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BIOS>Power> 12v is showing 17.1v and in red :(


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BIOS>Power> 12v is showing 17.1v and in red :(

Hi folks,
Posting after a long time, my pc hanged on quite a last few occasions, when i reboot my pc it halts at this BIOS msg, refer to "img 1" and then after entering setup Power>Hardware Monitor> 12v is reading over 17v please refer to "img 2" and is showing in red.
my config is as follows:
PSU>Antec Earthwatts 500w
Mobo> Asus M2N-E
Cpu> Athlon 64 X2 4200+ dual core

Please help as to what cud be the problem, is it with the mobo or the psu? Am i at a risk of frying my mobo by powering it in this situation?

somebody pls answer :(

:( no one has the answer to this :(


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