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  1. swatkats

    Flipkart's trials: Myntra Sales dip 10% in app-only mode

    Flipkart's trials: Myntra Sales dip 10% in app-only mode in less than a week! FK bansals are keeping their brand Safe, Before implementing anything they do trials on other brands and now is the time of myntra, Never seen such people with low life.
  2. Allu Azad

    Need UPS

    So I am looking to buy a UPS (800VA). My current config (i54460,Asus h97me,Seasonic520W,GT 240,4gb ram). I think this requires only 600va ups but I may upgrade graphics card. That is why looking for 800va. Many sites/sellers do not ship to kerala. After some searches I have shortlisted APC...
  3. U

    Is it a good deal ?

    Intel i5-4440 : Rs 12,180 - 10% cash back (max 1k) = Rs 11,180 http://www.snapdeal.com/product/intel-i54440-processor-31-ghz/115595088
  4. maverick786us

    10% cashback on iPad air. Is it worth?

    Flipkart is providing 10% cashback on electronic items. So iPad Air 16GB with Wifi and 3G which is around 44900, if I get 10% cash back, is it worth to purchase it. Because Apple product's price doesn't goes down, untill next generation comes.
  5. C

    Flipkart offer 10% off for computer accessories nvidia 650 ti boost = Rs. 10966

    buy from ws retail then u can see 10% off This offer is valid only on all purchases from WS Retail. Flipkart.com Type Item Description Qty. Price Your Savings Subtotal Graphics Card ZOTAC NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti Boost 2 GB GDDR5 Graphics Card Seller: WS Retail Delivery: 2-3...
  6. bajaj151

    From where can I buy Logitech G110 in India ??

    I can't able to find Logitech G110 keyboard at descent price. On ebay, it's overpriced and no 10% off like coupon available nowadays.. Please suggest other source..
  7. M

    Will octroi be charged for this purchase?

    Planing to get ipad 3 from here New Apple iPad 3rd Gen 64GB Wifi + 4G / 3G Unlocked & Sealed IPAD 3 | eBay Have 10% discount coupon but worried about octroi if charged might blow 2.5k extra on delivery. So someone sure about it ? I stay in mumbai.
  8. aroraanant

    iPad 2 for only 21.6k

    Check this ipad 2 link on ebay over here,it is priced for 24k,use the 10% coupon to buy it for only 21.6k. But remember the 10% coupon is valid only till 13th. An amazing deal for all apple and ipad lovers. Enjoy ;)
  9. Neo

    Need a video player...

    I need a video player which can play files which are not fully downloaded. I mean the video files are downloaded from torrents but not completely. Iike the first 10% of the file is not there and then 30% there and then again 10% not there. I hope i made you understood what i want to say.
  10. P

    How to calculate Speed Post rates

    This is meant to help those who'd like to be able to estimate the charges they'll have to pay when shipping something by Speed Post. I wondered if I should post it in the thread "Poll: Courier Service Feedback", but it didn't seem to be quite appropriate, so I'm posting it separately. One...
  11. A

    Intel Core i7 2600k = World's fastest CPU

    Core i7-990X Extreme Edition vs. Core i7-2600K. Page 9 - X-bit labs Comparison with 990X 6 core Oced and at stock! @STOCK GENERAL PERFORMANCE 2600k is about 7-8% or so faster ELearning 2600k is about 10% faster Video Creation, about equal, but 2600k is faster Excel, 2600k is about...
  12. Sathish

    Altec Lansing VS 4121B 2.1- two month old - for 1800

    here is the picture. i bought this one on Jan'09 for 2850-/. now i ready to sale this for 1800/-.Perfect for music additives. i am in chennai. so free shiping for chennai buyers only. interested guys contact me at sathish.394@gmail.com reasons for sale: eye on high end...
  13. life31

    Does any one buy using Paisa pay at ebay?? Got 10% discount cupon to lend free!!

    Hey does any one buy using pais pay at ebay. I never used Paisapay to buy anything there and wont be ever using. I got a cuppon code that they mailed me. Its 10% discount maximum upto Rs1000 To be used at eBay.in before 15 May 2008. So if any one intrested then I can give it for free if...
  14. V

    Vista eating up too much RAM

    Hi guys! I hav a Compaq Presario C505TU laptop. it is core duo based @ 1.6Ghz and 512 MB DDR2 RAM 533MHz.When i use windows vista in aero mode the side bar shows cpu usagebelow 10% at most times but RAM utilisation doesnt ever go below 75%. Is this normal??My laptop scores just 2.0 in vista...
  15. drgrudge

    Good Laptop Battery Charging Habits?

    I recently got a Dell Inspiron 6400. I want to know the ideal lappy charging habits. As of now I just charge when my battery is around 10%, otherwise I dont charge and run without the AC Adapter. So can I continue to do it and charge whenever it's around 10% or while playing games or...
  16. ymhatre

    Xbox comin in India

    Microsoft has decided tolaunch xbox in India till or before Diwali..... If u preorder it u will get a 10% discount till june 9 chech this link:D
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