1. hdsk.23

    [Want to Buy] Digit 2013, 2014 pdf disc and possible 2015

    Hi All, Wow its nice to be back. Its been long time I have read the Digit magazine. I left India about 3 years back. Is it possible for anyone to sell the PDF's for 2013 and 2014. If possible for 2015 too. I hope its legal to post this here. If not sorry digit I didn't knew that :P...
  2. Desmond

    Global Game Awards 2015 Results: Best In Gaming

    BEST ACTION - Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain BEST ADVENTURE - Life is Strange BEST COMEDY - Tales from the Borderlands BEST CO-OP - Dying Light BEST EARLY ACCESS - ARK: Survival Evolved BEST EXPANSION - Wolfenstein: The Old Blood BEST FREE TO PLAY - Hearthstone BEST...
  3. P

    2015 Q4 MSI Gaming Notebooks Brochure

  4. anarchy0x

    Will these games run o na 32 bit OS?

    Resident Evil 6 Fifa 2014 ..I understand that FIfa 2015 won't
  5. E

    Cyanogen mod 12.1 on Moto e 2015 3g

    Hi Could someone please give me a step by step tutorial on installing Cyanogenmod 12.1 on my moto e 2015 3g variant. Ive already rooted and installed TWRP on my phone. I don't have the download links to Cyanogenmod either. All responses are appreciated, Thanks in advance
  6. I

    Bit-defender Total Security 2015 Promotional 6 month free

    For anyone who needs it - WCCFtech Deals: 6 Months of Bitdefender Total Security 2015 Free
  7. K

    Which game would you buy?

    Lot's of games are coming in, and I want to buy them all ( desires ). I can buy out one game a month. Now, I am really confused which game should I get in July. I made a list. Please suggest which game should I get next. Games I want GTA V - Released Shadow Of Mordor - Released...
  8. T

    Moto E 4G (2015) vs Moto G (2013)

    Narrowed the decision down to 2 phones. Moto E 4G (2015) - 8k Moto G (2013) - 9k Which one should I buy? Dev support (moto g) would be nice, decent camera with flash; but the moto e has better battery life.
  9. E

    Hard bricked moto e 2015

    My moto e 2015 got hardbricked on its own while resetting it,it would neither show up anything on the screen nor would it enter into recovery mode when I would hold the power and volume down buttons simultaneously,however it could be detected by my pc when connected via usb and it would also...
  10. Alok

    E3 2015 Updates Megathread

    E3 2015 : PC Gaming Show PC-Focused E3 Press Conference Announced First-ever "PC Gaming Show" slated for June 16 E3 is going to be especially busy this year. In addition to the regular conferences from Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Ubisoft, and Electronic Arts (as well as Bethesda and Square...
  11. P

    A new OnePlus 2 is coming, along with an even cheaper model, apparently!!!!

    OnePlus 2 and a cheaper model both expected in 2015! Guys am too excited!!!!!!! OnePlus 2 and a cheaper model both expected in 2015 | TechnoBuffalo Help Wanted: 25-Year-Old’s Phone Startup Seeks VC Funds - Bloomberg Business
  12. S

    Dell XPS 13 2015 Edition

    Any news on launch of Dell XPS 13 (2015 Edition) or 15 inch version? Planning to buy one..:|
  13. KDroid

    Football Manager 2015

    Thinking of buying Football Manager 2015. Haven't played any earlier versions but find it quite interesting. Now, before I decide to buy, I want to give it a shot. So I downloaded the *ahem* version. It has all the player names randomly generated. No real names. I'm hoping this is a problem...
  14. Raaabo

    Digit DVD - software app video or game demands 2015

    Post all demands for the stuff you want included in the DVDs that come with Digit here. This is the 2015 thread because December issue has already been closed. Demands will appear in Jan 2015 issue or later.
  15. seamon

    Aorus to launch laptops in India.

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