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  1. Moy

    Full HD 32" TV Under 36K

    Hi, I want to buy a Full HD TV. Here are my requirements: 1. Budget: 36K Max, Specifically max 3K EMI for 12 months 2. Display type and size: Full HD & 32" 3. Primary use of TV/Monitor? 50% as a TV 50% as Monitor 4. Ports Required: HDMI [At least 2 of it], USB, Ethernet/Wi-Fi would be great...
  2. G

    Beam Fiber Increases FUP by 50%, Offers Wi-Fi router for Rs. 1499

    Source Thank u beam :clap2: enjoying . bsnl is dying in hyd.
  3. true_lies

    With just two months of life left, Windows XP powers almost 30% of all PCs

    with-just-two-months-of-life-left-windows-xp-powers-almost-30-of-all-pcs/ Win 7 powering almost 50% of all PCs worldwide. Although sad to see linux come last:-(
  4. ravi_9793

    [For Sale] YagHost - 50% Lifetime Off - Pure SSD - Daily Backups - cPanel - Free Migration

    YagHost - Only Pure web hosting, No false promises, No false marketing. We are a fast growing web hosting provider with first class support and uptime. Our web hosting plans are designed for personal and small business clients who require performance, affordability and reliability. We've been...
  5. B

    Blackfriday giveaway

    Black friday giveaway I found this interesting.. but indian sites are catching up on black friday :) SmartClues.com Black Friday Recharge Giveaway is LIVE Now!! cBazaar Black Friday Sale is ON! Huge 50% off sale - All deals here Black Friday in India @ Shopclues :)
  6. C

    Need a good HTiB or a good audio setup

    Hi guys im looking for some good audio setup for my home like a good HTiB.Budget is 20-25k(upto 30 if its really worth it).Primary usage would be 50% music 50% movies with my new lg47lm6410:-D.Also i have very little knowledge of this field in audio section, So pour in ur suggestions.Would be...
  7. Reaper_vivek

    EA Origin 1st Anniversary Sale : 50% of on Major titles

    Couldn't find an existing thread, weird, anyways 50% off on most EA titles.. Origin - Welcome Mass Effect 3 @Rs 750 (Digital Deluxe Edition Rs 999) Dead Space 1 @250 Dead Space 2 @350 Mirror's Edge @200 Alice : Madness Returns @500 Crysis @150 Battlefield 3 @750 (B2K expansion @300)...
  8. hdsk.23

    RIM (Research In Motion) Prices Slashes by 50% New Year Blast!

    Festive move: RIM slashes PlayBook prices by 50% Canadian firm Research In Motion (RIM) has slashed the price of its PlayBook by more than half to Rs13,490 for the 16-GB version to cash in on the festive season and rising demand for tablet PCs in India. "The 16-GB version of the PlayBook...
  9. ankushkool

    Is Page file useful?

    I have a Dell Studio 17 with Win 7 and 3 GB ram... and as a norm have reserved space for page file upto 3 GB! But my concern is that most it the time my RAM is being used only around 50% and they system starts using the page file! why is it not using the RAM to its full potential! and what...
  10. mohityadavx

    Photoshop problem

    Hi I am a newbie at photoshop ( using CS5)and basically learning it through videos at youtube. I am suffering from a strange a problem whenever i select region of photo in mask mode and then click inverse ( otherwise it select all the area except the area i want) It gives a message:- Warning...
  11. stonecaper

    Best Entry level DSLR???

    Planning to buy an Entry level DSLR.The Cheapest and the best.Price and Performance Have 50% Waightage Respectively...Any recomendations Please???
  12. dreamsalive

    Urgent Help Req.!!!

    I recently formatted one of my drives and found that it is 50% fragmented, after trying various defrag. software including o & o defrag. still over 50% of my space is fragmented and the file that cannot be defragmented by various soft. is named "pagefile.sys". it had 19 fragments occupying half...
  13. shift

    Using your browser URL history to estimate gender

    CLICK HERE Me, 100% male :D:D PS : it will be 50% male 50% female if u just cleared your cookies or history
  14. A

    Trojan Infection

    When i open Task Manager, i found a process called regsvr.exe the CPU usage rises upto 50%. Is this virus or trojan.. how can i removed it.. please help
  15. L

    Kaspersky Products - 50% OFF

    Kaspersky is having a promotion program in Vietnam. So, the license is 50% cheaper. You can check more information here: Edited Batty : Removed spam link
  16. shyamno

    Preview videos?

    Is there any s/w through which incompleted torrent video (>50% of total) files can be viewed.
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