1. Nipun

    Anyone with an experience of selling on Flipkart, Amazon, etc.?

    A friend and I are planning to start selling T-Shirts and some other products online using Flipkart or Amazon. Since both of us are college students, we just want some extra money (5-6k?), but cannot put it a lot of time. Is there any one here who has past experience with selling on Flipkart...
  2. Renny

    Phone needed for 5-6K

    Hi, I'm looking for a phone between 5-6K for my cousin. This will be her first smartphone. 1. Budget - 5-6K 2. Display type and size - 4" 3. Form Factor - Bar 4. Preferred choice of brand - Lenovo, MMX, Gionee, Anything else good at this price 5. Preferred input method - Touchscreen...
  3. S

    Need Motherboard in 5-6k price range

    Hi Guys, Need some help finding the best motherboard for the config and budget mentioned below Intel Core i5 3470 Corsair Value select 4 GB ddr3 1333 Mhz Sapphire HD 7850 OC Seasonic SS12II - 620 The budget for mobo is 5-6k and the PC is mainly for gaming Few of the...
  4. D

    First phone for a teenager ( Must be Touch or Touch-n-type, pref. Androdi if available for 5-6K)

    1. Budget? Would prefer around 5K and certainly not more than 6K 2. Display type and size? Only Touch 3. Form Factor? bar, slider, flip? Anything in vogue 4. Preferred choice of brand? Samsung then Nokia then Sony 5. Preferred input method (QWERTY, touchscreen, numpad, touch-n-type). Touch ...
  5. W

    Best Ear Phones within 5-6k!

    Hello Guys, Please suggest a good ear phone set that I can gift to my friend... Budget is between 5-6k...Interested in good music
  6. mrinmoy

    GFX at 5-6k

    Hi this is my system config AMD A8-3870k at 3.3GHz Corsair Vengeance 1600MHz (4Gbx2) Corsair VS450 ASUS F1A55-M Seagate Barracuda 1Tb Samsung 20" LED (1600x900) Please suggest a good graphic card at 5-6k. AMD/ATI will be preferable as I can crossfire it. P.S.- Please also suggest a...
  7. ashish21099

    [Want to Buy] Gfx card within 5-6k

    I need a gfx card within 5-6k preferably 5770, 6770, gtx550ti, gtx460, 6850.
  8. clmlbx

    Mobile for 5-6K

    Hello, I have already seen reference thread for mobile may Edition.. But I am not able to make any decision.. I want phone for 5-6K, budget is little flexible but I don't think it will be needed according to requirements. I want this phone for my mom. she was using 3120 classic which has...
  9. D

    Suggest Me a Decent PSU

    I am currently using Coolmasters 350W Elite power psu.......recently my graphic card went kaput.....GTS 250 was the one i was using..... Upon research i came 2 know that my PSU wattage was low for my config.... My budget would be 1.GPU : 5-6k 2. PSU - 3k-3.3 k I have Intel q9400 2.66 GHZ...
  10. M

    Need a Phone in 5-6k with secondary camera.

    Hi All, i need a new phone . Requirements are 1. It should not be a touch or qwerty phone(STRICTLY NO TOUCH) 2.that it should have a secondary camera for 3g video calls. 3.a good big screen and 4. long battery life. 5. and all this in a budget of 5-6k. There is a thread similar to...
  11. P

    Mobile 5-6k

    I want to buy a mobile costing around 5-6k. It must be be able to play multimedia content and have a camera(anything but VGA). 3G supported(optional). Touch/Keypad, anything will do. Please advise.
  12. J

    Please sugggest

    i want to upgrade to 5.1 speakers from my creative inspire 2.1 so which 1 should i buy... i have these options... logitech x540, logitech z506(doesnt have a wired remote also) creative t6200, edifier m3500 or any other model suggested by u ppl in 5-6k budget. thanks in advance...
  13. Ronnie11

    DVD Player for 32" LCDTV

    Hey guys i need help with a dvd player for a lcd tv which allows usbs to play movie etc...preferably a samsung brand..no idea how much budget needs to be allocated,so if anyone could pls help me out with it..for now its about 5-6k... Ps:- i didn't know as to which section i should oput this...
  14. D

    need camera within 5-6k

    i need the best possible digital camera i can get within rs.5000-6000/-...any suggestions?
  15. H

    slider phone under 5-6k

    I'm looking for my sister a slider phone under 5-6K. would expect the phone to have basic camera, mp3 player, bluetooth, microSD expansion slot for atleast 1 GB, FM and other basic requirements. it has to be a slider phone. could you guys suggest me some phones under this category? thanx
  16. chavo

    Which mobile i should buy

    Hey guys i want 2 buy nokia mobile. My range is 5-6k. It should support atleast 2gb memory card.
  17. ╬Switch╬

    Directx 10 graphics for vista???

    I currently have onboard ATI RADEON XPRESS 200 Series on my D101GGC,P4 3.0 GHz and 1GB RAM. But Vista hangs on this config so Ive decided to get myself a decent graphics card that will help me run vista along with Adobe CS3 Suite Apps. Im lookin for something around 5-6K. Can u guys...
  18. spyingshadow

    Help on motherboards

    I am planning to buy a new system. I have decided on evrythinbg except motherboard. I am going to use intel c2d e6300. plz tell me which chipset is better, Nforce4 or Intel p965. also tell me a MB with a modest price tag of Rs. 5-6K. If possible, tell one with atleast one firewire port. Also, it...
  19. S

    yepp players!!please suggest!!!

    can anybody give me a lowdown on samsung yepp players?? i basically want a device with voice recording of upto 2-2.5 hrs + mp3 player. budget is around 5-6k. please suggest something within my budget.(other than samsung will also work for me)
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