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  1. B

    5.1 speakers for Gaming and Movies (Budget 10K)

    Ok as the topic says i am looking for a new 5.1 speaker system to use with my gaming system. So far i have shortlisted these three: 1. Edifier 5000PRO 2. F&D 6000 3. F&D 6000U One thing more, do i need sound card to run these? I am already running Creative 5.1 6100 on my Motherboard...
  2. R

    Plan to buy 5.1 computer speaker

    Hi, i am planning to buy a 5.1 speaker for my computer. After a little browsing sorted the following 1. Logitech z506 2. F&D 6000 Usage: Movie watching, Gaming and music Budget: arount 6k What about the F&D 3000 and 3000U is it good. Is it worth buying the F&D600U for the USB option...
  3. bestpain

    need speaker for pc

    dont know much about speakers but i want a speaker for my pc budget is under 3k and any 4.1 or 5.1 speakers which is loud and boom boom type my motherboard is gigabtye b75 d3h will it support 5.1 audio?
  4. 1

    Please Suggest Some Decent 5.1 Speaker System For Music And Movies..

    I Want A Good 5.1 Speaker System For Music(60%) And Movies(40%)... I Really Like The Edifier DA5100 Pro And F&D F6000U But They Don't Have Dolby Or DTS Audio Encoding And Digital Input(Co-axial) And I Want True surround Sound Experience... I Was Left With Logitech Z906 They Have Everything I...
  5. A

    5.1 System which plays from wifi network ?

    My house has wifi access everywhere. All mobiles, tv, laptops are connect to the same network. This diwali I want to purchase a 5.1 Speaker setup which can be hooked up to this wifi network and stream audio from any device on the network. Mainly android phones and Sony bravia Tv. I tried...
  6. G

    Need suggestion for Home theatre 5.1 or Hifi system under 20k...

    plzzz give ur suggestion
  7. S

    vfm 5.1 speaker for pc

    i am using creative sbs 370 2.1 more than five years. It is good enough for my room. But now i like to buy a 5.1 speaker. uses: Music > Movies > Games room size: small pc configaration: look spoiler please budget: 7k i do not understand about RMS, watt number etc yet, if necessary i can study...
  8. S

    Buying home theatre. Please suggest!

    Hello everyone! I'm going to buy a home theatre for my living room. I want 5.1 system . I have a 22 inch led tv ( will upgrade in a month or so ) Please suggest . I prefer Sony . Please reply at the earliest . Shiva
  9. shyamsn00

    [Q] Use 5.1 PC speakers with TV?

    I have a Creative Inspire T6160 PC speaker system, but in the current setup of my computer, there's hardly any "surround" sound. So I thought os using the speakers with my new TV, an LG 32LS5700. There is a "PC Audio Input" jack in its rear, but I don't know how to connect the 3 jacks of the 5.1...
  10. Champ

    Suggestions needed for a decent HTiB

    Hi Guys, Planning to buy a 5.1 speaker system with a 3d Blu Ray player, to pair it up with Samsung 40 inch ES6200 Main purpose is to have some more 3d content and better sound than TV's inbuilt speaker. Budget : now looking to spend mote then 20K looked at Samsung E4500K, its MRP on...
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