1. G

    Laptop Below 40k

    Please suggest a good laptop below 40 k.Thxs
  2. veddotcom

    Laptop Under 40k

    I want to Buy a LAPTOP under 40k, As my Expected Configuration is Core 2 DUO, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Camera, 160 SATA HDD, 2GB Ram.. All These Stuffs i m Getting in "ACER ASPIRE 5920" . The Problem is Can i Go with ACER Series? Is Acer Reliabe? If there is Any Other Option For me Then Suggest...
  3. New

    Which laptop for 40k?

    Hi friends.. One of my friends want to by new lappy. Budjet is 40k(strictly 40k). I can't suggest any Dell laptops as he need it within four days.Please tell me which is the best for 40k? Laptop will be used only for normal work and basic gaming.. (Please let me know any good shops for laptops...
  4. dhanusaud

    Notebook PC

    suggest me a good laptop under 40k. my frnd wants configs as follows: Processor - any Intel with Dual core (not celeron) Graphics - nVidia or ATI Display - 15" to 17" OS - Vista (Not Home Edition) Built in web cam & mic etc etc.. all of guys are masters here no need to describe here a lot just...
  5. coolest111

    best possible pc in 40k.....

    still confused in buying a new pc..... pls help me my budget is 40k..... can wait for a month for price drop....... *www1.ap.dell.com/content/products/features.aspx/featured_desktop1?c=in&cs=indhs1&l=en&s=dhs some of my frnds suggested pc in above link.......... pls help me and tell...
  6. Tushar.bar

    Laptop @40 k

    Hi all. can u suggest a laptop under 40k.
  7. U

    Help me to buy the best laptop

    OS - Windows XP/Vista CONFIG - Intel Dual Core 2 Duo (HT, 2 MB Cache) 1GB or 2GB RAM 200GB or + SATA HDD DVD-RW PCIe Graphics Card 256MB (internal, external or however) 17" or 15" will also be OK. OTHER INFO - I strictly don't want anything else except them. There should not be any...
  8. Kniwor

    Help getting bike in Delhi

    ok, I need to buy a bike, thinking on spending around 40k but can stretch above 50 if necessary, Used bike is a good option and went to karol bagh the other day for the same, I have my eye on the Bajaj Avenger but a new one will burn a hole in my pocket, a used one (1.5-2years) costing...
  9. xsreality

    Plz suggest new config.. (update on already referred config)

    Hello friends! Two Months back, I had discussed here in this forum itself about upgrading my computer but due to some problems I could not buy the PC then... But now I have decided to upgrade my comp. I have a budget of 40k. This was the configuration that I had finalized then. The prices...
  10. ApoorvKhatreja

    Want to assemble new gaming PC ~ 40K

    Ok guys, I'm thinking of buying a new PC. My budget is around 40K, for mainly gaming and multimedia purposes. Please post configurations over here and approximate price. Thanks. I have a vague idea of what I need. Intel Core 2 E6300-E6700 ?? ASUS P5B Deluxe/ Gigabyte P956 / G965 Corsair...
  11. G

    Best Laptop

    Please suggest a best laptop available in the market in the price range of 30k to 40k.
  12. L

    Best Note Book in 40k

    Hi all , Can u guide me in picking good configuration in Note Books around 40k I heard Compaq is good.....both serviceing and perfomence........ wat u say.........!! leenus
  13. M

    40K config with 19"\17" LCD

    Well a pc 35,000 to 40,000 cannot strech budget any furthur a 17" or if possible 19" LCD(19" preferred) X2 3600+ m2n-mx (please sugest a good mobo in budget) 6600 based graphic card 512 MB RAM 160 GB SATA sony DVD RW ~Rs. 2000 cabinet+400W SMPS+keyboard+mouse~Rs. 2300 all in 40k or...
  14. S

    Laptop at under or around 40K?

    Hi, I have the tricky job of selecting a laptop for my parents & since their needs are very basic (word docs, checking email on the internet & suck stuff), the budget i have been given is under 40K. Most of the laptops in this category r Celeron or Sempron. Can anyone suggest anything better...
  15. D

    looking for note book pc under 40k

    Hi Can u guys locate a <4ok laptop preferably with wifi. Sempron based systems don't shell out much processing power do they? Give me detailed info as i am a novice in the notebook department
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