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Help Suggestions 5.1 Setup with TV+STB+HTPC on budget


Broken In

My main aim is to enjoy 5.1 audio on a budget with as less devices as possible.

My sources: 1. 1080p movies/TV shows with 5.1 audio downloaded from internet
2. Full HD channels from HD set top box with dolby audio
3. SD Channels

My concept: all simultaneous connections

1. Connect 32/40/42 inch full HD TV through HDMI to HTPC
2. Connect HTPC to 5.1 speakers via 3.5mm/RCA
3. Connect HD STB to TV by HDMI
4. Connect HD STB to 5.1 speakers via RCA/SPDIF cables - little confused here

My room size is: 12 Ft x 14 Ft

Total Budget 75,000 INR flexible by not more than 5k

I do not have any components, so will appreciate your advice on all of them.

1. Concept: I hope its possible and not unrealistic. Simultaneous connections as such are possible without much hassles.

2. TV: what size and what brand? Get relatively cheap phillips/videocon/panasonic 40-42 inch or LG/Samsung/Sony 32 inch- both costing 35k roughly? Min of 2 HDMI and proper refresh rate.

3. HTPC Config: I am thinking of i3 4th gen/ compatible mobo with USB3 and 6 channels audio / 8gb ram/1Tb WD hdd - will gfx card needed?- I want to play fifa 15, CS:GO mainly. Also do i need to give special attention to any part as TV will be used as monitor? Should cost 25k without gfx card.

4. 5.1 speakers - I am not bass enthusiast. I want clarity. Clear dialogues and crisp music over thumping bass. Budget allocated will be 10-12k - which will be decent system which will have connectivity options req for this setup?

5. HD STB: Airtel / Tata Sky / Videocon ? which one has best PQ and SQ with req connectivity options?

I thank you for taking time in reading this long post and helping me.
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