1. NeedToKnow

    Help needed in choosing new cabinet

    Hi Guys , I would like to upgrade to a new cabinet so i would very much appreciate your suggestions in this matter . budget - 3.5k-4.5k requirements - should not too flashy . A subtle statement is what i need . should have a removable hdd cage should have enough space for cable...
  2. R

    Cheap Case Fans

    hi i have a CM 690 III case and i am thinking to buy 2 case fans with led as the temps for my gtx 970 while playing games have steadily risen from 69 to 77 degrees over the months,the temp for cpu also goes near 70. Pls suggest me 120mm budget case fans that would fit my case. I intend to use...
  3. a_k_s_h_a_y

    need new cpu fan

    I have this sgv tech aoc 120 st cooler. SVG Tech AOC 120ST CPU cooler review - Reviews and Guides - Tech Forum India The fan that I have is now making a lot of noise, coz its dirty, can't clean, tried to open it up. doesn't open. So can I buy any 120mm fan and replace it ? All these 120mm...
  4. Limitless

    Suggestions for fans

    Please suggest me good fan. Cabinet=NZXT source 210 elite window Budget= Rs.1200 Fan=Sorry 120mm or 140mm fans typing error
  5. krishnendu

    Need Cooling Suggestions

    I have a NZXT gamma cabinet and my PC room temperature gets very high during summer. Now as you all know there are options to install two 120mm fans[intake] on side panel and two 140/120mm fans[exhausts] at the top. I'm already having one rear exhaust and one front intake 120mm fan. I will...
  6. RCuber

    Need 120mm fans

    I am looking for few 120mm fans as replacements for my existing fans. These are the ones I had bought about two years ago. can get these again, but I need to know about alternatives Cooler Master 120mm Silent 1200 RPM PC Cooling FAN Value Pack OF 4 FAN | eBay
  7. R

    The DeepCool Gamma Archer 120mm cpu fan + BitFenix Spectre 120mm Fans

    check out the Images above ^ Just recently bought it from Flipkart. The DeepCool Gamma Archer is brilliant! its noise cant be heard and my cpu is cooler by 6 deg in idling and around 9-10 deg while gaming maxxed out in crysis 3. also BitFenix Spectre 120mm fans are decent.. keeping my gpu...
  8. I

    Cooling Fan for a GTX 660 Rig

    Hi guys.. I need recommendations for a value-for-money 120mm fan for my gaming rig as its getting hot.. My config is- i5 3570 Gigabyte GTX 660OC 2GB Cabinet- Cooler Master K350 K350 - Cooler Master NO OVERCLOCKING It already has a front fan.. I m looking for a side 120mm fan...
  9. I

    Insufficient space for 120mm fan

    I'm in a problem! 5 days back I ordered a Cooler Master 90 CFM Blue LED Cooler from Flipkart totally without the knowledge that my Zebronics cabinet has no 120mm space in it. The existing fan is 80mm in diameter (I think). Is there any way I can increase that space to a suitable 120mm space...
  10. Thetrueblueviking

    120mm or 140mm fan (LED) under 700.

    Suggest the one which in your opinion would be the best for air-circulation. I am going to mount it at the top of the cabinet(NZXT guadian) so suggest accordingly. It can either be 120mm or 140mm. If suggesting online - I would prefer these 2 sites - flipkart,prime.
  11. S

    Need White LED 120mm Fans

    I have setup a new rig and my cabinet is 400R. I have also installed 4 CM fans(pack of 4 120mm fans). I want 2 120mm fans with white LEDs. Searched the net but unable to find anything reasonable. Can some one plz give the link or If any one wants to sell it.
  12. bajaj151

    Suggest Blue LED 120MM fan

    Please suggest 120mm Blue LED fan for my HAF 922
  13. amjath

    graphic card selection between 670 and 7950

    1. Which Power Supply do you have? (Be EXACT while naming the company and model) Ans: Coolermaster Extreme power plus 500W [don't freak out read below] 2. What is your budget? Ans: My budget is getting either GTX 670 or HD7950 3. Which resolution will you game at? Ans: 1920*1080 4. What are...
  14. anirbandd

    Cabinet Fans suggestion

    I need 1. one cabinet fan of 120mm, 2. one around 90-100mm. for intake and exhaust. flashy stuff [LED fitted] not needed. will be powered from PSU coz onboard Chasis fan connector is already in use. i know 120mm is available, but the other one, is it available? and if yes, then what will...
  15. avichandana20000

    What airflow do u have?

    What airflow setup do u have? Here goes mine : GREEN = INTAKE FRONT 120mm, BOTTOM 140mm and FRONT TOP 120mm RED = EXHAUST CPU COOLER FAN is xtraflow, REAR EXHAUST is also extraflow, TOP EXHAUST is NZXT 140mm. Idle temp is 44 and load is 50.
  16. Revolution

    VFM 120mm Case Fan

    I'm looking for a good non LED 120mm case fan(exhaust) for high air flow. And also need a cheap LED 120mm case intake fan. Please suggest. I will buy from ebay,FK or locally(which ever gonna be cheaper). Thanks!
  17. mandarpalshikar

    Where to buy 120MM Mesh Filters for cabinets

    Hi Guys, Not sure if this was asked previously on the forum or not... if yes then please point me to correct thread and close this one. I am curious to buy 120MM Mesh Filters for my cabinet... preferebly washable. Any idea where we can buy them in India ? any online shops selling them ? I...
  18. Chaitanya

    A 120mm Cabinet fan

    I'm Planning to buy 2 120mm fans for my cabinet (LED ones aren't compulsory ) Cooler Master 90 CFM Green LED Cooler I feel 90CFM @ 19dB too good to hear..:-? also it has greater airflow than Excalibur. :-D So are specs real?? Cooler Master XtraFlo Cooler this 1 looks good too.. Deepcool...
  19. nikolain

    Entire SVG TECH Cooling Lineup !!!

    Rs.500 OFF on all Air & Liquid Coolers !!! (PROMOTIONAL PRICES TILL END OF AUGUST) FREE SHIPPING ALL OVER INDIA The only Coolers in India whose price did not change even after the USD exchange rate increased. ALL LIQUID & AIR COOLERS CARRY 5 YEARS WARRANTY Warranty Terms...
  20. I

    Case fan setup

    Hello guys, I have a Cooler master hyper 212 plus paired with Cooler Master Xtraflow fans in push/pull with my Phenom II x4. I also have a Corsair Carbide 400R case with the following fans: 1 120mm CM Blademaster PWM fan (21.2 - 76.8 CFM) 1 120mm Scythe Slipstream 1900 RPM fan (110...
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