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Recommendations needed for a decent 5.1 speaker system within 5-6k


What will be the best possible 5.1 speaker system within 5-6k?It will be used primarily to watch movies and for gaming and therefore its imperative that the speakers should be able to deliver accurate positional audio and should have reasonably powerful bass as well.Some shopkeepers in our locality are strongly recommending the iball booster which is available for around Rs 6000-Is it a good choice?Also I've heard that certain 5.1 speakers feature 6 separate audio jacks for connecting each speaker individually to the audio source,however computers usually have only 3 audio inputs for connecting the front,rear and center speakers-in that case how shall i hook up such a speaker system to my pc?

Also what other options do i have within the same price range?

(please note that certain 5.1 systems are available in the market that are actually 2.1 but create a pseudo-surround effect by producing sound from 6 speakers simultaneously-i strictly wish to avoid those.I currently have a creative speaker system but its bass is rather weak and so i'd like to replace it with a better one)
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