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only 2 speakers working in 5.1 PC setup


Hi , I have setup my new F&D F700UF speakers, aux is working fine.
But I bought it for 5.1 only.
I have setup 5.1 in audio setting, when I test it , only front left and front right are working.
Tried with a 5.1 channel audio file in foobar , same ,
also tried 5.1 movie , I am not getting vocal because center speaker not working.
No bass/ no rear surround etc..

3 pins are contented in the back of the pc
files have 5.1 output , foobar VUmeter shows 5.1 channel .

Running windows 10 on default windows drivers.
software tried KM player, AIMP, VLC and Foobar.
K-Lite codec is installed , 5.1 is enabled.

What should I do ?


Broken In
Assuming you have a motherboard supporting 8 channel audio,
Insert the front speakers wire into the green jack
the rear speakers wire into the blue jack and
the centre/subwoofer wire into the orange jack
Also, don't forget to configure 5.1 from control panel>hardware and sound>sound
Select your driver and set to 5.1 and test your speakers
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