1. Baker

    need a phone with in 15k

    hi my friend need one mobile with in 15k all he need is good camera and good music player gve me a choice between k810i n73me motorkr e6
  2. bajaj151

    LCD/TFT within 15k

    I am planning to buy LCD/TFT under budget 15k. So, suggest me a descent product.
  3. dOm1naTOr

    Vodaphone with a Tower

    Hi, 2day morning 3 guys from Vodaphone Delhi appeared home[Kerala] and were asking for permission to plant a GSM tower on my compound, near to my house. The plot they want is bout 40sqft which's bout 35~40m away from house. Their offers were teasing; Theyll give 15kas rent /month.. My doubt...
  4. srikanth.9849671439

    5610 Or N73me

    My friend wants to buy a mobile around 15k. which mobile is best between 5610 or n73me..:confused:
  5. sagardani

    will LCD monitor work on my config?

    Hi friends, currently I've BPL 15" CRT (don't laugh:p). So I want to buy new LCD TFT monitor under 15k. But I havn't upgraded my pc since 4 years. I've following main config- Pentium 4- 2.4 GHz processor Gforce FX 5200 128mb card 512mb ddr2 ram I want best & largest (inches) possible LCD/TFt...
  6. A

    Suggest me a phone under 15K

    My budget is 15K 1. Mainly Internet 2. High quality and loud Sound 3. Good Camera with at least 2 MP 4. Preference Nokia please reply with model no. and it's current market price.. I am from Kolkata. Thanks
  7. nishantv2003

    Best WiFi Fon Under 15k???

    hi guys, i need a wifi enabled fon, cost can be upto 15k. pls tell what r my options. thanx.
  8. R

    PC for 15k is possible???

    Can we get NEW PC for 15k???IF so what might be the best configuration???Please do reply...
  9. D

    iphone in India

    Iphone in india for 26k *www.wavetelmobiles.com/showmobile.php?id=APPLE%20iPHONE this is cool man us price only 399$ - 16k y so high here but my budget for new phone is 15k
  10. desh2s

    A Good GSM phone under 15k

    hi all, I am planning to buy a gsm handset under 15k. my priorities are 1. good music player. 2. good camera. 3. easy navigation. 4. optional office work. suggest some good models.....brand is not a problem.
  11. B

    suggetion for new mobo proccy hdd and cabinet with good PSU

    my budget is 15K.
  12. esumitkumar

    Ipod 20 GB for sale (B & W)

    A black and white Ipod 20 GB is for sale bought in 2005 from UK @ 15K Expecting price : 8K
  13. Ray

    Best graphics card within 15k

    What will be the best graphics card within 15k available now?
  14. joey_182

    Best mobile b/w 10-15K

    hey guys..i need good suggestions..... i have experience with 60 S mobiles.... i want BEST mobile under 15K.... preference: to nokia mobiles.. sound quality and camera shd be of high quality....
  15. D

    Please help me decide on pnone 10k-15k

    I wanna buy a cell phone in comming week. My prioritys are: 1.very good mp3 player 2.Very good camera 3.crystal clear large screen. 4. Edge is not my consideration. 5. the phone shuld be stable. My budget is around 10k to 15k. I am open to SE as well as Nokia. Should i wait...
  16. ninad_mhatre85

    PC around 15k??

    my friend wants PC for basic use like net and multimedia so please suggest config around 15k..
  17. piyush gupta

    Best phone in Range of 15K

    Guys suggest me a phone in range of 15K
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