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  1. K

    New Laptop Purchase

    1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) 80k 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? 14 inch screen preferred but 15.6 is okay with me 3) What are the primary tasks will you be performing with this notebook? Software Development/Programming. Music. Movies. Some...
  2. C

    [Urgent] BIOS Error ""Error sending End of Post message to ME"

    When my system boots up, it stalls like nothing is happening and remains blank for few minute and then a message pops up "Error sending End of Post message to ME" and then starts. But after 3-4 minute of use, system crashes and get turnoff instantaneously. I've shown it in service center...
  3. V

    Best headphones for mobile(Rs 400-800)

    I am looking for a good earphone for my mobile, I give more preference to sound quality than to looks, but they should hurt the ear if you wear it for 3-4 hours on a go.Please suggest me something
  4. rst

    help me in buying an inverter

    i need inverter( pure sine ) for 3 fans,4 tubelight, tv and pc It should be capable of 3-4 hours plz help
  5. RCuber

    Looking for a Ergonomic Chair

    Budget is 5-6K , height adjustment required and good back support (full back) . I often sit more than 3-4 hrs at a stretch (when gaming) so please suggest accordingly. Please Suggest :)
  6. T

    i5 (3 gen) laptop in the range ₹30 k-₹35k

    hello everyone! i want a a laptop in the range of ₹35k -₹35 k with good configurationn ( i5 (3 gen) ,3-4 gb ram, min 500 gb hard disk, with a graphic card !) . . also i have to buy it within 3-4 days!! any recommendations?? dell, hp , sony vaio are the brands i‘ll like to consider!!
  7. dibya_kol

    what is faulty ?

    hi guys, i have already lost lot's of hair during this issue so i gave up and now i need some help fron u .. 8 days back in a evening i had played world of warcraft for 3-4 hrs then i shut doun my pc took rest for an hour and switched on my pc, since then the problem started...
  8. swiftshashi

    Need suggestions for a new laptop within 35k,immediately.

    Hello guys,My close friend is really in a dilemma over buying a new laptop.Kindly advise... 1) What is your budget? Rs.35000 maximum. 2) What size notebook would you prefer? 15.6" 3) Which country will you buying this notebook? India 4) Are there any brands that you prefer or...
  9. theserpent

    Just need some info

    I have an amd 7750 X2..Around 3-4 years old. Asus M2N68 DDR2 3-4 years Old How much might i get by selling this?
  10. D

    New Graphics Card

    Hi friends, My XFX 8600GT graphics card died few days back. I have given for repair. Is it worth repairing or buying a new one ?? My Config is, AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ 2.50 GB DDR2 MSI 7327 (K9AGM2) Zebronics 400W PSU (My PC is some 3-4 years old :P) My screen resolution is...
  11. Blue Ripazah

    pc running slow

    hi i have intel core i3 540 gigabyte h55md2h 2gb corsair ram 500 seagate the issue is my pc is running very slow .......the boot screen takes a long time sometimes even more than 3-4 mins i am not able to understand the problem ....please help me in making it run properly
  12. J

    Laptop shut down delay

    Hi, I have WIPRO notebook with W-xp. I formatted system 1 week ago. Now for shut down it takes almost 3-4 min.(sand clock logo remains very long). Kindly help.
  13. R

    CORE i3 or CORE i5????

    I am just a casual gamer. I want a decent gaming rig under 30k-35k. Should i go for core i3 or core i5????:???::???: Integrated graphics would do as i would buy a graphics card in 3-4 months time (please suggest the configuration of the pc).
  14. amrawtanshx

    Problem burning DVD's using Nero.

    Wasted 6 DVD's today. :( The writer was fine 3-4 days back.Now I get this error.
  15. R

    can the computer be kept on for more than 3-4 days continuosly?

    hi i had kept the computer on for 3-4 days continously for downloading purposes. now i am having this strange problem where the pc freezes after 5 min of booting at startup.i exactly dont know y its happening. cud it be becoz of damage to components due to overheating due to prolonged use...
  16. T

    sugest laptop in 45-55K range

    some important requirements screen size > 14.5 inch must be able to run the best OS ie linux ( bole toh no ATI graphix card bakwas) preferable nvidia graphix card with dedicated and not shared memory (IF possible) intel core duo or core 2duo extra points given if webcam and tv tuner there...
  17. thinkdigitreader

    Need Software

    Hi Friends, Is there any software to compress movie file so that i can write 3-4 movies in DVD (4.7 GB).
  18. prem4u

    IE Explorer error...Need Help ....

    I have winXP Sp2, IE6, and windowblind 5.5 installed. Can anyone explain why i m getting this error... i get this dialoug box 3-4 times countinous after clicking cancel. then i stop using end task...
  19. R

    help to solve my DVD problem

    I have a DVD writer ...6months old made of LiteON . so far so good but few days back I have been facing a problem . like I inputted a mp3 cd and started a song . it is like a problem is rotating . for the song every 15 seconds it is ok then sound is going bad for 3-4 second . again for 15 second...
  20. 786

    HELP ME with windows activation

    I have recently bought a XPpro with SP2 OEM version. The problem is that I didn't got this CD with any PC manufaturer, I have bought the CD myself & now recently I heard that I can activate it only 3-4 times. Is it true? What to be done? PLEASE HELP ME for if it is true then my money will be...
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