1. nikku_hot123

    Motherboard Stopped accepting RAM more than 256mb

    hi guys.. suddenly my motherboard has stopped accepting ram more than 256mb. whenever i am putting 1gb ram it starts beeping continuously and not booting. i have checked my ram in another system its ok, i have also checked my ram ports both are working fine with 256mb ram. Please help my...
  2. mayoorite

    Need a laptop Rs26000-32000

    Hi! I need a laptop which should have i3/i5 processor,2.4/2.4+ GHz speed,minimum 4GB RAM (with up gradable option),minimum 500GB hard Disk,screen size 14"+,a decent webcam,minimum 256MB Video memory,With or without os,portability is not the issue,It should be less than Rs32000.
  3. MegaMind

    XFX 8600GT 256mb XXX edition

    Hi Guys... I am selling my 8600gt 256mb, brand new with box(Replaced card so has 3yrs warranty, from 3rd march 2011) Product Code: PV-T84J-UDD3, Expected Price - Rs.3000 Performs close to 9600gt(since factory OCed) Reason for selling, upgrading to Msi gtx 560ti twin frozer ii/OC Location ...
  4. newway01

    Need Graphics Card

    I am looking for a used AGP card .. Interested in models like Nvidia FX5200,5500,5700, 5800, Nvidia 6600, 6800, Nvidia 7200GS ,7200GT, ATI X1650PRO, ATI HD 3850 etc, ATI 9200 etc... 256MB cards more preferred... If someone got it please PM me or reply here... Location: Cochin, Kerala.
  5. M

    XFX 8600GT 256MB /w Warranty

    Hello folks Me got a XFX 8600GT 256MB freshly RMA'd from RP tech. It has got warranty upto 26/6/2010. It has got all accessories that came with the card and also the Original Box. Price : 1750 Shipped. anything at all, use PM...
  6. NewsBytes

    Blackberry Bold 9700 now in India for Rs 31,990

        Research in Motion have announced the release of its flagship Blackberry model, the Blackberry Bold 9700 for the Indian market. The phone will be available on the Vodafone Essar network at a suggested retail price of Rs. 31,990.   The Blackberry Bold 9700 has a 2.44-inch TFT LCD screen...
  7. thunder.02dragon

    For Sale: Selling my XFX 8600GT 256MB DDR3 SLi Ready

    Hi, Now I am selling my XFX 8600GT 256MB DDR3 SLi Ready card with 2years 2months warranty left. Quoted price - 2900/- + shipping Interested? PM me..and no threadjacking please
  8. Sooraj_digit

    Online charges??? How much??

    I have selected Dell’s Studio 15 with Radeon HD 4570 256mb which is priced at app 45K on net. Can sum1 tell me the amount of taxes and the delivery charges that Dell is charging. What is the price running at Mumbai for Studio 15 wid 256mb Radeon 4570? I wud be coming Mumbai for the...
  9. Sooraj_digit

    Online charges??? How much??

    Online charges??? How much?? Edit Post I have selected Dell’s Studio 15 with Radeon HD 4570 256mb which is priced at app 45K on net. Can sum1 tell me the amount of taxes and the delivery charges that Dell is charging. What is the price running at Mumbai for Studio 15 wid 256mb Radeon...
  10. S

    FS:sRAM 256MB DDR RAM in good Condition

    For Sale: sRAM 256MB DDR RAM in good Condition -- 230/- # The above product is working fine its about 4 years old but working great. # The brand name is eRAM with Hynix IC's PM me if interested... Mumbai Buyers preferred local pickings I am from Goregaon, Mumbai Pics of the ram...
  11. shaunak

    [FS/Trade] 128MB and 256MB DDR RAM

    RAM 256MB DDR-333 PC2700 Vendor: HTL Digital Warranty: My warranty: 3 days. Price: 300/- RAM 128MB DDR-266 PC2100 Vendor: Hynix Warranty: My warranty: 3 days. Price: 150/- Reason: Don't use these anymore. Shipping: On me. Will ship via India Speed Post. My location: Mumbai...
  12. di9it

    Low-Mid End Graphics Card ???

    Hi Friends, Please help me decide to buy a decent mid-range gfx card. I finalized: - 8600GT 256MB DDR3 - 9500GT 256MB DDR3 - HD4650 512MB DDR3 Also, is HD4650 512MB DDR2 better than 8600GT/9500GT DDR3. Also please advise about card manufacturers i.e. which is best value for money...
  13. H

    [FS] x800xl + 256mb ddr ram

    Selling these two items. Radeon x800xl 256mb ddr3 pci-e 256mb ddr 400mhz ram 2.5-3-3 low latency. 2000/- shipped for both items combined. Now warranty left, but working perfectly. Location near kolkata.
  14. MetalheadGautham

    unetbootin does not work

    On windows. With ubuntu 8.04, mandriva 2009 and puppy. But it works with SliTaz. Intel D915GLVG mobo, P4 2.66GHz Prescott, 256MB DDR 400MHz RAM. Transcend JetFlash V30 2GB Pendrive formatted with FAT16 file system. WHY ?
  15. S

    Need a suggestion for Using RAM

    HI, Pals, I have a desktop Pc, with fallowing config 512MB ram mobo 915GAV Intel desktop. so, my question is that, can I use a 256MB RAM along with this 512MB chip, if i use , will i get any sort of problems??? please suggest me,My system performace is declined so for boosting it up, i...
  16. F

    Fs: Galaxy 8600gt 512mb ddr2 oc

    Galaxy 8600gt 512 ddr2 oc edition Purchased from primeabgb, for 6k. Purchase date: 23 oct/07. pics: core/mem are highly overclockable. memory goes to almost twice of default. 256mb and 512 variants are good their both ways. runs crysis smoothly(like 30fps) @ 1680 x 1050 and high...
  17. C

    7600GS 256mb @ 1625+shipping at actual

    Card Sold Price--1625+shipping at actual This card is faster and runs much cooler then 8500GT I have tested both cards. I want to sell XFX 7600GS 256MB PCIe card with 1.5 years(approx) Rashi warranty.I have played game like CRYSIS at medium setting 1024*768 on this card flawless NVIDIA...
  18. R

    - For Sale - Galaxy 8600 GT 256mb DDR3

    want to sell 6 months old 8600gt ............. Galaxy GeForce 8600GT 600MHZ 256MB 1.4GHZ DDR3 PCI-E VGA DVI TV Out Video Card ....
  19. nithinks

    Gaming PC < 35 K

    Hi all, Can someone suggest me a Gaming PC within the budget of 35 K? Some of my requirements are -Should have at least 256MB of video memory. -100+ GB of HDD Thanks a lot
  20. P

    RAM Problem Part-2

    Hi! ya its me the one who had ram problem {I hav P4 2.4gz, intel 845gvad2 mother board,earlier i had 384 MB of ram one of 256Mb and another of 128Mb. and now i hav installed a new RAM of 512MB instead of my 128MB ram keeping 256 MB along. But my Motherboard detects only 512Mb of ram and not that...
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