USB as a charging-plug standard for phones. Your days of buying a bagful of accessories every time you switch phones have come to an end. Well, not quite. You will still have to toss out all your mini USB chargers, as this...
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