1. jkultimate

    Can I Install 32 bit and 64 bit OS in same computer..?

    I currently have a 32bit processor, and a 32bit OS Windows 7 In order to play GTA 5, I want to install 64 bit OS. So without formatting my current 32 bit OS, can I install 64 bit in one partition..? While booting, it should ask 32 or 64. How to do so? Please help..?
  2. shreeux

    Best Graphics Card DDR3 or DDR5?

    I am recently upgraded the system .... Configuration is... AMD FX(tm)-6100 Six-Core Processor ASUS M5A97 Motherboard Corsair DDR3 8GB RAM PC3-12800J (800 MHz) Cool Master 750W SMPS Seagate 500GB Hard disk windows 7 sp1 32bit what is difference between DDR3 and DDR5? I like to...
  3. S

    GTX 460 Getting Display Driver Error.

    hi all, I'm using the PC with the config as in my siggy with dual boot win7 64bit & 32bit. Today evening a strange problem started, I opened a video song in MPC player but after playing 3-4seconds the video struck and only audio was running 2seconds later the whole screen gone blank, I hit...
  4. ramakanta

    Know your processor

    How to know it is 32bit computeror (32bit processor) and it is 64 bit computer(or 64 bit processor)?? Is there any procedure to know it ??? Please help me . thank you. :|:|:|
  5. ico

    Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood

    Developer: Techland Publisher: Ubisoft Released: July 2009 0Pk22uzyT9M Thought it deserves a thread of its own. Downloaded and installed the game yesterday, I see no text in the Menus? I use Windows 7 32bit. The thing is, I couldn't find any solution online too. Deleting the folder...
  6. codename_romeo

    32 bit Softwares on 64 bit os

    Hi guys Can anyone tell me is there any issue when i try to run 32 bit softwares on a 64 bit os ? I have no clue which softwares in particular am i gonna need to use, as they would be provided by the college in a few months. So in general is there any specific way of running 32bit softwares on...
  7. static_x

    RAM Under-rated

    Hi, Assembled my new system with: AMD Phenom II X4 940 Gigabyte GA MA790GP - UD4H Corsair 800Mhz 2GBx2 RAM Modules My system is showing only 2.75 gb of RAM. I understand that OS being 32bit the RAM showed is less than 4 GB. But my office PC (HP System - using E7400+4gb RAM) shows 3.31 GB of...
  8. rajwansh2003

    Linux in NTFS

    I have heard that Linux can only be installed in FAT32 in 32bit processor while NTFS in 64bit processor. Is it True?
  9. naveen_reloaded

    ** Console Controller On PC **

    Here is a centralised thread on how to make the console controllers like Sixasis , Dual Shock , Controller of xbox to work with PC... Post in the drivers and " how to " to make these controllers work with pc... actually i was about to post for sixasis .. but having problem with the...
  10. S

    32bit applications on 64bit ?

    I ordered for a Dell Studio laptop from USA. The laptop hasn't reached yet. Only yesterday did i notice that my Vista on the laptop was 64bit. As i've never used 64bit i have a doubt. Can we run all 32bit applications on the 64bit Vista ?
  11. R

    3dMark 06 score with HD4850

    No OCing done...3dmark06 with default settings but Anti-Aliasing set to 2sample AA and resolution-1680x1050 on Vista 32bit...this is my result 3D Mark Score-9960 SM2.0-4184 HDR/SM3.0-4403 CPU Score-2828 how good/bad is this? tq
  12. K

    64Bit Software

    Hi All, 1. What is the difference between 32Bit & 64Bit applications. 2. Can we run a 64bit application on a 32bit OS (I think NO). I have XP prof SP3 I originally installed it in year 2006. Thanks
  13. R

    I bought this gaming config

    Thanks to the advice I got on this forum, I just purchased these things for my gaming PC. Procy- C2D E8400 Mobo - MSI P45 Platinum Graphics 2 x Palit HD4850 with 512MB-DDR3 in Crossfire RAM - 4GB (2x2gb) G-Skill 800MHZ DDR2 (4-4-4-12 latency) Cabinet -CM 690i PSU- Corsair TX650W HDD - Seagate...
  14. R

    Which Vista version to install?

    I have this config Procy- E8400 Mobo - MSI P45 Platinum Graphics 2 x Palit HD4850 with 512MB-DDR3 in Crossfire RAM - 4GB (2x2gb) G-Skill 800MHZ DDR2 My usage is gaming. Please tell me Which version of Vista I should go for. Will Home Premium 32bit be okay? What is the performance difference...
  15. gxsaurav

    Should I switch to Vista 64 bit?

    I am currently using Windows Vista Ultimate 32 bit edition & my computer's hardware configuration is already known to many people here. I am about to upgrade to 3 GB RAM ( 1X2 GB & 1X1 GB DDR 2 800). Now 3 GB RAM will work fine with 32bit Windows but I was thinking that should I upgrade to 64bit...
  16. V

    Inspiron 1420 : Windows Vista 64 Bir Or 32Bit

    Hi I've just bought a Dell Inspiron 1420 with the following specs : Intel Core 2 Duo T8300 4GB RAM 667MHz 128MB NVIDIA 8400M GS Dedicated Graphics Intel Next-Gen Mini Wireless Card 250 GB 5200RPM HDD I would like to install Windows Vista 64Bit due to the memory mapping problem...
  17. Rollercoaster

    Nvidia forceware 173.65 32bit (beta) Leaked...

    hi guys, Just released this week. I tried these and they are working fabulous till now. a bit of improvement in crysis too. :D The 100% fan speed issue from the previous releases is also fixed. Funny thing is it supports even the unreleased 9600GT :p check it out at Guru3d. Detailed...
  18. cluby

    Multibootable dvd

    I want to make a multibootable dvd consisting the following Windows Vista 32bit Windows XP 32bit Some linux NT password recovery software Acronis Disk Director and may be some thing else what is the software to use & how in brief if possible specially for the boot file. Magic ISO has...
  19. satyamy

    Confusion between 32bit & 64bit OS

    What is the difference between 32bit and 64bit OS also What is the difference between 32bit and 64bit Computer I have WinXP_SP2 how can i find out my OS is this 32 or 64......? i think mine is 32........... just guessing........... :) from where can i get 64bit OS n wht is the config reguired...
  20. R

    Convert Color 32bit to 16bit

    Anyone knows code to color 32bit color pixel value to 16bit value
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