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Hi all,

Can someone suggest me a Gaming PC within the budget of 35 K?

Some of my requirements are
-Should have at least 256MB of video memory.
-100+ GB of HDD

Thanks a lot


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Is your budget intended to cover a monitor, speakers & UPS too? That will make a lot of difference.


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Athlon X2 4200+ : Rs.3.9k or Phenom X3 8450 for 6k
gigabyte 780G mobo: Rs.5k
2gig DDR2 800 : Rs.2.2k

cost: 11.1k

Dell 198WFP : 10k

total: 21.1k

sony dvd writer: 1.2k
Western Digital 640Gb HDD: 3.5k
cabinet: 1.3k
logitech k/b and mouse: 800

Grand Total around 27k-29k

Do NOT buy any graphics card right now. This rig will easily play most of the current gen games.

Keep an eye on the price of HD4850 and once it's price comes down to some 8k, get it and put it in hybrid crossfire with your motherboard.


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Intel Core2Duo E7200 for 5.5k
XFX 630i motherboard for 3.2k
2GB DDR2 800MHz RAM for 1.2k
ATi HD4850 for 12k
Western Digital 640GB HDD for 3.7k
LiteOn LH-20A1P for 1.2k

This is what I can think of in your budget buddy. :)


Bond, Desi Bond!
@desiibond very good one..
Actually I prefer intel processor Can you suggest one?

FYI, you need to put atleast 6k-8k more to match AMD's gaming performance, thanks to 780G. And if you add HD4850 to the rig, Intel confi needs atleast another 8k-10k to match the gaming performance of phenom+780G+HD4850

rig that can match AMD's phenom config that is without HD4850:

1) E8200 :7.6k
2) Abit IP35E: 5k
3) 2Gb DDR2 800 : 2.2k
4) 8600GT: 4k

power of 780G:
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Although for the time being Intel's Core 2 processors have surpassed AMD in performance, desibond is correct in saying that AMD still presents better VFM in budget and some mid-level systems, especially for gaming.

I bought the following from my source in Hyderabad 3 months ago for someone on a tight budget:

Gigabyte GA-M68SM-S2---2950
AMD X2 4800+------------3225
1GB DDR2/800------------- 975
160GB SATA--------------1900
Mercury 8600GT 256MB---3300
KBD Intex MM--------------175
Mouse optical--------------100
Cabinet ATX---------------975
SPK SBS A300------------1250
UPS Supercomp-----------1300
LG DVD Writer------------1100
Used 17" CRT monitor-----2000

Total 19,650.00

The GA-M68SM-S2 is of an older generation with lower graphics than the 780G, but very good otherwise and much cheaper. The money saved on the mobo alone can almost pay for the 8600GT gfx card.

As I said above, the customer was on a very tight budget. You can make some changes such as -

You said you don't need a new UPS - subtract 1.3 k
Add another 1GB RAM - add ~1k
Larger HDD - add ~0.5k
Better keyboard and mouse - add ~0.5k
New 19" LCD monitor in place of used CRT - add ~7k

New total = approx 27k.
This is still well within your budget even if things are a bit more expensive in your area.


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Buying a 8600GT means that you are already out-dated. :) Get atleast a 9600GSO if you are on a tight budget otherwise a 9600GT for 7k or ATi HD4850 for 9.5k. :)


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In a way, yes. I meant to include a suggestion for a higher gfx card, but forgot. I also forgot to add that the prices I quoted are with bill and warranty.
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