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  1. rohan_mhtr

    Fcuked up Nvidia service

    OK guys , I had purchased a XFX 7600gt AGP card about a year ago which came with 3 year warranty . Recently i started noticing very high temperatures and frequent shutdowns which is when i discovered that the fan on my 7600gt was not working . As it was under warranty i gave my card to my dealer...
  2. R

    FS I wanna sell my Asus Nvidia 7600GT

    Hi Guys..I wanna sell my 7600GT Asus GPU. i am from Mumbai.. Still 1 year warranty left.. Will include Drivers and Manual CD with box :):) Quote ur Price guys.. :p:p
  3. johnjjx

    7600GT Pcie 256mb gddr3 with warranty

    sellin 2yrs old chaintech 7600gt with 1yr warranty left...got bill price 2750 shippd. seekin immediate sale..
  4. A

    Fs:Xfx 7600gt 256mb ddr3 pcie

    Hi all.I am Selling my 256mb xfx 7600gt pcie graphic card for Rs 3000.Warranty left is more than 15 months dircectly from rashi.Interested people pm me.Would Prefer people from delhi and Ncr. Reason for sale is going for 8800gt
  5. R

    7600gt 256mb ddr3 AGP

    7600gt 256mb AGP card with DDR3 from big-tek.com for Rs.3500 + shipping. Bought in Jan 2007. I do not have the bill but the card has a sticker on it stating date of purchase. card sold may kindly close the thread. thanks
  6. johnjjx

    7600GT Pcie 256mb gddr3

    watson chaintech 7600gt 256mb gddr3 PCI-E arnd a yr or more warranty left. good overclocker achieved 660/1600 easily. default clocks are 560/1400. price 3k shippd seeking a quick sale.
  7. A

    Graphic card

    Hello all; I'm selling my graphic card 7600GT which i purchased about jan or feb 2007. Card: 7600GT Memory: 256MB DDR3 Warranty: 3 years Price:5.5K incl shipping Location:Jaipur/Udaipur.......Can ship it anywhere!!!
  8. A

    XFX Geforce 7600GT 256 MB For SALE

    Hello there ppl:p I'm Abhishek Sharma:) . I want to sell my graphic card which is XFX Geforce 7600GT 256MB. I purchased the card near feb.07 and havent used it much. Card came with a warranty of 3 years. Model:XFX Nvidia 7600GT Memory: 256MB DDR3 Type: PCIe Warranty: 3years...
  9. The_Devil_Himself

    7600GT 0r 8600GT?

    Guys I am stuck on whether to buy 7600Gt or 8600Gt.8600 offers DX10 compatibility but according to reviews is not that good and 7600 beats it quite comfortably in current games.I want to play games like lost planet(DX9 version),crysis,etc at medium settings and respectable frame rates. Please...
  10. B

    compatibility Issue

    Will DX10 Games run on DX9.0c Cards? like 7600GT
  11. M

    FS: Leadtek 7600GT 256MB DDR3 AGP 8X

    As the topic suggests - for Sale a used Leadtek Winfast 7600GT AGP 8X 256MB DDR3 Card with four original games - 1) Track Mania Nations} [Came with the card] 2) Serious Sam 2 } [Came with the card] 3) Titan Quest 4) Cricket 2005 Reason for selling - Have shifted to the PCIe...
  12. B

    FS: Sparkle 7600GT PCIexpress

    hey guys I have a Sparkle 7600 GT 256 MB which is 13 months old for sale. the price i am expecting is around 4K.there is no warranty.but the card has no complaints and works like new. my name is Balagopal R Varma.i live in cochin. my id is bladeind@yahoo.com. reason for selling is I...
  13. B

    which is better GFX card?

    NVIDIA Geforce 7600GT or ATI Radeon 1650XT
  14. R

    LCD showing garbled display

    My lenovo LCD has shown this problem 4th time, but seeems that the issue is not realy with the LCD. Here is the set up. XP-SP2 19"LCD running with DVI input XFX 7600GT card 500 watt Zebronics platinum PSU. Suddenly while working normally the screen goes away & start showing garbled display...
  15. Kniwor

    XFX Geforce 7600GT 256Mb GDDR3 PCI-E for cheap

    I want to sell my XFX Geforce 7600GT 256Mb GDDR3 PCI-E Card Purchase Date 13/07/06 India warranty till 13th July 2009 Package: The card was purchased in Kolkata, comes with original box, cables etc... 7000/- The card runs just fine and very cool at 615/1620, It can kick ass of any 7600GT out...
  16. A

    XFX 7600GT XXX edition for sale

    Brand new XFX 7600GT XXX edition video card for sale.Its factory sealed and hasnt been used yet.Price 10K.
  17. g_goyal2000

    XFX 7600GT AGP or Leadtek 7600GT AGP

    Hi Guys. I'm planning to buy a new AGP card in place of my old nVidia 5200 AGP. I have decided on a nVidia 7600 GT based AGP card cos it's better then 7800GS, cheap & available. And also cheaper than an ATI x1950 which I would die for. XFX & Leadtek are the only ones who make 7600 GT based AGP...
  18. J

    FS: Leadtek 7600GT PCIe 256MB (Exclusive Design)

    Hi! For sale a Leadtek 7600GT PCIe 256MB (Exclusive Design). Done six months, great piece of hardware. Billed. Boxed. Driver CDed. Gamed. 3 years warranted. Price: Rs. 7,500. Shipping free. Suggestions, quotes, welcome on the thread. Any thrashings, PM only. :D
  19. sam9s

    Any body interested in buying XFX 7600GT

    Hi ALL, I am getting an 8800 from US, and I want to shell out my XFX 7600GT,... I can offer 7000, with Ghost Recon the original title plus 3,4 other titles as well of your choise. Under 3 year warrenty with all the package........anybody interested....people from Delhi NCR
  20. godling

    7600GT vs 7300GT

    1. I wanted to know how drastic is the performance difference between these two? (Please be a bit detailed, if you can) 2. I need to buy a brand other than XFX, because I've heard that XFX cards are substantially slow. Anyone knows what else is available in Calcutta? And does brand choice...
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