1. D

    DLinkd 2730u modem+router

    I have purchased DLink DSL 2730u modem +router to connect to BSNL broadband. I have configured the modem with the CD supplied with it. After the setting up I was able to access internet through it. When I shutdown both and restarted some time later Broadband cannot be accessed due to multiple...
  2. H

    Scribd hacked. Emails and (hashed and salted) passwords leaked.

    Important Security Announcement : Support Desk
  3. bhutanesedude

    Windows Server 2003 Doubt

    Friends, in my office, we have Windows 2003 Server connected to around 20-30 terminals. Now I am wondering, when i checked the server, the drives present were C, D and E. E Drive was shared within network, but when accessed from terminal/user's PC, it was accessed as P Drive. I did not...
  4. A

    Partition on Hard-Disk !

    Hello Friends, I bought a new Laptop sometime back. I have not made any partition on my Hard disk, I have not divided it into two parts as they normally do like a C Drive and a D Drive or something like that.If I am like using it only for my personal use. Without connecting to any network or...
  5. B

    Porn Sites

    Hi, how can i restrict the porn sites accessed by my pc? tell me please.
  6. krishnandu.sarkar

    How Can I Know Last Accessed Time Of My PC

    hey..........frndz is thr any way i mean any command or sumthn lyk that to know when my pc last turned on n the duration.......?????? or sumthing frm which i can know the last accessed tym of my pc????? thnx in adv.......plz help.........its urgent....!!!!
  7. B

    Suggest a Software for this pupose

    please suggest me a good software which i can use to hide certain programs while they are running and/or block certain programs to be accessed by anyone apart from me. i would like to mention here that i use windows XP.
  8. mahesh

    Please help me

    when i tried to mount an iso file using daemon tools , it is showing that the file cannot be accessed. Can anyone help me to solve this....:?:
  9. dheeruymv1212

    Prob wit Web serverrrrrrrr

    hi guysss, I have 2 systems in my network(beside me) which my servlet deployed in apache needs to respond to the client request i.,e to get accessed in another PC .....What is the method thru apache tat i can deploy it on the other system...........
  10. kumarmohit

    Bill Gates Ki FIR (Funny:)) )

    Source: From Print version of today (June 16, 2007) - can be freely accessed by registering on the epapersection
  11. Zeeshan Quireshi

    Registry Watcher .

    Well is there any program that runs in the background logs access to your windows registry with all the information that which key was accessed , etc . if there is then plese tell me .
  12. I

    Partition Lock

    I have some stuff ;) on a few partitions on my PC which I don't want others to access. Is there a way to lock the partition in such a way that it can only be accessed by me? Plz help.
  13. A

    two queries

    suppose my computer name is "Amit-Knl" and i run http service on it. Then i know that my computer can be accessed through internet using hItp:// 1) so what is www used for. 2) and will it be also accessed through hItp:// if it is behind a proxy server.
  14. S

    Block all IP except Few in my server

    Hello friends. I have pruchased a server to run an application which is highly confidential and i need to secure my server by blocking all the IP's except for some from whcih the application (website) can be accessed. Please help me in configuring my windows 2003 server in such way. Its very...
  15. linardni

    LANning PCs

    I have eight computers for my firm. How to LAN them so that Internet can be accessed from all of them? What are required and what will be the approx cost for LANning them as such?
  16. R

    What server is accessed.....................

    Hi guyz, does any of you know how to find what server is being accessed from my computer, by a browser or an application......... please tell me........ thanx in advance.......... -------------- Rahul
  17. G

    Edge Handsets

    Has anyone seen edge handsets other than Nokia.I know only about two handsets 6230 and 3220 both of which i dont like.Has anyone accessed internet using A edge handset and connecting it to a PC.R the speeds good.
  18. mariner

    spybot snd !!

    this is what happened recently during the scan the full text is error during check c:\windows\win.ini.file cannot be accessed because it is being used by another process. ne ideas ?????
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